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Starting and Scaling DevOps In the Enterprise

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Gary Gruver, Gruver Consulting

In my role, I get to meet lots of different companies, and I realized quickly that DevOps means different things to different people. They all want to do “DevOps” because of all the benefits they are hearing about, but they are not sure exactly what DevOps is, where to start, or how to drive improvements over time. They are hearing a lot of different great ideas about DevOps, but they struggle to get every-one to agree on a common definition and what changes they should make. It is like five blind men describing an elephant. In large orga-nizations, this lack of alignment on DevOps improvements impedes progress and leads to a lack of focus.

This session is intended to help structure and align those improvements by providing a framework that large organizations and their executives can use to understand the DevOps principles in the context of their current development processes and to gain alignment across the organization for success-ful implem

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Starting and Scaling DevOps In the Enterprise

  1. 1. November 15, 2016 Starting and Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise Gary Gruver, President of Gruver Consulting LLC
  2. 2. November 15, 2016  FW no longer a bottleneck for the business  Development costs reduced from $100M/yr. to $55M/yr.  140% increase in the number of products under development  Capacity for innovation increased from ~5% to ~40% © Gruver Consulting
  3. 3. November 15, 2016© Gruver Consulting
  4. 4. November 15, 2016© Gruver Consulting
  5. 5. November 15, 2016 Gene Kim Quote This is my personal definition: I would define DevOps by the outcomes. In my mind, DevOps is those set of cultural norms and technology practices that enable the fast flow of planned work from, among others, development, through tests into operations while preserving world class reliability, operation and security. DevOps is not about what you do, but what your outcomes are. So many things that we associate with DevOps fits underneath this very broad umbrella of beliefs and practices—which of course, communication and culture are part of them. “ © Gruver Consulting
  6. 6. November 15, 2016 Business Ideas Developer Production Monitoring Environment Testing
  7. 7. November 15, 2016 Environment Testing Developer Business Ideas Production Monitoring
  8. 8. November 15, 2016 Environment Testing Developer Business Ideas Production Monitoring
  9. 9. November 15, 2016 MonitoringMonitoring Environment Testing Developer Business Ideas Production Monitoring
  10. 10. November 15, 2016 Monitoring How Long  Frequency  Issue Source Environment Testing Developer Business Ideas Production Planning Capacity Requirements Inventory % Reworking % Expected Results Deploy Time & Effort Source & Number of New Issues New Issues Cycle Time Batch Size Repeatability Branch Time Approval Times
  11. 11. November 15, 2016  Leadership vs Empowerment  Specialization vs Generalist  Push to production  Green builds & Quality Gates © Gruver Consulting
  12. 12. November 15, 2016
  13. 13. November 15, 2016