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Digital 4 Pharma

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Digital Marketing for Pharmaceuticals

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Digital 4 Pharma

  1. 1. Digital Community Building in Pharma George Anagnostopoulos Digital 4 Pharma 6 May 2014 socialab
  2. 2. Hello. I am George. I represent Socialab, the company I founded 5 years ago. Our experience is in the whole of the marketing industry. There are a couple of things we’d like to show you that the rest of the industry is doing.
  3. 3. George Anagnostopoulos §  Digital Content Creator since 1994 in the first Greek zine. §  Digital Marketer since 1999, in a dot-com in the UK. §  Search Marketing since 2002 §  Blogger since 2004 §  Mobile Marketing since 2006 §  Social Media Marketing since 2009 §  Judge at Ermis Awards - Digital §  Has worked with 50+ brands in the last 14 years.
  4. 4. Experience in Education In 2013, Socialab was approached by the Digital Marketing Institute in Dublin, Ireland. Their goal was to reach out to a top agency in the country in order to train people in digital marketing. And we reached out to ALBA to provide education to executives. The Syllabus is validated by Facebook, Twitter, PayPal & Microsoft. The world's leading digital agencies also validate the syllabus and ensure that it is consistent with best practice implementation of digital marketing, they include Ogilvy, Aegis and Publicis Groupe.
  5. 5. Professional Training In fact, we are currently collaborating with GET2WORK and offering tailored training packages for: u  pharma marketers u  healthcare professionals
  6. 6. socialab §  Socialab offers a range of digital marketing services: web, social, search, display, mobile & affiliate. §  We’ve earned both Awards and Recognition for our work. But, most of all, we’ve won our clients’ hearts, because we always bring Results. §  We maintain the first and most popular Greek website about digital marketing news & tips, suit.gr, that educates marketers and also promotes our work in the last 4 years. §  We also manage Social Media GR, the biggest group for digital marketing on LinkedIn with more than 3,000 members, most of which are in marketing or advertising.
  7. 7. Insightfromacrossindustries
  8. 8. Terminology Funnel The process from making a stranger your customer
  9. 9. Terminology Click The way customers go from one stage to the next in a funnel. Can also mean Tap in Mobile or Tablets.
  10. 10. Terminology Visit The difference between visits, unique visitors, pageviews, hits.
  11. 11. Terminology Conversion Converting users from one stage of the funnel to the next
  12. 12. Terminology CTR Click-through rate. 20 years ago banner CTR was 44%, now it’s at less than 1%. Same for Email for CTR and Open Rate that was 90%. Same for Google Ads. Marketers ruin everything!
  13. 13. Terminology Social Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Blogs, Forums and more.
  14. 14. Terminology Search SEM Comes in two flavors: SEO & PPC (which is sometimes also called SEM)
  15. 15. Terminology FFF Fans / Friends / Followers (not used really)
  16. 16. Terminology FOAF Friend of a Friend (used in WoMM)
  17. 17. Terminology WoMM Word of Mouth Marketing
  18. 18. Terminology Blog Web log that one or more users updates with content
  19. 19. Terminology Forum A discussion area or community. Plural: Fora.
  20. 20. Terminology Android vs. iOS Latest US stats: 52% Android, 42% iOS, 6% rest of the Operating Systems.
  21. 21. Terminology Organic vs. Paid Getting seen for free; and not for free.
  22. 22. Terminology Impression Loading of an ad in a web page. Times an ad was displayed. Not how many times it was actually seen. Now comes the time of viewable impressions.
  23. 23. Terminology Attention The currency of digital marketing
  24. 24. Don’t tell your story in 2014 like it’s 2007.
  25. 25. 3 categories of digital media
  26. 26. Paid Social Ads, Display Advertising, SEM/PPC, Sponsored Posts Owned Website, Mobile, Microsites, Social Media Accounts & Communities Earned WoM, Listings, Ratings, Mentions, Recom’tions & Comments € ♥ © 3 categories of digital media
  27. 27. Pharma: Still stuck at Web 1.0?
  28. 28. Are you talking to digital natives? Compiled by LBi Health
  29. 29. Pharma: More Customer Service centric?
  30. 30. Customer Service add-ons According to the WSJ: u  GlaxoSmithKline u  Merck u  Lilly are asking their representatives to switch from making forceful, tightly scripted sales pitches to acting more like a resource supporting physicians' treatment. Companies hope to get a foot in the door by providing practical help, such as assistance educating patients about their diseases or navigating reimbursement. -- Wall Street Journal, 10 Jan 2012
  31. 31. Can these teach Pharma something?
  32. 32. Customer Service add-ons u  Supporting apps: medication & vital signs trackers, side effects & drug compatibility indicators u  Digital communities: Engagement of the stakeholders where they prefer to be u  Support groups: Online or in-person patient/caregiver support groups — branded or unbranded u  Education: Direct patient education through online courses and in- person seminars, focused on specific diseases u  More personalized support: 24/7 concierge services
  33. 33. Customer Service add-ons An offering that combines drugs and supporting services can not only significantly increase compliance and health outcomes —indicators of success far more valuable than drug sales—but also create a positive image for a brand among patient groups.
  34. 34. Important social media u  5. Facebook u  4. Blogging u  3. LinkedIn u  2. Twitter u  1. Healthcare professional networks As voted by 250 people in the pharma industry, conducted by PMGroup and Havas Lynx.
  35. 35. Other u  YouTube u  Vimeo u  Pinterest u  Instagram
  36. 36. A note about video HCPs will tell you that video content is effective. In fact, according to Manhattan Research, 70% of HCPs agree that watching video is an effective way to learn new information (Manhattan Research, Taking the Pulse® v12.0) According to ComScore nearly 50% of consumers report that online health videos serve as a top resource when searching for medical conditions and prescription drug information. 53% of people over 65 watch videos online. (Sources: comScore, 12th Annual Survey on Consumer Reaction to DTC Advertising of Prescription Drugs)
  37. 37. Why Digital Communities? People are looking somewhere to help…. (patient communities with like-minded people)
  38. 38. Audiences VS Communities Audience: • is one-way • not interactive • not social • passively watches or reads • doesn’t participate Or share with others VS Communities: • two-way conversation • living, breathing thing • extremely interactive • social • some people just watch or read, but many also participate and share with their friends
  39. 39. Understand why your target community uses digital channels. Understand what kinds of digital channels they use. Understand how your target community like to be communicated with. What tone works in what channel? It is crucial that you provide a detailed description of each of your target audiences. Build community profiles or personas to better understand your community member. who why what how Understanding Your Community
  40. 40. Understanding Your Community Principals Listening Engaging …build great customer experience
  41. 41. Listening never stops! Social media enables Pharma marketers to get a better understanding of stakeholder’s emotions and behaviors, and at the end of the day it is emotions and behaviors that impact Pharma sales. ……and here is a hint – it is probably not about you, it’s what are their needs.
  42. 42. 7 Ps
  43. 43. Communities are made up of people Patient Patient’s Friends & Family Patient Groups Providers: Physicians / Pros Payers Press Public
  44. 44. Patient Patient’s Friends & Family Patient Groups Providers: Physicians / Pros Payers Press Public Patient
  45. 45. It’s all about being there... Patient Digital community
  46. 46. Patient’s journey stars here...
  47. 47. Direct engagement Stakeholders Search Engine
  48. 48. One thing is obvious...
  49. 49. Did you notice something odd?
  50. 50. Did you notice something rare?
  51. 51. No advertisements!
  52. 52. No communities!
  53. 53. The beginning of the patient’s journey is virgin land for Pharma!
  54. 54. What is Wikipedia, if not a community?
  55. 55. Are you on Wikipedia?
  56. 56. Closed community audience Pharma Doctors Pharmacists
  57. 57. Open community audience Pharma Patient F&F Groups Press Public Payers 3rd party
  58. 58. Which media would be appropriate for this platform?
  59. 59. Most probably, ALL of them.
  60. 60. Maybe not for hosting the information, but for disseminating it.
  61. 61. Platform specs: front-end u  Typical CMS with careful workflow design u  Doctor Blogs u  Patient Blogs u  Forum u  Doctors’ directory & reviews
  62. 62. Platform specs: back-end u  Listening / Monitoring u  Upgrading friendlies to opinion leader status u  Meeting with key patients u  Good and relevant audience on events, e.g. Heart Day
  63. 63. The future of pharma communities today: u  Phones u  Tablets u  Nike+ Fuelband u  Google Glass u  Oculus Rift
  64. 64. Apple was looking for a physiologist A job advert posted on apple.com on 6 Feb 2014 read: The job will require employees to "design and run user studies related to cardiovascular fitness & energy expenditure, including calories burned, metabolic rate, aerobic fitness level measurement/tracking and other key physiological measurements." The role will require application of "relevant knowledge to the design of products and their testing/validation through user studies. Possibly for the iWatch prototype?
  65. 65. Oximeter
  66. 66. Oximeter: Nintendo Wii Vitality Sensor
  67. 67. Oximeter: Samsung Gear Fit
  68. 68. Latest health news: Samsung
  69. 69. Google Glass: UK research for Parkinson patients
  70. 70. Google Contacts: Monitor Glucose levels for T2 Diabetes and people with visual disabilities.
  71. 71. Alvin Systems is taking the Disney-used RFID-enabled wristbands and using them for better patient identification and care
  72. 72. Apple patented this:
  73. 73. Apple patented this:
  74. 74. Pharma u  Can apps be considered part of Pharma? u  Why are the big players like Apple and Samsung going into Health? u  Why has Google’s founder Sergey Brin funded his wife’s idea for 23andme?
  75. 75. This convergence means something: 1.  Communities provide the data 2.  Technology collects the data 3.  Big Data crunches the data A community is bigger than just a website or a forum!
  76. 76. What does monitoring do?
  77. 77. Monitoring tools
  78. 78. Monitoring tools
  79. 79. Monitor by Sidebar
  80. 80. Monitor by Sidebar
  81. 81. Monitor Report Sample
  82. 82. Monitor Report Sidebar Monitor Report http://monitor.sidebar.gr/
  83. 83. Monitor Report
  84. 84. Monitor Report
  85. 85. Monitor Let’s see it live!
  86. 86. Thank you. Questions? socialab