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Infographic: SDN, BYOD and Cloud! Oh my!

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Infographic: SDN, BYOD and Cloud! Oh my!

  1. 1. BYOD and CLOUD! DN, S Oh my! What has the network become, and why are IT pros overwhelmed? Smarter, more complex equipment, BYOD and security are making the network more complex. IT pros ranked the most important drivers of network complexity in three categories: Technology IT Operations 1. Smarter and more complex equipment 2. Computer virtualization 3. Software Defined Networks (SDN)/virtual networks 4. Video conferencing/telepresence 5. Vendor proliferation Business Operations 1. Security 2. Compliance 3. Auditing 1. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) 2. Mobility 3. Voice/Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) 4. Distributed workforce and/or telecommuters/work-from-home 5. Public cloud or Software as a Service (SaaS) 6. Private cloud 7. Video distribution and/or video conferencing What skills do IT pros say they need to manage network complexity? In 5 years Now 26.7% 19.6% 21.3% Understanding of the business Understanding of the business Information security 18.7% Information security 17.8% Cloud or SaaS 11.6% Mobile applications and device management 10.2% Network engineering 22.7% Network engineering 9.3% Project management 6.7% Mobile applications and device management 6.2% 4.4% 3.6% 1.8% 9.8% 6.7% 2.2% 0.4% Compute virtualization Cloud or SaaS Other Server management Compute virtualization Project management Server management Other How can companies help IT manage network complexity? IT pros say they need to: Train IT staff Add network management tools 71.9% 52.2% Better prioritize existing IT resources 55.3% Increase IT budget Increase IT staff 47.8% Other 54.8% 2.2% 35% of IT pros say budget is the biggest barrier to accessing the training necessary for managing complex networks. But they also have some great ideas on how to overcome budgetary restrictions: LEVEL UP! Increase experience/ expertise organically Participate in peer-to-peer learning (such as forums) Participate in vendor learning © 2012 SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. All rights reserved. The SOLARWINDS and SOLARWINDS & Design marks are the exclusive property of SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC, are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and are registered in other countries. All other trademarks herein are used for identification purposes only and are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Turn to online influencers/ resources Participate in distance learning