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Splunk Partner Academy Nov 2022

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Splunk Partner Academy Nov 2022

  1. 1. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Partner Academy Hybrid Event FY23 23. November 2022
  2. 2. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. >> Video-Link
  3. 3. This presentation may contain forward-looking statements regarding future events, plans or the expected financial performance of our company, including our expectations regarding our products, technology, strategy, customers, markets, acquisitions and investments. These statements reflect management’s current expectations, estimates and assumptions based on the information currently available to us. These forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve significant risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause our actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements contained in this presentation. For additional information about factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements made in this presentation, please refer to our periodic reports and other filings with the SEC, including the risk factors identified in our most recent quarterly reports on Form 10-Q and annual reports on Form 10-K, copies of which may be obtained by visiting the Splunk Investor Relations website at www.investors.splunk.com or the SEC's website at www.sec.gov. The forward-looking statements made in this presentation are made as of the time and date of this presentation. If reviewed after the initial presentation, even if made available by us, on our website or otherwise, it may not contain current or accurate information. We disclaim any obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statement based on new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by applicable law. In addition, any information about our roadmap outlines our general product direction and is subject to change at any time without notice. It is for informational purposes only and shall not be incorporated into any contract or other commitment. We undertake no obligation either to develop the features or functionalities described, in beta or in preview (used interchangeably), or to include any such feature or functionality in a future release. Splunk, Splunk> and Turn Data Into Doing are trademarks and registered trademarks of Splunk Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other brand names, product names or trademarks belong to their respective owners. © 2022 Splunk Inc. All rights reserved. Forward- Looking Statements
  4. 4. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Our Speakers SVP & General Manager, EMEA Petra Jenner Group Vice President, Central EMEA Niklaus Seiler
  5. 5. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Partner Academy Agenda Sponsored by Time Presentation Speaker 13:00 - 13:30 Welcome, strategy and outlook Petra Jenner, Nik Seiler (virtuell) 13:30 - 14:00 Partner program update: Partnerverse Friederike Heydolph, Philipp Sabionski 14:00 - 14:15 Partner & Customer Splunk Reference Story Nico Lüdemann, Friederike Heydolph 14:15 - 15:00 Value Based Selling & Splunk Value Platform Marcel Rosin 15:00 - 15:30 Pause All 15:30 - 16:00 Wie helfen wir mit “Visionary Glasstables” den Kunden ein Splunk Vision aufzuzeigen? Ralf Walkenhorst 16:00 - 16:30 Customer Success Justin Strohschneider 16:30 - 17:00 What´s Next - Ein Überblick über die wichtigsten Termine & Splunk Kampagnen Lars Beta Nov 23rd, 2022
  6. 6. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Our Speakers
  7. 7. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Our Speakers
  8. 8. © 2021 SPLUNK INC. Partnerverse Program Update
  9. 9. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Agenda ● What and Why About Badging ○ Existing Badges ○ Cloud Migration: Co-Delivery ○ Badging Roadmap ● Partner Selling Tools ○ Autobahn is Here ○ Workshops for Partners are available in Splunk Show ● Arrow - How Arrow supports your business development
  10. 10. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Partners can: - Expand expertise - Differentiate offerings - Amplify success - Progress through tiering journey Customers can: - Identify Partners faster based on their competencies - Explore the business outcomes they need - Win together Why Partnerverse Badging?
  11. 11. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Splunk Credentialing Basics 11 ● Certifications ● Accreditations ● Technical Enablement Badges ● Partnerverse Badges What credentials do we offer? Individual-Level Credentials Organization-Level Credentials When earned, each of these credentials* award a “digital badge” to the earner via Credly Cloud Migration: Co-Delivery
  12. 12. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Motion Badges Services Badges COMING SOON! Cloud Migration: Co-Delivery Launched October 16!
  13. 13. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Cloud Migration: Co-Delivery
  14. 14. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Industry Badges (Coming soon) Additional Specializations (Coming soon) AWS Telco Edge Solutions (TBD) Open Telemetry Observability Solutions Security: SIEM
  15. 15. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Partner Selling Tools Partner Autobahn Workshops - Splunk Show Splunk Internal Use Only
  16. 16. Key Tools to Sell, Test, Learn and Develop Accelerate sales cycles and close qualifying deals. Access a cloud stack and ingest customer data. Convert into production. 30-day access, can extend to 45 days. Associate, Premier, Elite. Sell Motion. InfoSecurity App and Enterprise Security. Develop sales and up-sell. Train your staff. Demo Splunk products. NEW!! Partners now have access to workshops. 7-day access, can extend to 14 days. Can access more as needed. Associate, Premier, Elite. All Motions. Splunk Cloud, Splunk Enterprise, SOAR, Observability. Splunk Show Develop sales and up-sell. Train your staff. Build, test, and demo your own Splunk-based solutions. Keep your work over time. 12-month access, can be renewed yearly if eligible. Associate, Premier, Elite. Manage and Advise/SIs. Splunk Cloud Sandbox with Enterprise Security. Splunk Cloud Sandbox Develop sales and up-sell. Train your staff. Access Splunk on-prem products to test and build solutions and train your staff in a on-premise environment. 12-month access. Can download again when expired. Associate, Premier, Elite. All Motions. Splunk on-premise products. NEW! Not-for-Resale Licenses Partner Autobahn
  17. 17. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Partner Autobahn Autobahn is a proven Splunk sales process and tool for Splunk Cloud prospects and customers to see their data in Splunk before they buy ● Proven to yield 70+% close rates within 30 days of deployment in direct sales scenarios ● Over the last 2 years, cross functional Splunk teams have worked with targeted partners through beta and pilot phases. Launching: November 10th ● Partner Autobahn experience for InfoSec App and Enterprise Security “Lanes” to partners A Cloud Proof of Value Sales Process and Tool
  18. 18. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Partner Autobahn A Cloud Proof of Value Sales Process and Tool Benefits for Splunk • Scale through Partners • Deals close faster • More engaged Partner Ecosystem Benefits for Partners • Quicker close rate • More control of sales cycle • Additional Partner PS • Increase Value add to Splunk • Increase Value to our joint customer(s) • Free for Partners Customer Value • View their data in Splunk environment • Trusted Partner providing service • Quicker view of value
  19. 19. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Partner Qualification Criteria Associate tier and above Sell Motion Partnerverse Splunk Core Certified Consultant Certifications* Splunk Cloud Certified Admin Nomination Qualifying Partner needs to be nominated and vetted by the Partner Autobahn team * Qualifies for Funded Partner Training (LINK) NEW!
  20. 20. Splunk@Arrow ECS 23.11.2022 Philipp Sabionski Beyond pick-pack-ship
  21. 21. § Validierung & Business Planning § Partner Immersion Training § Partnerverse Ausbildung § Quick Start Plan - 30-60-90 Tage § Get it done Plan - 6-9-12 Monate Onboarding § Partnerverse Deep Dive § Use Cases Einblick & Workshops § Partner Enablement Module § Lizenzierung § Splunk Tools Enablement § Authorized Learning Partner § Fast Track Kurse § Pearson Vue Testcenter § individuelle Schulungen § Partnerverse tiefergelegt Trainings § Deal Reg & Quoting Support § Account Mapping § Finanzierung § Multi Year Deals Business Support Newbie-Trainings Partnerverse Support Effiziente Fast Tracks White Space Analysen
  22. 22. © 2021 SPLUNK INC. Customer Success Story bluecue & Conti Nico Lüdemann, CEO bluecue
  23. 23. Reference Selling @ bluecue Splunk Partner Academy CEO, bluecue consulting Nico Lüdemann
  24. 24. v Über das Unternehmen § Seit 2013 fokussiert auf „digital strategies“ § 25 engagierte Mitarbeiter § Bielefeld, Lingen/Ems v Auszeichnungen und Zertifizierung § Informationssicherheit: ISO27001:2017 § Beratungsqualität: TOP CONSULTANT 2014-2022 § Innovationsmanagement: TOP100 2018 § Mitarbeiterbewertung: TOP ARBEITGEBER MITTELSTAND 2018, 2020-2023 § Herstellerauszeichnung: SPLUNK Buttercup Award 2016 v Unternehmensausrichtung § Wir unterstützen unsere Kunden bei ihrer digitalen Transformation § Wir schaffen Werte durch Einklang von Mensch, Prozess und Technologie § Wir pflegen intensive Partnerschaft mit führenden Verbänden und Herstellern bluecue consulting GmbH & Co. KG
  25. 25. …eine Vertriebssituation, die noch niemals jemand so erlebt hat…
  26. 26. …eine Vertriebssituation, die noch niemals jemand so erlebt hat…
  27. 27. Interessenten wollen etwas über „Nutzen“ erfahren, nicht über „Features“ …und am liebsten über „Nutzen“, den jemand anderes schon erfolgreich erreicht hat
  28. 28. bluecue Referenzen (Auszug)
  29. 29. 3 Key Takeaways 01 02 03 …die drei „A“ Erfolgreiche Projekte inhaltlich dokumentieren und mit Kundenstimmen anreichern. • Was ist der Nutzen? • Was hat sich konkret verbessert? • Kennzahlen! Freigabe durch Presse- oder Marketingabteilung des Kunden Aufschreiben Absegnen (lassen) Referenzen zur Akquise neuer Projekte nutzen Akquise
  30. 30. Es etwas zu ge..rillen J
  31. 31. © 2021 SPLUNK INC. Incentive Splunk Incentive Reloaded Für den Partner mit den meisten Customer Story Punkten richten wir eine Grillparty aus. Natürlich grillen WIR für EUCH! Incentive Zeitrahmen: ab sofort bis Ende April Grillparty: Mai/Juni
  32. 32. © 2021 SPLUNK INC. Incentive Splunk Incentive Details • Quote*: 1 Punkt (eine zitterbare Aussage des Kunden) • BlogPost*: 3 Punkte • Presse Artikel*: 5 Punkte • Case Study*: 5 Punkte • CxO Conversation*: 10 Punkte • Live Präsentation**: 15 Punkte • Video**: 20 Punkte *Verdopplung der Punkte wenn SplunkCloud oder O11y Cloud enthalten **by invitation only
  33. 33. © 2021 SPLUNK INC. Danke
  34. 34. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Value-based Selling and Splunk Value Platform November 2022 Marcel Rosin Senior Strategic Advisor – Value
  35. 35. Marcel Rosin Frankfurt, Germany Senior Strategic Advisor EMEA Central
  36. 36. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Value-based Selling – Partner Academy | November 2022 © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Price is what you pay; value is what you get. – Warren Buffett Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway
  37. 37. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Value-based Selling – Partner Academy | November 2022 Value & Outcomes Why is it important? of customers say their sales representatives exceed expectations of buyers look to vendor salespeople as a top-three resource to solve business problems of buyers feel there is significant differentiation from one vendor to the next
  38. 38. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Value-based Selling – Partner Academy | November 2022 of customers say their sales reps exceed expectations Value & Outcomes Why is it important? of buyers look to vendor salespeople as a top-three resource to solve business problems of buyers feel there is significant differentiation from one vendor to the next of buyers want to hear a value proposition early in the sales cycle
  39. 39. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Value-based Selling – Partner Academy | November 2022 Value & Outcomes Why is it important? CxO Area/LoB mgr Specialist Strategy/value/risk/innovation Cost/value/fit for purpose Tech & usability
  40. 40. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. ▸ Having conversations instead of making presentations ▸ Asking relevant questions instead of offering opinions ▸ Focusing on solutions and not only relationships ▸ Targeting business people instead of gravitating towards users ▸ Relating to product usage instead of relying on features ▸ Closing on the buyer’s timeline (instead of yours) ▸ Empowering buyers instead of trying to ‘sell’ to them Strategic Value Selling is…
  41. 41. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Value-based Selling – Partner Academy | November 2022 Outcome Value Value & Outcomes What are they? Result of something A consequence The material or monetary worth of something The regard that something is held to deserve The importance, worth, or usefulness of something
  42. 42. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. How can I understand what’s important to my customer?
  43. 43. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. It’s all about discovery. And doing the homework…
  44. 44. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Value-based Selling – Partner Academy | November 2022 Sources of information The customer Discovery – keep asking questions Champion is key! Splunk sources Account team, Splunk customer references, industry experts, the village… External sources Annual reports, news articles, industry trends, investor briefings, LinkedIn…
  45. 45. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Value-based Selling – Partner Academy | November 2022 Test and validate with hypotheses... …and “prove” with references What if… …we could help you speed up your IT troubleshooting? So that you could… …free up scarce developer time? …and reduce time to market for new applications/innovations? Others have… …increased developer efficiency with 50-70% by using Splunk …achieved 60-80% faster identification and investigation of app defects prior to release
  46. 46. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Value-based Selling – Partner Academy | November 2022 Summary Why is value-based selling crucial? ▸ Prove business value to sell to new and existing customers ▸ 95% of buyers require financial justification ▸ 81% of buyers expect vendors to quantify business value ▸ Based on 4,000+ customer engagements worldwide → Splunk Value Benchmark ▸ Connect value drivers with key initiatives and pain points ▸ Leverage conversation starters to uncover real pain and challenges ▸ Do it yourself with the Splunk Value Platform for faster deliverables → http://bvc.splunk.com ▸ Align with the account teams and our Strategic Advisors for high-touch value assessments Remember our Splunk Value Drivers Know how to leverage our assets
  47. 47. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Value-based Selling – Partner Academy | November 2022 A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. – Michael LeBoeuf American business author and management professor © 2022 SPLUNK INC.
  48. 48. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Value-based Selling – Partner Academy | November 2022 ▸ simple and effective storytelling tool ▸ links customers’ strategic objectives and initiatives to differentiating Splunk capabilities and expected business outcomes ▸ important component of the business case for investment in Splunk Available on the Splunk Value Platform
  49. 49. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Value-based Selling – Partner Academy | November 2022 BVA models on SVP Overview A maturity assessment of the organization’s IT processes, technologies, and capabilities to determine gaps that Splunk can address over time. What should we do? Where do we start? Output: A CxO presentation demon- strating the best roadmap of use cases and capabilities to help the customer fill its maturity gaps. A data-driven workshop to determine and define a data strategy to support the organi- zation’s key goals. What can we do? How do we do it? Output: A presentation highlighting the current usage of Splunk, along- side a list of recommended additional use cases and future licensing needs. An asset to showcase both the value of Splunk Cloud, and its benefits compared to on-prem and Bring Your Own License (BYOL) deployments. What’s the best way to deploy Splunk? Why should I pay more for Splunk Cloud when I could just deploy it myself on AWS? Output: A CxO presentation highlighting the value and benefits of using Splunk as a Service. A brainstorming exercise with the customer to help them document and quantify the value they are, or will be, getting from Splunk in the form of a business case. Why should we do this? What do we get in return? Output: A CxO presentation demonstrating why they should invest in Splunk and exactly what they will get in return.
  50. 50. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Value-based Selling – Partner Academy | November 2022
  51. 51. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Value-based Selling – Partner Academy | November 2022 SVP at Partnerverse How you can access Splunk Value Platform Tools via the Partner Portal
  52. 52. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Value-based Selling – Partner Academy | November 2022
  53. 53. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Value-based Selling – Partner Academy | November 2022 Expressing our value Align your messaging to what your Economic Buyer cares about 1. Labor savings 2. Increased revenue 3. Reduced expenses 4. Risk mitigation How much value can we realize with Splunk? 1. Infrastructure costs 2. Implementation costs 3. License costs 4. People and training costs What’s the most cost- effective platform? 1. Which use cases 2. Which data sources 3. Which products 4. Which KPIs What’s the best strategy to realize this value?
  54. 54. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Value-based Selling – Partner Academy | November 2022 Telling our story Building a presentation / proposal with a narrative Executive summary As-is state Rationale for change Solution proposal Business case Execution roadmap Call to action
  55. 55. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. ▸ Proven value-centric tools to help you improve your win rate ▸ Simple to use ▸ High-quality, pre-built content ▸ Customizable ▸ Constantly updated and enhanced
  56. 56. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Thank you Scan for contact details
  57. 57. © 2021 SPLUNK INC. PAUSE Wir sind um 15:30 Uhr zurück
  58. 58. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Ralf Walkenhorst | Senior Manager Solution Engineering Visionary Glass Tables
  59. 59. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Why a Visonary Glass Table? Business Use Visibility Control
  60. 60. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Visonary Glass Table for Everyone? CIO/CDO/CxO Business Service Owner Database Lead
  61. 61. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. All Altitudes, One Screen Business KPIs Infrastructure KPIs Application KPIs Policy KPIs
  62. 62. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. ITSI & Glass Table
  63. 63. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. What is a Service? 65 Services can be lower level (technical) … DNS Requests Responses Technical Services Auth Requests Responses Web Requests Responses
  64. 64. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. What is a Service? 66 DNS Requests Responses Technical Services Online Store Volume Revenue Business Services Auth Requests Responses Web Requests Responses Customer Care Requests SLA Compliance Services can also be higher level (business) …
  65. 65. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. What is a Service? 67 Packet Network Hypervisor and Hosts RBMDBs Storage Tier API Services Web Services Customer Care Middleware Order Entry DNS Services can encompass multiple tiers of the IT domain. Services may also depend upon other services
  66. 66. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. What is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)? 68 DNS KPI: Request volume KPI: Error rate KPI: Average response time KPI: Server CPU load KPI: Configuration changes Customer Transactions KPI: Transaction volume KPI: Error rate KPI: Average response time KPI: Max response time KPI: Count of Change records Business Function KPI: Business volume KPI: Error rate KPI: Revenue rate KPI: Conversion rate KPI: Count of Incident tickets 68
  67. 67. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. How we do this
  68. 68. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Bring Subject Experts Together Design Before Configuring Best Practices for a Glass Table Start With a Problem Worth Solving 70
  69. 69. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Best Practices for a Glass Table Start with a problem worth solving 1 Claims Processing Database? Online Store Authentication? DNS? 71
  70. 70. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Best Practices for a Glass Table Bring subject experts together 2 Service Owners Architects Ops Dev Admins 72
  71. 71. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Best Practices for a Glass Table Design before configuring 3 Online Store Web Tier Middleware Database Mobile Tier External Calls - Revenue per min - # of checkouts - # of Cust Care Calls - # of calls - # of errors - Memory % - # of queries - Avg response time - Disk usage - # of API calls - Heartbeat failures - Network usage Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  72. 72. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Glass Table Design - Example KPIs Business Layer Mail Transport - Order Processing E-Commerce - Financials Service Layer Billing Service Application Layer Middleware – Application Server - Database Custom Apps Infrastructure Layer Power / Cooling / Facilities Server – Networking – Storage
  73. 73. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Glass Table Examples
  74. 74. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. EXTERNAL USE OK
  75. 75. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. EXTERNAL USE OK
  76. 76. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. EXTERNAL USE OK
  77. 77. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. EXTERNAL USE OK
  78. 78. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. EXTERNAL USE OK
  79. 79. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Call to action Splunk will assist you where needed Identify the right customer Identify mission critical business services Research with public resources or together with your champion Design a Glass Table with the research results Be individual in the CI of the customer Present Glass Table to C-Level
  80. 80. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Thank You
  81. 81. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Customer Success Management at Splunk Partner Academy Justin Strohschneider November 23, 2022
  82. 82. © 2022 SPLUNK INC.
  83. 83. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Growing customers steadily
  84. 84. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. The cost of $1 Cost of New Business vs Retention vs Expansion It costs about $1.20 to acquire $1 of ARR through new business $1.20 It costs about 9 cents to retain $1 of ARR $0.09 It costs about 14 cents to expand $1 of ARR $0.14
  85. 85. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. CSx Coverage Focused on driving deep engagement and outcomes for the top ARR customers Customer Success Managers Provide adoption guidance across a number of customers in lower ARR tiers Customer Success Advocates
  86. 86. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Maximize Value Close Collaboration, Mutually Agreed Milestones & Success Criteria • Capture Success Stories • Proof of Value • Customer’s Business Objectives • Strategic Success Plan • Splunk Success Framework Build Adoption Management Success Management Value Realization Stakeholder Management • Use Case Adoption & Expansion • Adoption Tracking • Best Practices • Education Planning • On-Demand Services Planning • Quarterly Business Reviews • Incident / Escalation Exec Comms Customer Success Management
  87. 87. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Splunk Success Framework Anatomy of the Splunk Success Framework Fundamental Purpose & scope Executive sponsor Success measures Operating framework Functional Complementary categories of best practices Link: Splunk Success Framework Platform Program Data People
  88. 88. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Working with Support Working with Cloud Working with SE/BVC Team The customer journey to successful outcomes Pre-Sales Handover Design and Implementation Environment Completed User Onboarding Renewal /Expand Value Creation Value Realization Value Messaging SE Handover PS/Partner Scoping Adoption Plan SSP Development Buying Centre strategy Professional Services scoping CSM Kick Off SSF Baseline Assessment ODS Planning Education Planning Splunk4Rookies Best Practices Use Case (Baseline) Use Case Workshop Prescriptive Value Path (PVP) PVP/Use Case Success Plan S2M2/ITOA PVP Planning Proof of Value Success Story Business Plan Quarterly Business Review Customer Journey Technical Health, Adoption & Risk Management
  89. 89. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Definition Value Deck “The collection of realised business outcomes of implemented high impact use cases.” What’s in it for customers? “Get the foundation for calculating business cases with Splunk.”
  90. 90. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Prerequisites for creating a Value Deck ● Knowledge of the definition of value for the customer ○ Use Case Outcome ≠ Customer Value ● List of implemented and utilised use cases* incl. stakeholders at customer ○ Presence of high impact use cases ● Executive sponsor supporting the creation of a Value Deck ● Customer stakeholder & Use Case Owner willing to invest in collaboration to create a Value Deck ● Willingness to share business case relevant information Overview * Definition Use Case Splunk ● Steps taken by a user to complete an activity ● Contains three essential elements ○ Actor - single person or a group of people interacting with the product/process ○ Goal - Final successful outcome that completes the process ○ System - Process and steps taken to reach the end goal
  91. 91. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Process of creating a Value Deck Overview Sent survey to identified Use Case Owners and evaluate answers Schedule sessions with Use Case Owner for detailed analysis Unite collected information & present approved Value Deck Create joint list of implemented Use Cases Customer buy-in to collaborate on Value Deck creation Customer - Splunk Customer - Splunk Customer - Splunk Splunk Customer - Splunk
  92. 92. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. ● Situation ○ How can the situation be described before implementing Splunk? ○ What were the main challenges you were facing? ○ Why was Splunk selected? ● Task & Action ○ Which tasks are associated with this Use Case? ○ What steps have been taken in order to resolve the challenges/situation? ○ What actions are performed with this Use Case? ● Key Results ○ What business objectives has been achieved through Splunk usage? ○ What quantifiable results have been achieved through Splunk usage? “Quote Use Case Owner” Use Case Owner, Department Use Case Overview Optional subtitle Business Value Business Value ● Cost savings ● Risk mitigation ● Revenue generation ● …
  93. 93. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. The Challenges when documenting Value ● Don’t know the use cases ● Don’t understand what value means to customers ● Don’t have access to the end users ● No Sponsor ● Customer concerned about sharing too many insights ● Customer concerned about effort on their side ● …
  94. 94. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Call to Action ● Always think about Value for your Customers ● Work with Splunk to identify relevant use cases ● You are getting to know the use cases during implementation ● Jointly document Value ● Contact your CSM or CSA on the account if any ● Or jstrohschneider@splunk.com for any questions
  95. 95. © 2022 SPLUNK INC. Thank You!
  96. 96. © 2020 SPLUNK INC. In Partner Portal go to "My Profile" You will see: Stay Connected to Splunk! Verify your communications opt-in status and update your preferences here.
  97. 97. © 2020 SPLUNK INC. Closing Remarks Bitte gebt uns Feedback in der Survey - der Link dazu folgt in einer Mail
  98. 98. © 2021 SPLUNK INC. © 2021 SPLUNK INC. DANKE