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30+ Nexus Integrations to Accelerate DevOps

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No single tool can deliver on the promise of DevOps. Instead it’s a collection of tools, easily integrated, tightly managed, and effectively automated. Learn how Nexus integrates with more DevOps tools you use everyday.

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30+ Nexus Integrations to Accelerate DevOps

  1. 1. 30+ Nexus Integrations to Accelerate DevOps
  2. 2. What is it? Deploy Nexus Repository as a free solution for managing open source components and Docker containers. Author: Justin Young
  3. 3. What is it? Stores Apt components in Nexus Repository 3.x Author: Michael Poindexter
  4. 4. What is it? A Docker image for running Nexus Lifecycle Author: Brady Owens
  5. 5. What is it? Some examples of Nexus plugins for Repository Manager 2.x Author: Peter Lynch
  6. 6. What is it? A VSTS Build Extension for uploading artifacts to Nexus Repository 2.x Author: Jason Sholl
  7. 7. What is it? Collection of Apache Maven plugins supporting Nexus Suite. Author: Peter Lynch
  8. 8. Where Can you Find the Integrations? www.sonatype.com/exchange The Nexus Exchange
  9. 9. What is it? Standalone jar executable client Maven 2 artifact resolver based on Eclipse Aether. Author: Peter Lynch
  10. 10. What is it? A collection of example scripts for working with the Nexus Repository 3.x Provisioning API Author: Sonatype
  11. 11. What is it? Dockerized version of Nexus Repo Manager 3 with HTTPS configured Author: Brad Beck
  12. 12. What is it? The official Nexus Staging Maven Plugin and the Nexus M2Settings Maven Plugin from Sonatype. Author: Peter Lynch
  13. 13. What is it? A Dockerfile for Sonatype Nexus IQ Server, based on CentOS. Author: Jason Swank
  14. 14. What is it? Nexus Ant Tasks Author: Tamas Cservenak
  15. 15. What is it? Install and configure Sonatype Nexus. Author: HubSpot Team
  16. 16. What is it? An introduction to repository management and the official documentation for {oss} and {pro}. Author: Sonatype
  17. 17. What is it? This repository holds files and scripts to build a Sonatype Nexus .rpm package. Author: Jens Braeuer
  18. 18. What is it? Nexus Authentication using a Gitlab User token Author: Jeffrey Damick
  19. 19. What is it? A collection of Nexus Repository Docker images that run on Alpine, Ubuntu and . Author: Jeffry Hesse
  20. 20. What is it? Two example projects for using Ant / Aether with Nexus Repository Manager Author: Sonatype
  21. 21. What is it? Two example projects for using Ant / Ivy with Nexus Repository Manager Author: Sonatype
  22. 22. What is it? Two example projects for using Gradle with Nexus Repository Manager Author: Sonatype
  23. 23. What is it? Two example projects for using Maven with Nexus Repository Manager Author: Sonatype
  24. 24. What is it? An example script for uploading to a Nexus Repository - Raw Hosted Repository Author: Sonatype
  25. 25. What is it? A CLI tool for exploring the Nexus Repository Blob Store Eric Cobb
  26. 26. What is it? An extension and plugin that teaches Maven to work well with gitflow projects and CI servers. Author: Bryan Varner
  27. 27. Oct 24, 2017
  28. 28. What is it? Step-by-step configuration documentation Author: Justin Young
  29. 29. What is it? Notify one or more Hip Chat rooms when artifacts matching a pattern are uploaded. Author: Tim Pettersen
  30. 30. What is it? These are bare bones bash scripts to import a Nexus 2 Maven, NuGet or npm repository (and likely other file system based repos) into Nexus Repository 3. Author: Jeffry Hesse
  31. 31. What is it? Scripts to install CI server for Java development Author: Dmytro Kovalchuk
  32. 32. What is it? Presentations and labs suitable for a lunch-and-learn/brown bag session or a user group meeting with sample material available for anybody interested to use it. Author: Sonatype
  33. 33. What is it? Python API and command-line interface for working with Sonatype Nexus Author: Michael Samia
  34. 34. What is it? A CLI wrapper around Sonatype Nexus REST calls. Author: Kyle Allan
  35. 35. What is it? A plugin for integrating Nexus Repository Manager and Nexus Lifecycle into a Jenkins Job. Author: Sonatype
  36. 36. What is it? Justin Young discusses the Nexus Platform plugin for Jenkins and how it can be utilized in Jenkins pipelines to push commit statuses to GitHub. Author: Justin Young
  37. 37. What is it? Display some place in the UI component and asset counts per repository. Author: Peter Lynch
  38. 38. What is it? A groovy script to create Content Selectors, privileges, and roles programmatically via the Scripting API. Author: Nicholas Blair
  39. 39. What is it? Provides integration for retrieving an artifact from Nexus Repository Manager and placing it in either the FlexDeploy temp directory or the FlexDeploy artifact repository Author: FlexDeploy
  40. 40. What is it? Vagrant Environment for a Nexus Repository OSS 3 service. Author: Rui Lopes
  41. 41. What is it? Puppet Module for Sonatype Nexus 3 aims to offer native configuration of Nexus instances in Puppet. The module uses Nexus REST interface to manage configuration. Author: Wandenberg Peixoto
  42. 42. What is it? R Repository Format for Nexus Repository 3.x Author: Sonatype
  43. 43. www.sonatype.com/exchange Now it’s your turn to contribute…