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The X Index by Havax CX

The X Index, which surveyed 28,000 consumers across five markets — China, France, India, UK and US — found that of the 40 criteria analysed, two factors — ‘the customer journey was simple’ and ‘the customer journey was pleasant’ scored the highest — even above other factors including brand loyalty, customer service and price.

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The X Index by Havax CX

  1. 1. X INDEX 2020 The Havas CX Barometer to Monitor Customer Experience Efficiency
  2. 2. 2 REINVENTING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IN THE ERA OF COVID-19 Sources: 1 Kantar Experience Advantage, 20202 Harvard Business Review x Salesforce, 2019 Long before the pandemic of 2020, consumers across markets had become increasingly less tolerant of imperfection in their consumption journeys. Why put up with glitches and delays when so many choices of brands and retailers are now available? People expect companies to understand and even anticipate their needs and adapt quickly to cater to them. Too many brands are falling short on this score. This year’s Kantar Experience Advantage1 study found that whereas 91% of CEOs think their companies are customer-centric, only 13% of consumers would describe the brands they buy that way. Moreover, according to a 2019 study by Harvard Business Review,2 73% of business leaders say that delivering a relevant and reliable customer experience (CX) is critical to business performance, and yet only around 1 in 8 have a single source of customer intelligence. And then, the world was plunged into turmoil. In 2020, we have faced crises on multiple fronts: health, economic, and sociopolitical. It has been a time of tremendous pressure on brands and businesses, but also an opportunity to transform in valuable ways to meet the rapidly changing needs of the new consumer. With physical stores shuttered in many countries for extended periods, it is estimated that the coronavirus crisis will result in $183 billion in additional online spending by consumers this year. This has put pressure on brands to strengthen their best practices, both digital and in real life, and find ways to meet pandemic-era consumer needs. THE HAVAS CX BAROMETER FOR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Created in partnership with research institute OpinionWay in 2018, the Havas CX proprietary tool serves as a global barometer to measure and maximize the customer experience. In 2020, we deployed the X Index across five countries—China, France, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States—surveying 28,000 adults about more than 250 brands (approximately 50 in each market). These brands operate in a variety of industries, from fast food and fashion to transportation, technology, and finance, and include both “bricks & clicks” (brick-and-mortar brands that have gone through the digital transformation) and “pure players” (online only). 2 RETAIL CROMA JIOMART PANTALOONS SHOPPERS STOP WESTSIDE FASHION/SPORT ADIDAS MYNTRA NIKE TANISHQ HOSPITALITY AIRBNB HYATT ITC MARRIOTT OBEROI OYO TAJ MEDIA/TECH AIRTEL APPLE JIO NETWORK NETFLIX SAMSUNG VIVO VODAFONE IDEA FINANCIAL SERVICES AXIS CITI HDFC ICICI KOTAK MAHINDRA PAYTM AUTOMOTIVE BAJAJ AUTO CITROËN HONDA HYUNDAI MARUTI MG HECTOR MICHELIN SUZUKI TOYOTA TVS E-RETAIL AMAZON BIG BASKET FLIPKART GROFERS SWIGGY ZOMATO FAST FOOD DOMINO’S KFC MCDONALD’S PIZZA HUT STARBUCKS INDIA 50 BRANDS STUDIED IN 8 CATEGORIES
  3. 3. 3 OUR METHODOLOGY Our research team sought to analyze each brand across 40 criteria, with each respondent responsible for rating two brands with which they had at least one shopping experience during the previous 12 months. Each measure relates to one of the essential steps of any customer journey: the brand itself, the relationship between the customer and brand (both push and pull), the purchase journey, and the experience with the product/service. In light of this year’s exceptional circumstances, we added a fifth category for 2020: how the brand has responded to the COVID-19 crisis. Finally, we queried each respondent about their overall satisfaction with the customer experience. What is the impact of the brand factors on CX perceptions? How do personal interactions (e.g., CRM, customer service) affect the overall perception? How does the customer’s overall satisfaction with the service/ product and price impact perceptions of the experience? To what extent do the purchase process and transaction impact the overall experience? How have brand behaviors in response to the pandemic influenced perceptions of the brand experience? BRAND RELATIONSHIP SERVICE/PRODUCT PURCHASE COVID-19
  4. 4. 4 ~40 ITEMS ANALYZED I completely trust the brand The brand makes my life easier The brand keeps its commitments If the brand were to disappear, it would bother me The brand is original, stands out from other brands The brand is reassuring, always on my side The brand creates a sense of community/belonging The brand often has extra attentions that go beyond my expectations I’m often excited when the brand launches a new product or service I am loyal to the brand BRAND Overall satisfaction with the use of the services/products Satisfaction with the price of the services/products Overall satisfaction with the quality of the services/products PRODUCT RELATIONSHIP Maintained relevant and responsible communication Adapted its shopping experience well Was particularly helpful COVID-19 Was not intrusive Offered me products/services I couldn’t find anywhere else Was pleasant Made me want to engage further with the brand Was unique Was seamless Was very simple PURCHASE Ability to understand your needs and answer your requests Ability to thank and reward you for your loyalty Ability to offer you unique and special experiences (private events, exclusive invitations) The relevance of the information that is sent to you Consistency and clarity of the information delivered between intermediaries* Ability to listen and to react quickly on social media Awareness of the history and customer profile in order to propose customized offers Ads for the brand on the internet seem to fit the customer profile and previous purchases Emails or mail seem to fit the customer profile and previous experiences with the brand Quality of customer service The attention and efficiency of its staff Easiness to use the website and/or navigate the mobile app Information provided on its website and mobile app is as expected Website and mobile app content is customized to customer needs Website and mobile app content is useful and helpful Website and mobile app offer unique and distinctive content
  5. 5. 5 AVG 7.7 OUR STATISTICAL APPROACH DEFINING WHAT MATTERS FOR CX EFFICIENCY Looking across all 40 indicators/interactions, each brand received a grade from 0 to 10. Respondents in France were less generous in their scoring than were those in the other four markets, suggesting a generally lower satisfaction with their customer experiences overall. French respondents returned an average brand score of 7.35 compared with 7.7 from respondents in China, 7.6 in the UK, 7.75 in the US, and a remarkably high 8.5 in India. AVERAGE GRADES PER COUNTRY Yi = β0 + β1 Xi,1+…+βn Xi,n + εi AVG 7.35 0 10 AVG 7.75 AVG 8.5 AVG 7.6 This data model determines what are the most discriminating criteria that define the efficiency of customer experience among the 40 items that were put in the model at the start. This model builds an unbiased approach to CX efficiency and gives us the means to compare what makes a good customer experience for bricks & clicks brands and pure players, and also enables us to compare results between countries. The Havas CX data department designed the X Index by applying a linear regression model. For each individual “i,” the explained variable is written as a linear function of the explanatory variables. • We preselected only criteria with the best correlations. • We checked that there were no autocorrelations between the different criteria. • Then we used a stepwise approach to select the most relevant criteria in order to build the final X Index model. We used univariate correlation analysis to obtain a more robust model: METHODOLOGY
  6. 6. 6 TWO WORLDS: PURCHASE VS. RELATIONSHIP DRIVEN CX is driven by a unique combination of factors in each market, but the results of our survey allow us to identify two clusters: In France, the UK, and the US, the effectiveness of the customer experience is driven above all by the purchase journey and brand items. Overall, the weight given to the brand-customer relationship has fallen compared with 2019, likely due to reduced in-person shopping during the shutdowns. In China and India, in contrast, the customer-brand relationship carries the most weight within the X Index. In these countries, we also note significant weight attached to the brands’ responses to COVID-19. CLUSTER 1: PURCHASE JOURNEY DRIVEN CLUSTER 2: RELATIONSHIP DRIVEN Beyond this clustering of countries, we can see that all parts of the journey matter when it comes to CX, even if they carry different weights in each market. This is why CX cannot be the concern only of the communication department, CRM, or e-commerce. It must be at the heart of the company—a focus and responsibility across departments and functions. 29% COVID-19 44% RELATIONSHIP 27% PURCHASE 9% BRAND 15% COVID-19 47% RELATIONSHIP 29% PURCHASE 29% BRAND 22% RELATIONSHIP 49% PURCHASE 38% BRAND 22% RELATIONSHIP 40% PURCHASE 33% BRAND 27% RELATIONSHIP 40% PURCHASE
  7. 7. 7 AND THE WINNERS ARE… TOP 10 BRANDS PER COUNTRY IN CHINA,the rankings are dominated by technology, electronics, luxury, and hospitality brands. Remarkably, eight of the top 10 brands are new for 2020, with only Volkswagen and Airbnb remaining from the 2019 list. IN FRANCE, the same three digital natives (PayPal, BlaBlaCar, Netflix) made the top 10 for the second year running. Notably, of the seven brands that made the list for both 2019 and 2020, six saw their scores decline this year—suggesting a reduced sense of customer satisfaction in this market. It is worth noting that a newcomer this year, Michelin, took the number one spot thanks to perceptions that it is a brand that keeps its commitments. IN INDIA,automotive (MG Hector, Maruti, Hyundai, Citroën) hospitality brands (Oberoi, Marriott) dominated the list in the pandemic year where both the categories faced an uphill task. Tech Consumer brands were under-represented with only Apple and Tanishq making the cut. In looking at the highest-scoring brands within our study, we see notable distinctions between the five markets. 51 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 64 64 58 59 65 65 67 69 72 73 73 82 METHODOLOGY To represent as clearly as possible the distribution of the grades resulting from the X Index model, we ventilated them on a scale from -100 to 100. It allows an easier reading of the brand result and ranking. We defined the 4 intervals [-100;0], [0;25], [25;50], and [50;100] to classify the studied brands into 4 homogenous and clear clusters. 47 49 52 53 55 57 60 64 66 78 49 50 50 51 51 51 53 54 58 60 42 45 48 49 58 60 63 65 69 85 47 49 52 53 55 57 60 64 66 78 51 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 64 64 58 59 65 65 67 69 72 73 73 49 50 50 51 51 51 53 54 58 42 45 48 49 58 60 63 65 69 Score up compared with 2019 Score down compared with 2019 Newcomer in the top 10
  8. 8. 8 IN THE UK, three pure-player brands (PayPal, Netflix, Spotify) made the top 10, and two tech brands (giffgaff, Apple) took the top spots. IN THE US,six brands were new to the list of winners this year, led by pure-player Chewy, a retailer of pet products. Despite the lockdowns, three hospitality brands (Hilton, TripAdvisor, Marriott) were included among the winners. AND THE WINNERS ARE… [CONT’D] TOP 10 BRANDS PER COUNTRY 47 49 52 53 55 57 60 64 66 78 49 50 50 51 51 51 53 42 45 48 49 58 60 63 Score up compared with 2019 Score down compared with 2019 Newcomer in the top 10 47 49 52 53 55 57 60 64 66 78 51 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 64 58 59 65 65 67 69 72 73 73 82 49 50 50 51 51 51 53 54 58 60 42 45 48 49 58 60 63 65 69 85
  11. 11. 11 - 11% 11% 10% #15 Using Martech solutions, Oberoi Hotels Resorts have created a seamless marketing automation system that addresses customer’s needs and delivers a customized CX Mastering the relationship-driven approach, Starbucks relies heavily on its first party data to delivery customized, experiential CX to every customer. CONTRIBUTION TO THE X INDEX “ABILITY TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT NEEDS AND PREVIOUS EXPERIENCES TO PROVIDE CUSTOMIZED OFFERS” “ADS ON THE INTERNET SEEM TO FIT CUSTOMER PROFILE PREVIOUS PURCHASE” CONSUMERS EXPECT BRANDS TO CREATE PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCES An important question worrying the CMOs is that would the advent of cookie less world mean end of personalized CX? The answer is emphatic no. The customers today expect communication to be customized to their profile and brands need to take into account customer’s previous interaction with the brand to deliver data-led personalized experiences. At the core of Nike’s CX strategy is extending the customer life cycle through value-creating mobile apps that helps them understand their need better and customize their CX. #14 #7
  13. 13. - - - - 13 8% 6% 8% 12% #8 Tanishq installed Karatmeter at key locations for customers to test the quality of family jewelry at no cost. The service has reduced consumers’ faith in traditional family jewelers but increased it in the Tanishq brand. Citroen launched its showroom as part of brand launch using ATAWADAC and Phygital concept to give consumers a one-of-a-kind retail experience while establishing its digital- first proposition. CONTRIBUTION TO THE X INDEX “WAS SEAMLESS” “THE CONSISTENCY AND CLARITY OF THE INFORMATION DELIVERED BETWEEN INTERMEDIARIES” “THE EASINESS TO USE THE WEBSITE AND/ OR NAVIGATE THE MOBILE APPLICATION” ITS WEBSITE AND MOBILE CONTENT WAS USEFUL AND HELPFUL TO ME SEAMLESS, CONSISTENT OMNICHANNEL BRAND EXPERIENCES DEFINES CX FOR BRICKS AND CLICKS As more and more bricks and mortar brands move into bricks and clicks, another critical question worrying the C-suite is - how to drive effective CX transformation? Our advice to bricks clicks brands is to not go about building completely new, disjointed ecosystems but to extend their current offline experiences onto digital platforms, as the customer is looking for a consistent seamless experience across touchpoints. Alongside this, brands also need to pay that extra attention to their owned channels where customers visit to gather information. Apple has introduced privacy “nutrition” labels for the apps in AppStore that lets the brand achieve two things: offer and experience that goes beyond expectation and solidify its offering of privacy first. #2 #1
  15. 15. 15 CONTRIBUTION TO THE X INDEX “I EXPECT BRANDS TO ACT RESPONSIBLY AND PROVIDE ME WITH RELEVANT INFORMATION DURING PANDEMIC” Covid had a big impact on the way business is done and many CMOs are wondering how do they adapt their information dissemination to changing customer needs? In the post pandemic world, consumers are expecting brands to not just display but act more responsibly. They particularly expect brands to step up their post-purchase customer support. The need of the hour is to enable consumers by providing them easy access to helpful useful content on relevant touchpoints throughout the journey. BRANDS NEED TO BE MORE RESPONSIBLE, INTERACTIVE CARING, ESPECIALLY POST THE PANDEMIC Hyundai has continued to virtually engage its customers through innovative and impactful digital content and innovations such as Click to Buy during the pandemic. The brand went as far as guaranteeing a contactless purchase process keeping in my mind safety of its customers. HDFC devised a way to render personalized digital services to its existing and new customers. The cloud-based solutions help customers open accounts, apply for loan and manage investments without any physical interface or visiting the branch during this pandemic. #6 #23 “THE ATTENTION AND EFFICIENCY OF SALES ASSISTANT/STAFF/ADVISORS” 15% 15% - 10%
  17. 17. 17 #27 Keeping community at heart, AirBnB has designed its interface that is not only easy to navigate but also showcases the width and the breadth of its community so that it is easy and comfortable for you to find a place for yourself in it! Netflix, apart from personalizing recommendations of their offering, also have devised an easy to navigate that lets you find whatever you want to watch without making you feel overwhelmed by choices. CONTRIBUTION TO THE X INDEX “THE BRAND OFTEN HAS EXTRA ATTENTIONS THAT GO BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS” “WAS PLEASANT” SIMPLICITY AND SEAMLESSNESS MAKE A COMEBACK Lastly, a number of CMOs worry how would they understand and explain to their team the complexity of CX? Customer Experience is integral to all brand interactions and the customer is not concerned about the science and the data that goes behind the design of the customer experience. What consumers are looking forward to is a simple and pleasant purchase journey, which is easy to navigate. Simplicity of the experience leads to a delightful CX and gives brand a chance to go beyond consumers expectations when it comes to CX. Apple created a pleasant CX for the consumers of its India store by simply adding the Shopping Assistance option that allows customers to connect with Apple Specialists and communicate with them in vernacular language. #1 #9 - 13% 11% 11%
  18. 18. 18 We have reached a tipping point this year at which customers are expressing two distinct but equally important needs. They want the efficiency—and, during this pandemic, safety—of simple and seamless shopping experiences while also craving the human and emotional connections that come through personalization and signature moments. The challenge for brands is how to infuse unique “signature moments” into the retail experience. Customers expect brands to have a sincere approach that is reflected in their actions and therefore in the experience they deliver. In a world of uncertainty, the more sincere the intention of the company, the more it is ultimately felt through the experience it delivers. Priyanka Mehra, Director, Marketing and Communications, Havas Group India priyanka.mehra@havas.com CONCLUSION
  19. 19. 19 X INDEX