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A Presentation on Innovation

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Here you get a look at my current thoughts on innovation through a presentation that I will give tomorrow at the Turkey Innovation Week, where I am one of the keynote speakers.

It is a long talk – 1 hour – so I have compiled lots of content in this presentation. Yes, it might even have too many messages, but I hope the participants at the conference as well as those of you, who are just checking out the presentation, can find some inspiration in it without feeling overloaded with information.

Some of the topics I get into are:

• The current state of innovation and the global megatrends that impacts it

• A definition on open innovation and the benefits that come along with it

• Innovation as a career choice – what you need to succeed for this

• My perception of innovation in Turkey (not elaborated, just one case)

• How intrapreneurship can bring together idea and people management

I hope you find it worthwhile your time.

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  • I like your point about "static" networking on services such as LinkedIn versus other active methods such as Twitter. Which is better? This points to your question about depth versus speed. Both are necessary, I think. I whichever environment - start up or corporate - I move in data. I love new ideas, but not if the data isn't there to support it. Many young people believe in business hunches. It's possible today to gather data on even niche topics quickly and relatively cheaply. So find out. Don't waste your time and money running blind. I believe we are in a sweet spot where both start ups and corporations can use the tools available to quickly feel out business ideas for a particular market. I like your ideas on this point. I'd love to know more about what Turkey has to offer in this area.
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A Presentation on Innovation

  1. 1. www.15inno.com stefanlindegaard@me.com Twitter: @lindegaard Hey! Free books, white papers and exercises on 15inno.com! Turkey Innovation Week - Make a Difference Through Innovation
  2. 2. Author, speaker and strategic advisor on open innovation, innovation management / culture and the people side of innovation. Get in touch! www.15inno.com stefanlindegaard@me.com @lindegaard Stefan Lindegaard
  3. 3. A question to the students 1) Start your own company or join a startup 2) Work with innovation in a big company?
  4. 4. A question to the executives Are you a Turkish company? 2) Are you a global company?
  5. 5. A CFO is wary about investing in the training and education of the employees. He asks the CEO: ”What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave the company?” The CEO is a bright person and replies: ”What happens if we don’t and they stay?”
  6. 6. The state of innovation today
  7. 7. Faster pace, shrinking window of opportunity, less time for cash cows Driven by global megatrends: faster, more open, more transparent and more connected We need a more holistic approach to innovation!
  8. 8. What is open innovation? “…a philosophy or a mindset that they should embrace within their organization. This mindset should enable their organization to work with external input to the innovation process just as naturally as it does with internal input” Open innovation as a term will disappear in 5-7 years!
  9. 9. P&G PHARMAMEDTECH Cycle time, money, IPR, conservatism, government regulations and internal readiness
  10. 10. • Speed, diversity, new knowledge pools • Experimentation (don’t be left behind) • Marketing as well as innovation vehicle Corporate benefits: (open innovation/crowdsourcing) You? New and better ways to get your job done, more opportunities
  11. 11. Change how we innovate Be competitively unpredictable Develop the right conditions and framework
  13. 13. P&G PHARMAMEDTECH Cycle time, money, IPR, conservatism, government regulations and internal readiness
  14. 14. • interactions between big and small is hot • the big issue is how to scale up open innovation • companies are about to upgrade their innovation capabilities (some are in for a surprise) Current (open) innovation trends
  15. 15. Innovation has to go beyond products and technology
  16. 16. www.businessmodelsinc.com
  17. 17. SME’s versus big companies
  18. 18. Speed of decision-making: Slow, bureaucratic meets rapid, lean = tensions! Attitude towards risk: Vested interest versus nothing to protect, everything to win! Differing definitions of innovation: Do we speak the same language? Following rules versus breaking rules: Real progress often requires you to break / bend rules
  19. 19. Entrepreneurship is do or die based on market necessity, opportunity and ingenuity! Innovation is about strategic choices! Different things = different approaches!
  20. 20. Innovation as a career choice What got you into the game 10 years ago is no longer enough! Engineers, pay attention!
  21. 21. Horizontal: disposition for collaboration across disciplines Vertical: depth of skill which allows to contribute Credit: Tim Brown / IDEO Only T-shapes: “Occasionally, we have people who don’t really have a depth of skills, and they really struggle. They don’t get respect from the group.” Only I-shapes: “…very hard for them to collaborate…each individual discipline represents its own point of view…becomes a negotiation…you get gray compromises… The results are never spectacular but at best average.”
  22. 22. 1) Holistic point of view (intrapreneurial skills) 2) Ability to constructively handle conflict 3) Optimism, passion and drive 4) Curiosity and belief in change 5) Tolerance for / ability to deal with uncertainty 6) Adaptive fast learner with sense of urgency 7) Talent for networking / strategic influencing 8) Communication skills
  23. 23. No networking culture? No innovation culture! - future winners get communities to work!
  24. 24. Networking efforts require purpose/direction, training, time and commitment/structure. Few executives get this.
  25. 25. • View communication in the broad sense – include networking and stakeholder management • Use a range of communication tools – too few innovators know about social media let alone communication in general • Develop a strategy for this Great innovators are great communicators!
  26. 26. How many of you are on LinkedIn? Why are you on LinkedIn? What about Twitter?
  27. 27. Identify 10 keywords / terms and work them on LinkedIn and Twitter. What happens?
  28. 28. A perception on innovation in Turkey
  29. 29. Too much focus on R&D (products and technology). Too little focus on innovation (products and technology + services and processes)
  30. 30. “Within DSM we distinguish between R&D and innovation; where R&D turns money into knowledge, innovation is the process of creating business out of this knowledge.”
  31. 31. Patents are no longer the best way to measure your innovation strengths
  32. 32. Universities are no longer the best partners for external collaboration
  33. 33. Employees SuppliersManagers Academics / institutions Executives VCsAlumni Startups Business unit / function Users / consumers Government Competitors Inventors
  34. 34. InnoCentive Alliances / joint ventures Campaigns (Comm / Public) Entrepreneur Day Consortia MyStarbucks Idea.com Campaigns (Comm / Public) Supplier Summit CREDIT: OVO Innovation
  35. 35. Image: Colin West McDonald / CNET “FirstBuild is global co-creation paired with a microfactory on site,” said Chip Blankenship, CEO of GE Appliances. “We will innovate and bring products to market faster than ever before.”
  36. 36. It’s about execution! People first, processes next, then ideas…
  37. 37. Discovery – Incubation – Acceleration: Have the right people at the right time!
  38. 38. What skills / key people do you need now, short and long term? How do you get access to them?
  39. 39. Intrapreneurship brings ideas and people together
  40. 40. “Intrapreneur: a person within a large corporation who takes direct responsibility for turning an idea into a profitable finished product through assertive risk-taking and innovation.” American Heritage Dictionary, 1992
  41. 41. The Man on The Moon competition • To identify and develop new ventures that creates significant growth and/or strategic advantages • To spot and develop talent • To change the culture and establish ”intrapreneurship” as a fourth career path
  42. 42. “…an intrapreneur must have the ability to see and pursue possibilities by piecing together innovations across three or more business functions simultaneously.” Paul Campbell, former VP, HP
  43. 43. Same question to the students 1) Start your own company or join a startup 2) Work with innovation in a big company? Turkish companies have the potential to be great places to work and innovate. Help them unleash the potential!
  44. 44. Some advice • Develop an international mindset (English is a must) • Gain a strong understanding of social media and innovation • Find the intersections of business interests (maybe even personal interests)
  45. 45. Turkey has lots of opportunities; lots of challenges. Let me help… Send me your questions! Let’s connect on LinkedIn! Join my Innovation Upgrade network in Turkey! Read my posts on www.15inno.com and LinkedIn pulse! stefanlindegaard@me.com / @lindegaard Get in touch!