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  1. 1. SOMERAN GOHAIN PHUKAN NizMancotta,khaniaGaon P.O- C.R.Building Dibrugarh Assam-786003. Contact No. +91 9678981194, +919706730625 Email: someran.phukan@hotmail.com PROFESSIONAL SYNOPSIS: I am an ambitious, focused and hardworking individual with strong interpersonal skills having had over 5 years’ experience in Customer Services and sales sector, working on various project during various phases of the project life cycle. My key skills and expertise lies in relationship management, business management and project management and sales activity, with particular focus on delivery and risk management. I believe these attributes to be of benefit to any Company or Organisation and thus I would now like to progress these skills further through employment. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: December 2016- Till Date – NIIT YuvaJyoti Ltd. – IT Trainer  This trainer position sits within reputable Company NIIT Yuva Jyoti Ltd.  The core objective of my role is to provide quality training to the BPL Candidates teaching the use of the computer systems and software’s such as MS Package (MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point).  Day to day role involves maintenance of the IT Lab and software upgrade on the company’s systems keeping the systemup to date.  My role also ensures high quality service to the company which includes meeting deadlines and time management, A great attention to detail is required at the floor providing information in a correct and in timely manner.  My role also involves using advanced Excel skills in managing the data on the system. June 2016- December 2016 – Vivo Smart Phone – Sale Promoter  This sales position sits within reputable phone Company VIVO.  The core objective of my role is to ensure sales and great customer service to the clients.  My job is to upsell available products that can benefit the company, preventing risks to the Company and minimising losses. I.e. articulating business problems, gathering business requirements and identifying solutions to these problems through robust process improvements and aggressive sales.  The role also involved a wide variety of duties such as day to day sales management, cash flow handling, focused customer service and managing workload in order to make the day productive and efficient.  Using advanced Excel skills in managing the data on the systemand adhering to deadlines.  Working to tight deadlines, ensuring sale targets are adhered to and met, and making the required escalations where necessary, and managing multiple workloads successfully.
  2. 2. April 2015 / June 2016– Gionee Mobil– Sale Promoter  This Job was based in the Sales department of Gionee Mobile phones.  My role involved great customer service and sales to the company adhering to company’s policies.  Role required great attention to detail with prime focus on customer managing daily workload with multitasking stock rotation and managing sales and cash flow.  Depositing daily sales into the business bank accounts with immaculate calculation and book keeping. May 2014 / April 2015 – Sargam Ventures Pvt. Ltd – HTC Service Support  This role is based in Sargam Ventures Pvt. Ltd Regional Distributer(Guwahati).  My role involved great customer service to HTC clients.  My role also includes the responsibility to ensure quality control standards are met, ensuring work of team members has been processed accurately and in line with company procedures. July 2013 / May 2014 – Tata BusinessSupport ServicesPVT. Ltd. – Customer Service Executive  This role was based in Tata Business Support Services PVT. Ltd (Tata Sky), Guwahati Customer Service Executive.  Role involved great customer service to TATA SKY customers.  Handling customer complaints and managing sales.  On site visitation for installation of new purchases and completing customer satisfaction surveys.  Managing daily workload and multitasking promoting and upselling upgrades available to new and existing customers.  Cold calling for brand awareness and promotions. Jan 2013 / July 2013 - VS GLOBAL VISION LTD (UK). – Sales Adviser India Office  Responsible for client management for a UK based student Recruitment Company.  Role involved documentation checks eliminating any risks, and providing smooth transition to the company.  Promoting courses to the local students in order to acquire admission into reputable government Colleges and Universities in the UK.  Managing promotional and advertisement material and handling company’s budget.  Managing client visitation to India and providing a flawless trip.  My role involved regional office handling, staff management, cash management and day to day business banking.  Building and networking on all levels, forming partnerships with Higher Educational Institutes, IELTS institutes and International Agents through visits and then maintaining and honing these partnerships from the United Kingdom.
  3. 3.  Responsible for cradle to grave student recruitment process and financial budgeting and forecasting.  Managing internal and external clients alike, working closely with our partner Higher Educational Institutes in the United Kingdom and abroad.  Responsible for ensuring Company compliance with Tier 4 and UKBA policies and guidance.  Managing high workload within tight deadlines and successfully hitting targets and commission structures. June 2012 / Jan 2013 – NBH Amritsar – Internship/Stock management  This was an intern role during my holiday in Amritsar Punjab.  Role was based in a battery-manufacturing unit.  My role involved stock management after production is complete, staff management, bookkeeping and day-to-day business banking.  I was also involved in the manufacturing process; my job was to balance production plates and sizing it to the company standard promising quality. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: May 2009/June 2012 Dibrugarh University - BCA Computer Application H.S. (2008) LUIT ACADEMY, Bamunimaidan, Guwahati Under AHSEC. H.S.L.C (2005) DON BOSCO SCHOOL, Dibrugarh Under SEBA o English o Science o Maths o Computing OTHER QUALIFICATION: - PGDCA in computer application. KEY SKILLS AND ATTRIBUTES: Excellent organizational and communication skills and an accomplished team player. Committed individual with flexible approach to work and to take initiative whenever required in analytical and comprehensive way.
  4. 4. Developed the spirit of hard working individual, punctuality, honesty, responsibility and enthusiastic of maintaining leadership skills. Moving to explore new things. Ability to quickly master new concepts and applications. Creative Ability to deal with people. Willingness to learn. Outgoing and enthusiastic about projects IT SKILLS: Good working knowledge of all Microsoft packages. Practical background in OX Snow Leopard Macintosh Apple and Final Cut Pro/Studio Express/Aperture Confident user of Email and Internet and Safari Updated knowledge on latest technology Referees: Available upon request.