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By integrating blockchain into their cloud-based
commodity management platform, AgriDigital
is able to create a programmable asset — a
token — to represent a physical commodity
(such as a ton of wheat or a head of cattle).
When that token is moved between different
participants, such as from a farmer to a
purchaser, each transaction is immutably
tracked on the platform, with a full ecosystem
of data (finance, traceability, and transactional)
attached to that token and payments occurring
in real time via smart contracts.
In December 2016, AgriDigital conducted the
first trial of their blockchain-based platform for
the trade of a physical commodity — in this
case, livestock — for payment.
The company expects to have its blockchain
protocol fully active in its platform by the end
of 2018 and potentially expandable to the
developing world.
Founded in
Pilot Stage
Supply Chain

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