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How to Get Hired Fast: 11 Insider Secrets

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Here, you will discover how to get hired fast. Hiring managers from different industries are sharing their inputs.

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How to Get Hired Fast: 11 Insider Secrets

  1. 1. Insider Secrets to Get Hired Fast: [HR Roundup Post]
  2. 2. Tanu Talwar Sahani "Candidates who prioritize their passion on top of money are ideal for me. These people make a significant impact on business."
  3. 3. Srishti Sharma "it’s extremely important to look for individuals that hold a plan of their personal growth."
  4. 4. Krishna Vineela "Before you attend the interview, put in your best effort to learn about the firm. Try and understand the firm's products /services and latest updates."
  5. 5. Umang Shah "Make the Interviewer feel that you bring something unique on the Table."
  6. 6. Himadri Das "The honest intention with the right attitude coupled with real-life instances on teamwork, leadership, and relevant skills will seal the deal."
  7. 7. Rachita Rao "It is important to connect with the workplace emotionally and be aware of the company's work and culture."
  8. 8. Sonam Rara "A candidate must be focused in an interview and should have the potential to incorporate his/her importance for the role and sound exciting while in an interview."
  9. 9. Mehjabeen Sajid "The job applicant has to be a team player but has to highlight his major contribution to the overall team’s achievement."
  10. 10. Anjali Suneja "Applicant should be honest and flexible in his approach. Such applicants are always on the priority list for me."
  11. 11. Vikramjit Singh Sahaye "Sometimes knowing about a candidate's personal life goals may also provide an insight on how they plan to shape their career"
  12. 12. Esha Vig "Want the candidate to be dynamic and flexible when becoming a part of an organization for any job profile."
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