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Stay charged campaign show

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Duracell StayCharged Campaign

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Stay charged campaign show

  1. 1. StayCharged Campaign
  2. 2. Agenda Marketing Strategy Pricing Strategy Communication Strategy Implementation Situational Analysis Marketing Strategy
  3. 3. External Situational Analysis Population according to size of households in which they live in 2013
  4. 4. External Situational Analysis TV 40% Cinema advertisment 2% Out-Of-Home 8% Internet 22% other 28%
  5. 5. Internal Situational Analysis StayCharged
  6. 6. Marketing Strategy Objective •Promote StayCharged batteries Campaign •StayCharged 24 Days to Christmas Targeting •Middle income families with children Channels •Online and Offline
  7. 7. Duracell Calendar
  8. 8. Communication Strategy Quality Calendar Competition reaction is unexpected
  9. 9. Road Trip
  10. 10. Social Media
  11. 11. Social Media #StayChargedForChristmas #EnergyForChristmas #DuracellAdventCalendar Wednesday, December 3 Update your desktop or mobile background with a stunning photograph of Duracell’s Bunny Santa Claus in Madrid
  12. 12. Internet Banner
  13. 13. Out-of-home advertisement
  14. 14. Distribution Channel
  15. 15. Pricing Strategy StayCharged price for a 4-pack: 22 € Discounts in calendar: 20 % StayCharged Final Price: 17.60 € TARGET REVENUE (ROI) FROM STAYCHARGED: 5,200k € BREAK EVEN IF 49% USE CALENDAR
  16. 16. Summarized Budget Budget Euro Advertising 2,591,216 Sales promotion 46,718 Direct Marketing 175,193 Internet marketing 175,193 Survey 11,680 Total 3,000,000
  17. 17. 1 6 13 20 27 1 10 17 24 1 8 15 22 19 1 5 12 19 26 Tool Details Advent Calendar TV Spot writing script TV spot production TV spot advertisment designing posters and bus shelter ads Poter placement Placing bus shelter ads Sales discount for advent Calendar product bundel offer for advent calendar Direct Marketing Tour with Santa through spain Facebook account Instagram account Twiter account social media campaign adaptation Upkeep and utilization of social media Banner Ads Measurement Survey JanuaryOctober Advertising Internet marketing Sales promotion November December Implementation Time-Scale
  18. 18. No price responses Compete on quality Build awareness of existing features and their benefits Price responses Use complex price actions Offer bundled prices, two-part pricing, quantity discounts, price promotions Deploy simple price auctions Adjust product’s regular price in response to competitor’s price change
  19. 19. Tool Details Costs Date of Occasion Advent Calendar 430,500 01-Oct-14 TV Spot writing script 116,795 01-Oct-14 TV spot production 1,167,955 06-Oct-13 TV spot advertisment 700,773 01-Dec-14 designing posters and bus shelter ads 58,398 20-Oct-14 Poter placement 58,398 24-Nov-14 Placing bus shelter ads 58,398 24-Nov-14 Sales discount for advent Calendar 23,359 01-Dec-14 product bundel offer for advent calendar 23,359 01-Dec-14 Direct Marketing Tour with Santa through spain 175,193 01-Dec-14 Facebook account 23,359 01-Nov-14 Instagram account 23,359 01-Nov-14 Twiter account 23,359 01-Nov-14 social media campaign adaptation 46,718 01-Oct-14 Upkeep and utilization of social media 11,680 01-Nov-14 Banner Ads 46,718 01-Dec-14 Measurement Survey 11,680 05-Jan-15 Total 3,000,000 Advertising Internet marketing Sales promotion