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Kenta Yasukawa - IoT World 2018

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From Prototype to Production: How to take the leap in IoT... and stick the landing

A field-tested, production-ready IoT prototype is both an enormous milestone and the beginning of a brand new challenge, one that requires new skills, new tools, new partners, and a keen eye for both danger and opportunity. As CTO of cloud-connectivity pioneer Soracom, Kenta Yasukawa has helped customers around the world manage the tricky transition from prototype to production. This session will examine real-world use cases across industries to to show how to achieve success at scale. From managing certificates in Shenzhen to capping connectivity cost in California, today's cloud offers more opportunities than ever to break through the hardware, software and connectivity dependencies unique to IoT.

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Kenta Yasukawa - IoT World 2018

  1. 1. From Prototype to Production: How to take the leap in IoT... and stick the landing Kenta Yasukawa, Ph. D. Cofounder & CTO SORACOM, INC. May 2018 -- IoT World 2018 --
  2. 2. ©2017 SORACOM, INC 2 About myself Kenta Yasukawa, Ph. D. Cofounder & CTO, SORACOM Inc. Experience: Researcher at Ericsson Research AWS Solutions Architect AWS NoSQL Developer & SA Twitter: @thekentiest Facebook: fb.me/kenta.yasukawa LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kenta-y Life: Just moved in from Japan w/ 3 boys, 1 cat and 1 wife Love any kind of connected XXX
  3. 3. ©2018 SORACOM, INC 3 What comes on top of your head when you hear “Internet of Things”?
  4. 4. What comes on top of your head when you hear “Internet of Things”? ©2018 SORACOM, INC 4
  5. 5. ©2018 SORACOM, INC 5©2016 SORACOM, INC 5 Internet of Things Internet CloudThings IntelligenceConnected Devices
  6. 6. ©2018 SORACOM, INC 6 Internet CloudThings Security Device Constraints Connectivity Device Management Cloud Integration Looks simple, but many challenges in reality
  7. 7. ©2018 SORACOM, INC 7 Too many hurdles to implement my great idea….
  8. 8. ©2018 SORACOM, INC 8 Let SORACOM handle it! You Create. We Connect.
  9. 9. SORACOM Services
  10. 10. SORACOM Services
  11. 11. ©2018 SORACOM, INC 11 Internet SORACOM Air – Cloud Connectivity MNO partners User ① Purchase SIM cards and deploy to devices API③ API automation Web Console② Manage via Web Console
  12. 12. Cellular Core Network reinvented on AWS -- Cloud Native Cellular Connectivity IoT Devices Cellular Session Management Authentication & Authorization Billing API Gateway API API Polaris: Cellular Core Interfaces implemented as distributed system Amazon DynamoDB MNO AWS Direct Connect Dipper: A set of micro services that enable Polaris and external facing API HLR/HSS, SMSC GGSN/PGW GTP SIGTRAN/ Diameter Amazon S3 Amazon CloudFront Amazon SQS
  13. 13. ©2017 SORACOM, INC 13
  14. 14. More than 10,000 customers world wide Enterprise customers Startup and SMB customers
  15. 15. Why SORACOM? 1. Supports from Dev to Scale 3. Pace of Innovation 2. Connectivity Platform that works backwards from customers
  16. 16. • Global Connectivity SIM available from one to many We support from Dev to Scale Embedded SIM (MFF2) Card type SIM (standard, micro, nano) One SIM connects your devices in more than 120 countries
  17. 17. Available from one? Really?
  18. 18. • SORACOM Pricing model: Pay as you go • No Contract, No Commitment • Charged on aggregated usage We Support from Dev to Scale Typical connectivity plan SORACOM 200MB SIM = $8 / month $0.08 / MB $0.06 / day ($1.8 / month)(”if” you commit 1,000 SIMs for 24 months) 100 SIMs = $580 (no “If”) $8 x 100 = $800 50 25 75 50 0MB 200MB SIM1 SIM2 SIM3 SIM4 SIM100… 50MB 0MB 200MB SIM1 SIM2 SIM3 SIM4 50 25 75 50 SIM100… 50MB  $8,000  $580
  19. 19. •Pay lower per device as you grow We Support from Dev to Scale Total amount of data USA (USD/MB) Canada (USD/MB) 0 - 0.08 0.20 250 MB - 0.057 0.15 512 MB - 0.053 0.14 1024 MB - 0.047 0.13 0 – 100 0.06 USD / day / SIM 100 -- 0.05 USD / day / SIM Volume Discount on Basic Fee Volume Discount on Data Usage Fee Max 41% off just by using more! No commitment, No phone call (appliced from June 1st 2018) 0.073 0.016
  20. 20. We work backward from customers Listen to customers Consider how a platform should address pain Implement a new feature/service as an MVP Provide MVP as Private β / Limited Preview
  21. 21. We work backward from customers Gotcha! We launch 2G/3G Global SIM! Hey, cellular consumes too much battery for my use case. Any other option? Ok, we launch LoRaWAN and Sigfox connectivity! In my area, 4G/LTE has better coverage. I need connectivity for my devices around the globe ???
  22. 22. Our Answer: We add 4G/LTE support! • 4G/LTE Support added in 23 countries • North America: USA, Canada • Europe: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia and 12 more • APAC: Singapore, Australia, New Zealand • Africa: South Africa • No need to replace existing SIMs!
  23. 23. SORACOM Harvest: -- Location Data Support SORACOM Harvest MNO cellular
  24. 24. MFA Support for Web Console • Added Multi Factor Authentication support! • Login can be secured w/ an MFA app such as • Google Authenticator • Authy
  25. 25. Pace of Innovation 19 New Services/Releases and 75 improvements in 2+ years Custom DNS Metadata service Serial Number support Beam New Features AWS IoT support UDP to HTTP conversion HTTP custom headers Website entry point SORACOM Canal SORACOM Direct SORACOM Endorse SORACOM Funnel Inter operator SIM transfer IMEI support SORACOM Account Management (SAM) API Sandbox Invoice support Eevent handler Expiry event support Webhook support Canal API support soracom-cli Session events Credentials store Canal Web console Session deletion API SORACOM Door SORACOM Gate LoRaWAN PoC Kit Global SIM PoC Suspending SIM Async data export IMEI Lock Beam/Funnel error log SORACOM Beam GA Air cost calc tool SORACOM Harvest Launch in the US Public Gate Advanced SIM search SIM status transition by event handler Beam TCP/UDP graph Session deletion from console Metadata query support 8 2015 Q4 2016 Q1 2016 Q2 2016 Q3 2016 Q4 8 9 10 8 2017 Q1 6 SORACOM Air for LoRaWAN LoRa shared model Launch in Europe Funnel AWS IoT support LoRa Device ID signature Funnel high throughput support 2017 Q2 9 Funnel: Partner Hosted Adapter Low Data Volume Plan SORACOM LoRa Space Renewal Funnel: Kinesis Streams sharding support Beam: Signature for LoRa device messages Funnel: AWS IoT support Beam: Google IoT Core support Funnel: Google Cloud Pub/Sub support Long term commitment discount 2017 Q3 5 SORACOM Air for Sigfox SORACOM Inventory SORACOM Junction LPWA: Binary Parser Fixed Global IP option 2017 Q4 6 Plan01s/SMS API Embedded SIM Sigfox downlink Harvest evolution NTP endpoint Private Garden Advanced search on console 2018 Q1 6 Beam Azure IoT Hub support New action on expiry Harvest visualization enhancement Canal Inter-region peering Pre-paid coupon Global SIM LTE support
  26. 26. Why SORACOM? 1. Supports from Dev to Scale 3. Pace of Innovation 2. Connectivity Platform that works backwards from customers
  27. 27. Does SORACOM help any thing beyond connectivity?
  28. 28. Short answer is YES! We have tools for you!
  29. 29. SORACOM Services
  30. 30. ©2016 SORACOM, INC 30 SORACOM Beam: Data Transfer Support Internet Service Server A Server B Simple, Low overhead protocol - TCP / UDP raw socket - HTTP - MQTT ISP MNO Things Base station Transfer with Secure protocol - HTTPS - TCP over TLS - MQTTS Add metadata - SIM ID (IMSI) - Device ID (IMEI) - Timestamp
  31. 31. ©2016 SORACOM, INC 31 1. Configure your cloud resource ID and credentials 2. Send data from your devices SORACOM Funnel: Cloud Resource Adaptor Authentication information Cloud Services Low overhead protocol Protocol conversion Authentication logic Buffering Error handling TCP UDP HTTP LoRaWAN Sigfox SORACOM Funnel
  32. 32. ©2016 SORACOM, INC 32 Supported Cloud Adaptors Amazon Kinesis Family Azure Event Hubs Encryption Attach authentication information AWS Lambda Amazon S3 Amazon Redshift Stream Analytics Power BI Machine Learning TCP UDP HTTP LoRaWAN Sigfox Cloud Dataflow Cloud Functions BigQuery Firebase Google Cloud PubSub
  33. 33. ©2016 SORACOM, INC 33 SORACOM Beam & Funnel is a solution for credential management as well 2. Copy securely to devices 1. Issue credentials 1. Issue credentials Cloud Service Cloud Service 2. Copy securely to SORACOM Using cloud service directly 3. Rotate credentials 3. Rotate credentials Using cloud service via Beam/Funnel Step 2 increases manufacturing cost and security risk Step 3 requires secure OTA Device Management solution No problem in Steps 2 & 3 at manufacturing or prod scale because they are both in-cloud operations
  34. 34. Case Study: WHILL SORACOM Beam to: - offload authentication - reduce overhead Personal Mobility Device connected w/ SORACOM Air
  35. 35. WHILL usage log collection and analysis
  36. 36. Case Study: DyDo SORACOM Funnel to securely and easily collect data to Amazon S3 SORACOM Air connected Vending Machines
  37. 37. DyDo Data Collection Architecture
  38. 38. SORACOM Services
  39. 39. • Private peering with your Amazon VPC  SORACOM Canal • Connects to private cloud w/ fiber or VPN  SORACOM Direct/Door • Creates virtual L2 subnet for your devices and servers  SORACOM Gate SORACOM builds private network for your devices and your servers The Internet VPG IoT backend Customer premises Virtual Private Gateway (VPG) peers with your IoT backend
  40. 40. Case Study: Komori SORACOM Air + Canal enables private connection to their AWS VPC (Integration Partner: Classmethod) KP-Connect: Industrial Printer Management Platform
  41. 41. Case Study: KOMATSU Construction Machineries connected w/ SORACOM Air SORACOM Door provides fast and secure connections b/w machineries and cloud infrastructure
  42. 42. Case Study: IHI SORACOM Gate has enabled secure bidirectional communications Remote operation platform for globally deployed gas turbines
  43. 43. SORACOM Services
  44. 44. Do you have an IoT project? Come visit our booth and get: + $10 coupon
  45. 45. ©2016 SORACOM, INC 45 You Create. We Connect.