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  1. Manage your time smarter with Kono, the Personal Scheduling Assistant powered by artificial intelligence. Home Angle List Contact
  2. The purpose of business meeting Source from Konolabs Inc. (n=91, US based Professionals) 01 We have business meetings for important matters
  3. Problems However, we are wasting too much time to just set up a single event! Check Calendars Back-n-Forth Messages Interruptions & Questions 02
  4. Problems You waste a lot of time at Work! 02
  5. Solution 1. Avoid unnecessary meetings! Meeting spam is worse than email spam. 02 1. Too Many People 2. No Agenda 3. No Meeting Place 4. Scheduled for Too Much Time 5. Vague Topic 6. Called at the Last Minute 7. Standing Meetings 8. Lunchtime Meetings 9. Other People’s Work 10.Simple Announcements Source from :
  6. Solution 2. Work with A.I. Calendar Apps, Clara, Julie…. Kono None / Limited Understanding of Language Prediction of User behaviors • Check Calendars, Search Contacts • Comms w/guests • Check availability, place • Create event on Calendar • Manually reschedule, change, manage events • CCing Amy • Check the status by emails • Configuring settings manually • Comm costs of guests • Control Kono directly • Automated scheduling service by Kono Role of A.I. Things to do by Human 03 Role of A.I. for making scheduling simple
  7. Service Concept EXISTING SOLUTIONS Existing calendar/scheduler apps are providing oneway & asynchronous flows. It is hard to find mutual preferable times & places with people who don’t use the same solutions. KONO Kono is an interactive gateway for both hosts & guests. Even only one is using Kono, it works. 07 Negotiate times & places Send, Wait answers Create Calendar invites SMS
  8. Solution - Kono Interface Your customers, partners, even your boss should talk with your machine assistant? Kono is assisting you & your guests to arrange a meeting with a couple of clicks. 10 Share Kono Link on your messengers or Just forward emails to Control Kono with an app
  9. Demo - Kono Concierge Link Share your link 1 2 3 No install, No wait 08 Done! Hosts : Virtual concierge link (auto-generated web link) : Permanent & Temporary Link Guests : Test here, !
  10. Demo - Kono Manager (APP) Video Link : ( Video Play ) Simple & Easy Mobile Interface : Supervise Kono’s scheduling process with my guests. 09 AS IS TO BE
  11. Why Scheduling needs A.I. - Cultural Difference Meeting pattern is not simple. Found geographical differences. There is huge difference in not only timing patterns but also meeting purposes. 05 Meeting keywords of Korean users Meeting keywords of US users
  12. Why Scheduling needs A.I. - Personal Difference We were able to cluster personal preferences for timing patterns of meetings. 06
  13. Team 17 3Data Scientists 2Application Engineers 2Research Engineers 4Serial Entrepreneurs
  14. Work with us Hire Kono! Invite busy professionals having Google apps now! Service Integration Recruitment Service Online booking & Reservation 23
  15. How to hire Kono? email Kono! Home Angle List Contact