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For more than 2 billion unbanked people, the
inability to prove their identity prevents them
from fully engaging with the global economy.*
BanQu, a U.S.-based technology company,
seeks to solve this problem by creating a secure,
easy-to-use, blockchain-based software-as-a-
service that can run on any cell phone. The
BanQu platform allows people to record their
economic and financial transactions, purchase
goods, and prove their existence in global
supply chains.
This creates an economic passport that enables
them to engage with family members, global
corporations, development agencies, government
organizations, and global financial institutions.
BanQu’s app is already used in six countries
by farmers, workers, and micro-businesses in
some of the world’s poorest regions, as well as
by global corporations, financial institutions,
and other organizations that want to connect
and gain transparency and traceability in their
supply chains.
Founded in
Pilot Stage
Software as
a Service
* http://fortune.com/2018/01/20/

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