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Major Exploration - Wandering Presentation

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This presentation covers the wandering aspect of the major exploration journey and the connection to chaos theory. Student are led through a wandering map assignment created with information from Katherine Brooks' "You Majored in What?"

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Major Exploration - Wandering Presentation

  1. 1. CHAOS THEORY & CAREERS Too many variables in a complex system make it hard to predict the outcome. What kind of variables would you expect to influence your future?
  2. 2. The greater the distance between now and the future, the weaker the prediction. CHAOS THEORY & CAREERS Distance between now and graduation = 4-5 years. Do you know what you’re going to be doing this weekend? Halloween? New Year’s? Next Summer? After Graduation?
  3. 3. So, we can’t predict the future, BUT LIFE FINDS A WAY? P H I L O S O R A P T O R
  4. 4. Yes, but you don’t have to be surprised.
  5. 5. EXPLORING & WANDERING What does it mean to Explore? By definition exploring is to investigate systematically; examine.
  6. 6. EXPLORING & WANDERING What does it mean to Wander? Defined as proceeding in an irregular course; meander.
  7. 7. EXPLORING & WANDERING The Wandering Map Assignment Write Your Name in the middle of the page and Circle it
  8. 8. EXPLORING & WANDERING The Wandering Map Assignment Write down significant events, people, objects that have contributed to your identity all around your name. (Circle them)
  9. 9. Start Connecting the circles with lines based on the themes that you see. EXPLORING & WANDERING The Wandering Map Assignment
  10. 10. Wandering Map Themes Adventure Challenge Contribution Creativity Diversity Expertise Family Friendship Harmony Health Independence Joy Justice Leadership Learning Leisure Physical Work Power Prestige Productivity Security Spirituality Wealth Variety EXPLORING & WANDERING
  11. 11. Once you have your lines drawn, write the themes above the connecting lines. Contribution Use different color markers to show different themes. EXPLORING & WANDERING Wandering Map Themes
  12. 12. ME Leadership Ended up in a tree after a T-Rex Attack Traveled to Isla Nublar to visit my grandfather’s wild animal preserve Trapped a Velociraptor in a freezer to save my sister
  13. 13. Review the Themes and Majors form. EXPLORING & WANDERING The Wandering Map Assignment How many themes did your Wandering Map have? Are you interested in any majors that are connected to your themes?
  14. 14. Homework Complete the Questions for the Wandering Map Assignment on Blackboard EXPLORING & WANDERING The Wandering Map Assignment