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R.Deviga II-M.Sc computer science

  2. PRETTY GOOD PRIVACY PGP is a remarkable phenomenon.providesa confidentialityandauthentication service that can be used for electronic mail and file storage application. • Notation • Operational description
  3. S/MIME Security enhancement to the MIME internet email format standardbased on technology from RSA data security. 1.RFC 5322 2.Multipurprose internet mail extensions 3.Overview the MIME 4. MIME content type
  4. • MIME content type: The bulk of the MIME specificationis concerned with the definitionof a variety of contenttype 1.Text type 2.Multiparttype 3. Multipart/mixed subtype
  5. S/MIME FUNCTIONALITY S/MIME is very similar to PGP.both offer the abilityto sign and encrypt message. Funtions S/MIME 1.enveloped data 2.signed data 3.clear signed data 4.signed and envelopeddata Cryptographicalgorithms 1.MUST 2.SHOULD
  6. S/MIME MESSAGES 1. Generate for preparing an envelopeddataMIME entity are algorithm 2. Encrypt the session key with the recipient publicRSA key. 3. Prepare a block known as recipient information 4. Encrypt the message content with the session key.
  7. S/MIME CERTIFICATE PROCESSING S/MIME uses public key certificate that confom to version 3 of x.509 1.Key generation 2.Registration 3.Certificate storage and retrieval DigitalI’d contains Owners public key Owners name or alian Expirationdata of the digital I’d
  8. • User supplied information Address email address Enhancedsecurity services 1.singned receipt labels mailing lists
  9. DOMAINKEYS IDENTIFIED MAIL Domain keys identifiedmail is a specificationfor cryptographically signingemail message 1.Internet mail architecture Message user agent Mail submission agent Mail delivery agent Message store 2.Email threats RFC 4686 describes the threats being addressed by DKIM in terms of the characteristics
  10. 3.DKIM strategy DKIM is designed to providean email authenticationtechniquethat is transparentto the end user. 4. DKIM functionalflow Basic message processing is divided between a signing administrativemanagementdomain and a verifying ADMD.
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