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Blog sofia arciniegas_inglesb1

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Verbos en ingles

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Blog sofia arciniegas_inglesb1

  1. 1.  Sorry techer about the interruption, I will take the story up in a minute.  The car takes up too much space. We'll move it somewhere else.  Pedro was taken up by mistake.  I think I would like to take up a rapita reading course.
  2. 2.  Carmen, picks me up at the airport  I usually catch up on the news while I have lunch.  I am looking forward to catching up with my work this weekend.  Felipe isn’t as fit as me and when we go cycling, I have to stop now and again to let him catch up with me, catch me up.  I'm not ready yet! I still have to make up!
  3. 3.  After all he's done to her, my mother will make it up to Patricia by taking her to the movies.  Has Fernando thought of taking up on the job in city Cali?  You won't believe it, but Santiago has taken up with Sally's sister.  Juan to turned down a great job offer because he had to move to Rome.  Please turn down the air conditioning, I'm freezing.  We'll have to turn back to the house. I forgot my bag on the table.