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20141003 Cargo Symposium TU/e Eindhoven

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Returns Management in a Customer Centric landscape.

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20141003 Cargo Symposium TU/e Eindhoven

  1. 1. Returns Management in a Customer Centric landscape.
  2. 2. It’s inevitable, returns are part of the game.
  3. 3. Game? The Customer Journey game.
  4. 4. What do we mean when we talk about Customer Journey? Buying Experience Service Experience Forward Chain (Last Mile) Customer Journey OrientaEon Purchase Delivery Reverse Chain (First Mile) Start of Use: Commercial returns (93,4%) At Use: Warranty returns (64,5%) End of Use: Take-­‐Back returns (3,1%) % of all retailers
  5. 5. Returns are everywhere, go everywhere and end everywhere.
  6. 6. The logisEcs behind it is divers and complex … DomesEc Cross Border Drop-­‐off Pick-­‐up Economy Express Single desEnaEon MulEple desEnaEon MulEple vendor Restock RemarkeEng Refurbishment Remanufacturing (parts) Recovery Recycling
  7. 7. … and the customer doesn’t want to know about it. Fast Refund 94% Free Returns 93% Status Info 87% % of all customers
  8. 8. The Returns Dilemma
  9. 9. Returns are a cost burden. Customer Contact: Return request Return status Reverse LogisEcs: Transport costs Wrong transport Double transport Returns Processing: Warehouse processing AdministraEve processing Double handling Problem shelf handling Hidden costs: Missed re-­‐sale Value erosion
  10. 10. Returns are a Service (and sales) opportunity. Forward Chain (Last Mile) OrientaEon Purchase Delivery Reverse Chain (First Mile) Start of Use At Use End of Use Refund & Exchange service Repair & Replace service Take-­‐Back & Re-­‐sale service
  11. 11. According to retailers the returns process has a large contribuEon to their overall business objecEves. (% of retailers) Happy Customers 95,6% Efficiency 86,3% Sustainability 82,6% Costs 61,0%
  12. 12. So it’s Eme to act.
  13. 13. Empower the customer to contribute to a seamless returns process. Self Service Return RegistraEon OpEons how to return OpEons Dynamic RouEng Drop-­‐Off Pick-­‐up Take it Return InstrucEons Choice how will be returned
  14. 14. Or just a basic soluEon if your reverse chain is not that complex. Self Service Return RegistraEon Drop-­‐Off Pick-­‐up Take it Return InstrucEons OpEons how to return Fixed RouEng Choice how will be returned
  15. 15. For the customer it is just straight forward. Self Service Return RegistraEon Return InstrucEons
  16. 16. And friendly too. UElize mobility of the customer. Status info over the enEre process. Fast “return-­‐to-­‐ refund” cycle.
  17. 17. Many benefits for the retailer. Warehouse Office All informaEon available at arrival of the return (in fact direct aker registraEon by the customer). All informaEon available in one system. Customer On-­‐line and real-­‐Eme status info. Shop manager Improved customer service, decreased costs, beler visibility.
  18. 18. There is just a simple, but fundamental, change required. Self Service Return RegistraEon Back-­‐end Reverse Chain
  19. 19. The flexibility and scalability of Returns Management as a Service. Returns Management Planorm POS integraEon Access to carrier services External partner integraEon No sokware development and hosEng Shopping cart integraEon
  20. 20. Thank you for your alenEon. Stef de Bont 12Return.com