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Detailed digesting process of microbivores and applications of microbivores. Advantages and disadvantages of microbivores.

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  2. 2. Microbivores acts as a artificial white blood cells in human body which float along with blood stream. Spheroid device 3.4µm in diameter. Consist of 610 billion arranged atoms. Traps Blood pathogens & breaks them. 1000 times faster than white blood cells.
  3. 3. FOUR BASIC COMPONENTS Binding Sites Grapples Morcellation Chamber Digestion Chamber
  4. 4. To decrease the bio- hazards in body This Nano-robot is also used to delivery the drug in to the body along with the function of digesting pathogens. With out effecting any other parts of human body the drug is been delivered to the specified part of the body.
  5. 5.  Target bacterium binds to the microbivore surface via binding sites.  Telescopic robotic grapples rise up from the surface & attached to the trapped bacterium.  Grapple’s handoff motion can transport the pathogen from binding site to the ingestion port.
  6. 6.  The pathogens are been sensed with the internal sensors such as glucose sensor; O2 sensor & CO2 sensor in to the Morcellation chamber.  Bacterium is minced in to Nanoscale pieces.  The immunity power of the pathogen gets decreased & required amount of drug can be delivered to the specified part of the body.
  7. 7.  Remains are pistoned in to the digestion chamber which consists of a pre programmed set of digestive enzymes.  These enzymes are injected and extracted 6 times during a single digestion cycle.  These small molecules are then discharged in to the blood stream through the exhaust port.  After destruction the microbivores exist the body through kidney & are then excreted in urine.
  8. 8. Drug Delivery Body Surveillance Surgery Cancer Detection and Treatment Gene Therapy Diabetes Treatment
  9. 9.  Most animal cells are10,000 to 20,000nm in diameter so microbivores are easy to inject.  1000 times more faster & 80 times more efficient than natural phagocytes  Completely destroy one pathogen in 30 seconds.  Change in behavior at Nano level, may not be suitable for body.  Larger Nano robots will block the capillary blow.  High cost.
  10. 10.  The concept of microbivores is just a theoretical justification but the recent advancement in the field of Nanotechnology gives the hope of the effective use of this technology in the medical field.  Diseases like AIDs, cancer can b treated permanently at any stage using these technologies.  It can be a great replacement for the existing medical technology in terms of fast results and efficiency.