11 Tips for Building a Brand Newsroom: How the Rules of Content Marketing are Changing for Technology Companies

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28 Oct 2013

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11 Tips for Building a Brand Newsroom: How the Rules of Content Marketing are Changing for Technology Companies

  2. TAKE A FEW TIPS FROM THE WORLD OF JOURNALISM Whether you think “brand journalism” is a trendy buzz phrase or a mantra, you can do worse with your marketing than to take a few tips from the newsroom. Technology buyers are bombarded with messages today. Not only is it harder to rise above the noise, it’s harder to connect with your sales prospects. Want to make a connection? Try these 11 tips.
  3. No. 1: CUT THE BULLS#!T People see right through spin. Real journalists hate it and will tell you in no uncertain terms. So be real. What does your brand believe in? Know yourself, don’t be afraid to be different, and then own it. Be yourself. You’ll connect with people who share your values.
  4. No. 2: THINK LIKE A JOURNALIST The best journalists make it a mission to give their reader something that they can use and makes their lives better. Think about how your work can benefit your audience, not just sell stuff.
  5. No. 3: THINK LIKE YOUR AUDIENCE Empathy is the goal. As you create content, don’t think about how to sell to them. Think about how to be their advocate. Develop personas so you know how to talk with them, not at them or to them.
  6. No. 4: THINK LIKE AN EVANGELIST Like a crusading journalist, pursue The Truth with fervor. You have to believe in something passionately and feel compelled to tell everybody. Make your brand all about changing the world and you’ll create an emotional connection. You’ll also see demand increase.
  7. No. 5: TELL STORIES It’s not complicated. People have a primordial need to hear stories. To tell a story worth hearing, adopt a unique point of view. Use your brand's differentiation goals, message, and products to filter your narrative.
  8. No. 6: COMMIT TO CONSISTENCY Whether your model is the daily paper or The Daily Show, keep up a steady cadence of content. Whether you believe in campaigns or the always-on approach (and you should believe in both), remember that organizing and developing content is a process. That means an editorial calendar.
  9. No. 7: BE AGILE AND BE TOPICAL Remember this: You’re always on a deadline. React to news in the moment. Embrace the urgency of now. And never forget that good content in market today is better than perfect content in market next month. And don’t be a slave to your editorial calendar.
  10. No. 8: BE RELEVANT A key lesson from dead-tree media: What you say better be worth saying. Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. How you say it is as important as what you say. Commit to context. Timing is everything.
  11. No. 9: THINK IN TERMS OF RELATIONSHIPS Newspapers call them subscribers. TV networks call them viewers. You call them customers. It’s an ongoing relationship, not a one-time thing. Treat your audience like people who matter. Because they do.
  12. No. 10: BE CONCISE Newsflash: People today have short attention spans. Deal with it. Says Michael Brenner from SAP: “Content length will continue downward as our real-time, mobile world seeks smaller, more ‘snackable’ and more ‘shareable’ content.” Think small. Like this e-book.
  13. No. 11: GET A CHAMPION You can outsource your work, but you can’t outsource your passion. One person must own and exemplify your passion — whether you call that person a managing editor, a chief content officer, or a brand evangelist.
  14. FINALLY! For journalists, trust and credibility are everything. You earn it every day. Your work must communicate personal value and tangible benefit. It’s the same in technology marketing. BRAND JOURNALISM? SURE. CALL IT WHATEVER YOU WANT. BUT DO IT. NOW.
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