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Advertising on facebook

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  1. 1. Advertising on Facebook
  2. 2. Different opportunities to advertise on Facebook Your Ads can appear on different positions on Facebook: • On the right hand side of the homepage • On the homepage directly • During the log-out process
  3. 3. Targeting the right audience on Facebook with your Advertisements You can address your target market on Facebook according to the following variables: 1) Demographic variables • E.g. Which age group should be targeted with your ads? 2) Psychographic variables • Interest preferences - e.g. Do you prefer to target an audience that is interest in sports? • Milestones and occasions – e.g. Only targeting expectant mothers
  4. 4. Targeting options on Facebook 1) Addressing a broad target group • Aim: Increase awareness and reach as many people as possible 2) Addressing your target group according to their location • Focus targeting on specific locations to customize your audience 3) Addressing your target group according to their preferences + behavior • Prioritize people with specified interests + behavior
  5. 5. Our goals for your Facebook Ads • Increase the awareness for your products, company, brand • Achieve attention around your target group (locally/globally) • Increase in page likes and followers • Raise the engagement rate in order to spread your content • Obtain a higher traffic rate by growing your community and promoting your Facebook page on other Social Networks
  6. 6. Your Ads on Facebook with ANYWAY.