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Robert Patterson/ MMG Worldwide: SoMeT Presentation

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Robert Patterson/ MMG Worldwide: SoMeT Presentation

  1. 1. Mobile: Checks, Treks & Apps Presented by @RobertPatterson
  2. 2. who am I?
  3. 3. my mission is to connectconsumers to each other andbrands to inspire and share travel experiences
  4. 4. swag giveaway #1 How many #SoMeT tweetshave there been today so far?
  5. 5. swag giveaway answer #1 814 #SoMeT Tweets by 182 People TWITTER OVERVIEW Tweets   814   People   182   Estimated Reach 360k+ = 1.5M+ Impressions TWITTER ESTIMATED REACH Reach   361,539   Impressions   1,589,775  
  6. 6. mobile
  7. 7. this is not a smartphone… games music + entertainment communications social networking news weather local information travel sports + fitness productivity & you can make calls it is a mobile device.
  8. 8. U.S. phone base Source: ComScore/Asymco
  9. 9. smartphone feature phone & mobile device mix MOBILE DEVICES Source: Millennial Media 2011 Q3 Report
  10. 10. mobile OS mix Source: Millennial Media 2011 Q3 Report
  11. 11. “The 19th Century culture was defined by the novel,20th Century culture by cinema, the culture of the21st Century will be defined by the interface”– Aaron Koblin TED Talk
  12. 12. 2010 2011
  13. 13. Source: Google The Traveler’s Road to Decision 2011
  14. 14. Source: Google The Traveler’s Road to Decision 2011
  15. 15. how are you allocating your mobile budget?
  16. 16. Case Study!   mobile traffic accounted for 10% of web visits!   allocated 10% of digital budget to mobile!   integrated mobile advertising into fall marketing!   established benchmarks a er 30 days!   as % of mobile traffic increases scale budgets to match!   Results: $0.30 mobile conversion vs. $0.74 digital conversion
  17. 17. how should you approach future web development?
  18. 18. content + mobile first
  19. 19. responsive web design!   adaptive layouts !   HTML5, CSS, JavaScript!   content + mobile first !   strategy + design!   progressive enhancement !   all of the above + future opportunities
  20. 20. plan to adopt, adapt + evolvemobile is about!   filtering, not browsing to find useful information!   extending your brand to where your audience is…on the go!   being personal, relevant and helpful!   facilitating action and forming relationships
  21. 21. swag giveaway #3 how was the 20th century culture defined?
  22. 22. swag giveaway answer #3 cinema
  23. 23. checks
  24. 24. who is participating?
  25. 25. Source: Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project
  26. 26. Source: Foursquare 2010 Infographic
  27. 27. Colorado Foursquare Case Study
  28. 28. what is the topcheck in location?
  29. 29. what DMO’s need to know about location services!   adoption is low!   consumer barriers are lack of clear benefit and privacy fears!   most users are young, active social media contributors!   experiences need to be relevant to brand and audience!   destinations need to work with industry partners
  30. 30. swag giveaway question #3what % of smartphone (ugh)users use check-in services?
  31. 31. swag giveaway answer #3 12%
  32. 32. treks
  33. 33. why are trip itineraries important?
  34. 34. visitors will stay longer, see + spend more
  35. 35. evolution of trip planning tools
  36. 36. how DMO’s need to plan trip itineraries!   customize to your brand and offerings!   offer tools in the channels your audiences are in!   integrate trip itineraries across platforms!   use existing tools/APIs when it makes sense!   empower 3rd party word-of-mouth from friends and family
  37. 37. swag giveaway question #4 who has completed the Acronym TED SCVNGR challenge?
  38. 38. apps
  39. 39. top mobile application categories Source: Millennial Media 2011 Q3 Report
  40. 40. when you should develop an app!   connectivity is limited; still want to provide listings, maps, etc…!   provide access to user utilities including itineraries!   support a rich location based social program with incentives!   offering infotainment and gaming!   you have a strong CMS program and core of repeat visitors
  41. 41. why you should not develop an app!   you have not developed a mobile version of your website!   multiple platforms to develop requires ongoing maintenance ($)!   you need to market your app to get users ($)!   huge app usage drop off a er initial download!   new browsers and technologies like HTML5 could kill apps
  42. 42. Facebook Open Graph – Seamless Social Experiences!   empower users to spread the word!   make your app social!   create a cross-platform social experience!   extend your experience
  43. 43. swag giveaway question #5 what was the name of the restaurant in my commercial?
  44. 44. swag giveaway answer #5 Symeon’s
  45. 45. takeaways
  46. 46. mobile, checks, treks apps!  budget for mobile now; make content core strategy!  location based services are niche; work with your industry!  trip itineraries drive longer stays and more revenue!  be prepared to budget for app maintenance and promotion
  47. 47. thank youfollow me @robertpatterson