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Passpartout tourism marketing - Greece

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Passpartout is a full service marketing and P.R. company in Greece, specialized in tourism marketing and DMC services.

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Passpartout tourism marketing - Greece

  1. 1. Pass Partout – Tourism Marketing ABOUT US: PASS PARTOUT is a full service marketing and P.R. company, specialized in tourism marketing, e-Marketing, destination representation and event management. The members of our team are experienced in tourism consultancy and continuously educated in contemporary promotional strategies.
  2. 2. Pass Partout – Tourism Marketing ABOUT YOUR MARKETING STRATEGY: Determination of your business needs Market trends research Competition research Focus on your target groups Marketing plan development Marketing budget elaboration Promotional methods and media planning
  3. 3. Pass Partout – Tourism Marketing ABOUT YOUR e-MARKETING PLAN: Content (articles-photos-videos) creation Web design Company presentation in Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest) Press releases and news uploading in blogs, forums, e-magazines Internet press clipping Online advertising SEO development
  4. 4. Pass Partout – Tourism Marketing ABOUT DESTINATION REPRESENTATION IN GREECE AND CYPRUS: Brand positioning Press conference and Media events Familiarization and Press trips Social Media networking e-Marketing Trade show and Fair participation Sponsorship suggestions
  5. 5. Pass Partout – Tourism Marketing ABOUT EVENT MANAGEMENT: Planning and organizing festivals, social events and conferences. Destination selection Budget elaboration and control Travel management (hotels, flights, transfers) Pre-post organized tours Social activities and programs Video – photo presentation production and audio visual Event decoration services Secretarial and translation services Media and social media promotion
  6. 6. Pass Partout – Tourism Marketing ABOUT www.pass2greece.grwww.pass2greece.gr e-TRAVEL MAGAZINE: Travel articles about culture, sightseeing, activities, food and history of Greece since 2007. 45.000 – 50.000 visits / year 110.000 pages viewed / year 35-40% adds to favorites 60 new articles per year Original articles and photos
  7. 7. Pass Partout – Tourism Marketing ABOUT www.pass2europe.comwww.pass2europe.com e-TRAVEL MAGAZINE: New magazine with articles about the tourism and culture of Europe. 47 countries Text, photos, video presentation Real time, weather, maps Links to the National and Regional Tourist Boards Useful info, history, travel info
  8. 8. Pass Partout – Tourism Marketing ABOUT OUR CERTIFICATIONS: PASS PARTOUT is registered in Greek National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV), an independent administrative authority that supervises and regulates the radio/television market. Our e-travel magazines www.pass2greece.grwww.pass2greece.gr and www.pass2europe.comwww.pass2europe.com are certified members of:  Hellenic Union of Editors of Periodical Press (HUEPP)  European Media Magazine Association (EMMA)  International Federation of the Periodical Press (FIPP)
  9. 9. Pass Partout – Tourism Marketing CLIENTS WHO TRUST US: Halkidiki Tourism Organization Halkidiki Hotel Association Sani Resort Doucas Tours and Travel Drama Hotel Association Chamber of Serres Prefecture of Kozani Air Transat airlines Xinis educational organization
  10. 10. Pass Partout – Tourism Marketing CONTACT DETAILS: Pass Partout - Marketing Sofia Bournatzi Owner / Editor Tel. +30 2310 633404, 632207 Mob. +30 6945 435430 65, El. Venizelou Str., 56728 Neapoli - Thessaloniki, Greece www.pass.com.grwww.pass.com.gr    info@pass2greece.grinfo@pass2greece.gr