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Present Your Story with Social Slides

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Social Slides makes stunning SlideShare presentation displays. Presentations are no longer a feat to endure, they can be something to be admired. We are a content marketing design agency with a vision for better communication as visual storytellers. As images get 94% more engagement than text and as stories are 22 times more memorable than facts, we combine the two to push your content to get viral. Realise your viral potential at an affordable price. Expertly creative, simply effective...

Present your story today.


Contact Eddie at eddie@socialslides.com for enquiries.

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Present Your Story with Social Slides

  1. Images get 94% more engagement than text
  2. 65% of people are visual learners
  3. The brain processes images 60,000x faster than text
  4. See for yourself
  5. A majestic lion staring down it’s prey double-exposed over a sunset pouring over a densely forrested mountain range. vs
  6. You to use visuals
  7. = 1000 Words
  8. Text has never gone viral
  9. What is viral ?
  10. : {vahy-ruh l] [adj] - Becoming very popular by circulating quickly from person to person, especially through the Internet
  11. Let other people share your story
  12. Stories are 22x more memorable than facts
  13. = VIRAL
  14. Are you using images to say what you mean ?
  15. Will help you out!
  16. By using...
  17. Slideshare hosts presentations
  18. Slideshare hosts presentations
  19. And has 70+ million visits per month
  20. And has 3 billion presentation views per month
  21. That’s 1140 slide views per second
  22. And forget powepoint
  23. That’s now 25 years old!
  24. death to all bullet points
  25. death to all clip art
  26. death to cheesy animation
  27. Why use Slideshare ?
  28. Slideshare is powerful
  29. Slideshare is powerful BUILD TRUST
  30. Slideshare is powerful BUILD TRUST
  31. Slideshare is powerful BUILD TRUST
  32. 1. Visually reformat your blog posts
  33. 2. Share your insights
  34. 3. Share your knowledge
  35. 4. Share your stories
  36. 5. Show why you are an authorative market leader
  37. Why use
  38. 1. 100% bespoke design
  39. 2. We use your branding
  40. 3. We convey your story
  41. 4. professional design
  42. 5. We don’t use generic stock images
  43. 6. We don’t use generic fonts
  44. 7. We SEO optimise your Slideshare page
  45. 8. Suitable for business 2 business
  46. 9. Or for business 2 customer
  47. 10. It’s a fraction of the cost of youtube video production.
  48. Plus we’ll create your slideshare account!