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Splunk @ umlaut

daten-power-für die-industrie

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Splunk @ umlaut

  1. 1. confidential Classification: Internal confidential Shift-Left, improve IT operations by increased visibility Splunk @ umlaut 26/06/2020
  2. 2. confidential Classification: Internal Hellö! 26/06/2020umlaut master 2 Speaker: - Lucke Ramakers - Team lead – Network & Security - At umlaut since 2002 Speaker: - Thomas Kox - Team member – Network & Security - Project lead - Splunk implementation - At umlaut since 2012
  3. 3. confidential Classification: Internal Port — fölio Capabilit ies Industrie s Buzz topicsStrategy & Innovation Process Design & Deployment People, Organizations & Change Program Management Manufacturing & SCM Services & Operations Systems Engineering Design & Engineering Testing & Validation Prototyping & Products Software Development IT Security User Experience Data Analytics Automotive & Mobility Aerospace & Defense Telecommunication Energy & Utilities Rail & Logistics Health & Life Science Machinery Public Sector IoT Electric Mobility Crowdsourcing & Cloud Urban Mobility AI Cyber Security Digital Transformation Cost Engineering Hydrogen
  4. 4. confidential Classification: Internal Picture Add fäcts on top. 2+ decades of successful deliveries and completions 400+ m€ annual revenue 4500+ people from 80+ nations 50+ locations all over the world Network of 20+ subsidiaries
  5. 5. confidential Classification: Internal 42% 32% 22% 4% 0 100 200 300 400 2017 2018 2019 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 2017 2018 2019 It all adds üp. And üp. Diversification Revenue (m€) Employee s Aerospace Automotive Telecommunication Energy & Others
  6. 6. confidential Classification: Internal Always clöse. We like working very closely with our clients. So you’ll always find one of our locations just round the corner. And if by chance you don’t, we’ll just open up another one. 6umlaut master 26/06/2020
  7. 7. confidential Classification: Internal confidential Splunk @ umlaut 26/06/2020umlaut master 7
  8. 8. confidential Classification: Internal Why Splunk Cloud? “Cloud first” Strategy at umlaut - In 2015 umlaut started shifting first production workloads to the AWS cloud - After a detailed risk analysis, design of a cloud governance policy and discussions with our customers, the move to Office 365 and Azure was initiated in 2016 - When looking for a log analytics platform in 2018, Splunk Cloud was a logic choice 26/06/2020umlaut master 8
  9. 9. confidential Classification: Internal Shift-Left, improve IT operations by increased visibility Shift-Left in IT operations: - Targets: - Faster incident and service request resolution - Cost reductions - The better use of scarce technical knowhow and capabilities - Delivering a better end-user/customer experience - Examples: - Enable L1 and L2 support to handle higher level topics - Enable users to help themselves by introducing self-service capabilities - Proactive problem management and automated resolution capabilities umlaut master 926/06/2020
  10. 10. confidential Classification: Internal Where does Splunk come in? Some examples: • Give broader visibility on daily recurring topics, e.g. account related issues • Break the silos; use a shared pool of data for all IT teams & departments • Visualize and report on project or migration status • Save time and effort by automating recurring reports • Supporting Corona related activities by IT data umlaut master 1026/06/2020
  11. 11. confidential Classification: Internal Helpdesk starting page – Centralized view of account issues umlaut master 1126/06/2020
  12. 12. confidential Classification: Internal User based diagnostics – Drill down into events for a single user umlaut master 1226/06/2020
  13. 13. confidential Classification: Internal Reached benefits - Easy tool for helpdesk (L1) to detect account related issues - Reduced efforts for L2 and L3 to support such issues - Centralized view – no need to query multiple tools - Allow proactive support for: - Blocked accounts - Expired passwords umlaut master 1326/06/2020
  14. 14. confidential Classification: Internal Project reporting - ZScaler Roll-out dashboard 26/06/2020umlaut master 14
  15. 15. confidential Classification: Internal VPN migration – how many users are left using the old solution? 26/06/2020umlaut master 15
  16. 16. confidential Classification: Internal Project & migration reporting – Microsoft Advisory ADV190023Visualize systems with event code 2889 26/06/2020umlaut master 16
  17. 17. confidential Classification: Internal Reached benefits - Easy and near-real time reporting supporting projects and migration activities - Taking such repetitive tasks away from the experts - Reports are interactive – the perfect base for a drill-down or changing the point of view on data 26/06/2020umlaut master 17
  18. 18. confidential Classification: Internal Corona related statistics – Office vs. home office usage umlaut master 1826/06/2020
  19. 19. confidential Classification: Internal Reached benefits - IT data is used for management reports and decision making - The benefits of the Splunk platform are visible – not just the costs… 26/06/2020umlaut master 19
  20. 20. confidential Classification: Internal Splunk Cloud What did we learn? 26/06/2020umlaut master 20 Splunk data analytics: - Think in use cases – learn to interpret the questions from your business - The added value of Splunk comes from visualizing data in such a way that it answers those questions - The above will require training as well as analytical and visualisation skills. Get the right people involved to get the best out of Splunk. Splunk Cloud platform: - Splunk Cloud is not all cloud – you’ll probably need to build an infrastructure for providing logs and on-site search heads (e.g. for sensitive data) - Analyse the data sources you ingest. If the data has no or low value, why forward it? - As with other cloud services, there is a shared responsibility in the platform operation. Adapt your local processes to this.
  21. 21. confidential Classification: Internal www.umlaut.com umlaut master 2126/06/2020
  22. 22. confidential Classification: Internal umlaut master 22 Disclaimer This document and all information contained herein is the sole property of umlaut. No intellectual property rights are granted by the delivery of this document or the disclosure of its content. This document shall not be reproduced or disclosed to a third party without the express written consent of umlaut. This document and its content shall not be used for any purpose other than that for which it is supplied. 26/06/2020