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A Guide to the Social Media Cocktail Party by Erica Ehm.

Erica Ehm is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of YummyMummyClub.ca – the online destination for modern moms looking for adult stimulation.

Erica is one of Canada’s most recognized personalities, having started her career in the mid-80’s as the voice of her generation on MuchMusic. Her multimedia resume includes acting, award winning songwriter, playwright, author, journalist and most importantly, YummyMummyClub.ca.

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A Guide to the Social Media Cocktail Party by Erica Ehm.

  1. TwitterA Guide to the Social Media Cocktail Party, by Erica Ehmaka @YummyMummyClub
  2. I‟m not an expert. Just an addict.
  3. Getting Hooked• I joined Twitter almost 3 years ago on January 19, 2009.• Twitter helped me grow my business on many different levels, and improved my social life enormously.• Naturally, it was recommended to me by someone I had never met IRL. His name is Anthony Kalamut @SouthsideAdguy.• Thats the beauty of social media - you connect with perfect strangers and actually start relationships with them.• I remember feeling very nervous when I first started on Twitter. Because Im not good at parties. Thats my social anxiety.
  4. This was my first tweet.
  5. Twitter Therapy• Twitter has cured me of some of my social anxiety.• Its made me learn how to engage in a different way.• My mom @journeywoman and I were at a big PR event last year. 20 people at the large table, and Im chatting. My mom whispers to me, “You‟re not shy anymore.”
  6. Welcome to the Twitter Cocktail PartyWe‟re going to navigate together so you can…• Connect with many interesting and twitterific people• Give out your virtual business cards in a meaningful way• Go beyond „followers‟ to create relationships• Get lucky
  7. Party Twitter-quetteRule 1: KnowThyself• Before you go to any party, you have an agenda.• Are you going to get clients?• What are you going to wear?• How will you behave?• How much are you going to drink?• What info are you going to divulge?• It’s the same at the Twitter Cocktail Party
  8. Rule 1: Know Thyself The Checklist•One word?•Who are you?•What are your personal core values?•What is your brand?•What are your brand‟s core values?•What are your main interests?•What do you know a lot about?•What kind of image are you trying to project?•Why do you want to go to the party?
  9. Party Twitter-quetteRule 2: The Brand is You. You are a Brand.• The way you communicate has to be true to who you are in your life.• Period.
  10. Rule 2: Youare a Brand Take the Test• If someone meets you in real life, are they meeting the same person theyre tweeting with? This goes for both tone and avatar.• Be yourself. Be proud. Be consistent. @Unmarketing- renegade marketer, still a teen, individual @MomMagRocks- loud, in your face, antiestablishment, mom power @CarlaYoung- practical resource for working moms
  11. Party Twitter-quetteRule 3: First ImpressionsCount• Don‟t be the drunk guy at the party who meets you once and acts like he‟s known you forever.• Tweet responsibly.• Take. It. Slow.
  12. Rule 3: First Impressions CountIntroduction Guidelines• Take the time to give context about who you are.• Be proactive• You‟ve got to give a little to get a little.• Don‟t come on too strong. I‟m not that kind of girl.• It‟s not enough to follow.• Interact.• Engage.• Take genuine interest.• Facebook and Linked In too!
  13. Party Twitter-quetteRule 4:Make the First Move• Social media is the big equalizer.• Anyone can talk to anyone…if you take the time to engage with them.
  14. Rule 4: Make the First MoveHow to Get Out There• If you don‟t try, you won‟t know.• Don‟t assume.• Don‟t play the social media victim (“..nobody talks to meeeeeee..”).• Be yourself and engage (see a theme here?)
  15. Party Twitter-quetteRule 5: Listen • Shhhhhhhhhhh…
  16. Rule 5: Listen Words of Wisdom• Social Media is like any conversation – it‟s all about listening and responding.• Create conversation, don‟t just push content.• Nurture connections, don‟t get „follower hungry‟• Think quality - don‟t add to the white noise and clutter.• Give people a positive reason to read your tweets.• When in doubt, wait to respond.
  17. Party Twitter-quette Rule 6: Reciprocate• Recognize when someone does you a good turn, and return the favour.• If someone retweets something you post, be nice, and at least thank them.• Jump into conversations when someone asks a question and be the life of the party.• Connect people.• Do Random Acts of Kindness.
  18. Rule 6: Reciprocate Eg. Westjet
  19. Party Twitter-quetteRule 7:HaveSomethingWorthSharing• Whether you want to bring cheese fondue or SEO expertise, don‟t show up empty handed to the party.
  20. Rule 7: SomethingWorthSharing Mirror YourPassion• Everyone has a thing. What‟s yours?• @Those2girls - their brand is spreading goodness, bringing people together, smiles, helping people to feel better about themselves.• @YMCBookalicious - Wanda is all about books. She reads books, she tweets books, she runs online twitter book clubs. She also very proactively (but nicely) stalks interesting people in her field and starts up conversations.• @CocktailDeeva is about drinks and doing good.
  21. Your Timeline will tell a STORY• What kind of story are you telling?• Is it one-sided?• Is it inclusive• Does it really reflect who YOU ARE?
  22. Party Twitter-quetteRule 8:Build Business Relationships• Newsflash: Business success is not measured by the number of followers you have.• Bring more than your business card to the party, but leave your pitch and your script at the door.
  23. Rule 8: Business Relationships Do UntoOthersIf you want to You should be• Have deep business relationships •Listening to them• Have people listen to you •Responding to them• Have people respond to you •Clicking on THEIR links• Have people click on your links •Engaging with them• Have people engage you
  24. Party Twitter-quetteRule 9: Be There• If you plan on being part of the social media game you need to commit.• Be thereto respond.• Be a part of the conversation, especially if you start it.
  25. Party TwitterquetteRule 10: Take it Full Circle• Integrate your social media experiences.• Twitter is awesome - but it‟s really important to meet people face to face.• Solidify relationships by bringing them into your real life.• Go to real cocktail parties, dinners, conferences, meetings.• Don‟t hide behind Twitter – it‟s just one way to interact.
  26. Final words from an addict.• The most important thing is to be yourself.• Twitter is about you making personal connections with other like-minded individuals.• So for better or for worse, get comfortable in your own twitter skin, because its all about how you choose to interact.
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