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Break-Out: Transform Employees Into Gladiators with Employee Experience & Technology - Andrea Johnson (SocialHRCamp Virtual 2021 1.0)

  1. Transform Employees into Gladiators with Employee Experience and Technology
  2. Employee experience affects engagement, recruitment, retention, and the bottom line. WHY? People (humans) always remember how you make them feel.
  4. QUESTION When you hear the word “gladiator” what are the images and or qualities come to mind?
  5. ANSWER  Gladiators are energized, engaged, and committed.  Gladiators are all in and give 100%.  Gladiators arrive ready to take on the small and large battles / challenges of the day.
  6. FROM EMPLOYEES TO GLADIATORS  Accept that employees are human beings with actual feelings, dreams and desires.  Use employee experience to address pain points and delight our employees thereby fostering a positive feeling / connection to the organization.
  8. What is Employee Experience? POLL
  9. ANSWER EX is all the touchpoints / interactions an employee has with an organization and the feelings that these interactions elicit. Ideally EX starts before the individual applies for a job and continues well past their last day.
  10. Employee experience and culture are one and the same. POLL
  11. ANSWER Organizational culture is the set of values, behaviours, and tools that provide structure. EX is what happens at the intersection of individual personality and org culture. HRZone
  12. EX AND CX AS SIMILAR, NOT IDENTICAL  Organizations have internal and external customers.
  13. KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM CX  Experience Journey Mapping  Personas  Minimize Pain Points  Seek to Delight
  16. ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY Technology can be a tool to facilitate the implementation of employee experience initiatives.  Communication  Connection & Collaboration  Data Management  Optimization of EX  Delivery of Consistent Experiences  Listening / Gathering Information
  17. CASE STUDY A Fictional Company An Environmental Challenge Use of Personas and EX
  19. COMPANY PROFILE  CCC is a privately owned, Canadian company doing meaningful work in the healthcare software space.  50 employees and growing rapidly.  Prides itself on the EX designed for applicants, candidates, new hires, employees and alumni.  They’ve seen the value of intentional EX and their employees are energized, engaged, and committed.  CCC occupies a beautifully designed office in downtown Toronto.
  20. PEOPLE  CCC prides itself on bringing together great people to do impactful work and provides them with ample opportunities to connect with each other at company events.  CCC has open-door policy with HR and all management.
  21. EMPLOYER BRAND  CCC has it made from a recruitment perspective with a strong and positive employer brand.  CCC’s employees, the impact of CCC’s products, and EX initiatives are key attributes that differentiate CCC from other companies.
  22. AN UNPREDICTED CHALLENGE  CCC had been monitoring the COVID-19 situation as it unfolded.  In mid-March CCC immediately transitioned their employees to remote work until further notice.  Fortunately, employees were already equipped with a laptop, corporate phones, internet and a VPN connection.  Unfortunately, the benefits of working together at the office disappeared overnight.  CCC’s HR team was tasked to identify and prioritize challenges and suggest possible solutions to ensure EX was not compromised.
  23. CHALLENGE How can CCC virtualize its recruitment process without loosing its top-notch candidate experience? How can CCC continue to give candidates insight into the qualities that make CCC an employer of choice? DESIRED EXPERIENCE For candidates to have a consistent and strong sense of CCC, its people, its culture, its products and how the candidate themselves would fit in at CCC. POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS Virtual interviews with CCC Champions. A Life at CCC website with company culture insights, employee and executive profiles / interviews, info on company offerings and recent CCC happenings. PERSONA: CANDIDATE
  24. CHALLENGE As new hires will no longer be arriving to the office on Day 1. How can we deliver an onboarding experience that alleviates the anxiety of starting a new job, minimizes paperwork, and celebrates their joining CCC? DESIRED EXPERIENCE For new hires to experience an enjoyable, simple, hassle-free onboarding experience that makes them feel welcomed and taken care of. POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS Introduce an onboarding platform. Digitize all paperwork (fillable and signable electronically). Identify points in the pre-start period to celebrate, communicate and delight. PERSONA: NEW HIRE
  25. CHALLENGE How can CCC continue to offer the celebration and connection opportunities that employees have always enjoyed in the new remote work setting? DESIRED EXPERIENCE For employees to continue to connect and deepen their relationships. For employees to feel appreciated and recognized. POSSIBLE SOLUTION Virtualize acknowledgement of employee celebrations and milestones. Plan a variety of virtual events (team / company / 1:1) to cater to employee interests. Send out surprise deliveries. PERSONA: EMPLOYEE