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CPaaS.io - FIWARE-based Toolbox

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FIWARE-based toolbox of the CPaaS.io Project as presented at the final review meeting in February 2019.

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CPaaS.io - FIWARE-based Toolbox

  1. 1. City Platform as a Service – Integrated and Open FIWARE Toolbox Ernö Kovacs, Everton Berz, Bin Cheng (NEC) with contributions from AGT, OdinS, UoS, TTN and BFH Final Project Review, Web Conference February 21, 2019
  2. 2. Project Outcomes: FIWARE Toolbox Implementation February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 2 FIWARE Toolbox u2 Toolbox Tools Supporting City Developers Conceptual Outcomes Functional Architecture Federation Mechanism Personal Data Store Data Quality Ontology Concrete Results in Cities Concepts Implementations Deployments
  3. 3. FIWARE Toolbox Overview • What we have worked out in CPaaS.io • 4 new components • 5 enhanced components • 2 supporting tools • Status • Fully integrated with existing FIWARE GEs • FIWARE-based Platform instance for CPaaS.io • Validated by 3 use cases: Smart Parking, MyEvents, Waterproof Amsterdam • Four paths to Sustainability • Delivered open source projects • Promoted as new GE in FIWARE community • Became new standardization • Further exploited in the follow-up projects February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 3
  4. 4. IoT Broker, IoT Discovery, KnowledgeServer • IoT Broker is a lightweight and scalable middleware component that separates applications from the underlying device installations • IoT Broker has been improved within CPaaS.io project in order to automatically handle historical information through metadata elements, integrated with • IoT Discovery (ConfMan) is responsible for discovering the availability of context and it serves as a registry of FIWARE NGSI context providers • IoT Knowledge Server adds semantic information into NGSI messages and enhance these NGSI messages with semantic reasoning • These components were validated in the Waterproof and MyEvents use cases, and also Dashboard Application. February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 4 Enhanced components IoT Resource Layer IoT Data &Ingestion Layer Virtual Entity Layer Semantic Data &Integration Layer Knowledge Layer Platform Management , Federation and Operation Pillar FogFlow Deployment Tool Lo IoT Agent Device IoT Discovery SPARQL Agent KAT Toolkit Contex Device API SPARQL NGSI10 NGSI9 KnowledgeServer API NGSI9 NGSI10 NGSI10 NGSI-LD NGSI-LD IoT Broker IoT Knowledge Server STH Comet NGSI-LDBroker *underdevelopment NGSI-LD Grafana NGSI plugin NGSI IoT Broker, IoT Discovery(ConfMan), and KnowledgeServer are open-source projects maintained and promoted mainly by NEC Laboratories Europe and the open-source community. Source code is available on GitHub. Outlook beyond the project
  5. 5. STH Comet • Short Time Historic (STH, aka. Comet) is a component of the FIWARE ecosystem in charge of managing historical raw and aggregated time series information about the evolution in time of context data • STH Comet has been improved within CPaaS.io project to support metadata information. A patch has been developed and is under review by the maintainer • It works with the latest version of Orion Context Broker to support CPaaS.io use cases, such as the CPaaS.io dashboard February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 5 Orion and STH Comet are part of the FIWARE Platform and can be supported by resources from the FIWARE foundation. Promotional activities are performed by FIWARE members and also directly promoted by the European Commission through the Connecting Europe Facility framework. Enhanced component IoT Resource Layer IoT Data &Ingestion Layer Virtual Entity Layer Semantic Data &Integration Layer Knowledge Layer SMART CITY Services Layer Platform Management , Federation and Operation Pillar FogFlow Deployment Tool LoRaWAN to NGSI bridge IoT Agent Device IoT Discovery LoRa Device SPARQL Agent KAT Toolkit Context Broker Device API SPARQL NGSI10 NGSI9 KnowledgeServer API NGSI10 NGSI9 NGSI10 SPARQL NGSI10 NGSI10 NGSI-LD NGSI10 NGSI-LD NGSI to RDF mapper IoT Broker IoT Knowledge Server STH Comet SPARQL App Developer NGSI-LDBroker *underdevelopment NGSI-LD FIWARE App Developer Grafana NGSI plugin NGSI
  6. 6. NGSI-LD Broker • Middleware implementation for the new NGSI-LD API for Context Information Management (CIM) • NGSI-LD has been standardized by the ETSI Industry Specification Group for cross-cutting CIM • This is a new component, developed from scratch and it crosses three layers of CPaaS.io architecture • Combines data ingestion, virtual entities and semantic data • NGSI-LD Broker enables support of linked data and semantic interoperability through heterogeneous context sources and consumers • NGSI-LD supports property graphs and relationships that can be leveraged to Knowledge Graphs, providing a groundwork for AI models and analytics February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 6 This component is still under development and the business model is currently under discussion. NGSI-LD Broker will be used in other EU projects like AUTOPILOT and SynchroniCity. FIWARE Foundation has already announced to move the open source ecosystem to NGSI-LD specification. 6 New component
  7. 7. FogFlow: Cloud-Edge Computing February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 7 • New cloud-edge programming model • Fog function to support serverless fog computing • Context-driven orchestration mechanism • Consider data context, system context, and usage context • Advanced algorithms for task deployment and task migration • Based on priority and location proximity • Use cases validation • Smart Parking, Waterproof Amsterdam • Booth and demos at FIWARE Summit IoT Resource Layer & FogFlow Deployment Tool Device IoT Discovery NGSI10 NGSI9 NGSI9 NGSI10 IoT Broker FogFlow Programming Interface
  8. 8. FogFlow GE: a new official FIWARE GE February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 8 FogFlow has been officially approved as a new open source FIWARE Generic Enable (GE) 1) source code is available on GitHub; 2) it is an open source FIWARE Generic Enabler for IoT Edge Computing in the FIWARE community; 3) it is currently used in Fed4IoT, which is a new EU-Japan project Usage from external partners Usage from CPaaS.io partners in the follow-up projectsDetailed tutorials, tour guide, training materials
  9. 9. Deployment Tool • Reactive Web Application for Managing IoT Deployments • Inventory Management, People and Groups, Event and Venue Creation, Mobile Deployments, Map-based Static Deployments • Fully RDF-based extending Semantic Sensor Network (SSN) ontology • Significantly extended in CPaaS.io to support its use cases • Used for metadata enrichment and historic queries • Deployment part of SSN ontology significantly extended for practical use February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 9 Deployment Tool, Knowledge Base and ontology already adopted and further developed by AGT development. Deployment ontology considered for public release. Enhanced component
  10. 10. NGSI to RDF Mapper • Enables semantic interoperability by converting NGSI updates to RDF triples • Synchronizes configurable sub set of NGSI updates in real-time using NGSI subscriptions • Writes converted triples in configurable triple store • Developed from scratch to support semantic interoperability of CPaaS.io February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 10 As part of IoTCrawler considered to be extended to 1) convert NGSI-LD updates to existing RDF vocabularies 2) support conversion from existing RDF vocabularies to NGSI-LD updates. IoTCrawler will release its core components as OSS. New component
  11. 11. Security Components • Identity Management: KeyRock. Extended to register devices • Authorization Enabler: Uses XACML and DCapBAC • Capability Token (authorization token) is issued by Capability Manager • PEP_Proxy: Enforcement of authorization policies • Validates Capability Token • It also enables the encryption of the information to be stored using CP-ABE • Personal Data Store (PDS) • New development under this project to store personal information. • Federation of PDS also provided thanks to OIDConnect. • Integrated with Security components February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 11 The distribution can be managed thanks to Github repositories, as well as by promoting them to FIWARE Generic Enablers and presenting them in fora such as FIWARE Summit Enhanced component Security & Privacy Pillar KeyRock XACML Capability Manager CP-ABE PEP-Proxy NGSI10 NGSI9 NGSI10 Capability API IdM API XACML Encryption API PDS PDS API
  12. 12. LoRaWAN to NGSI bridge • MQTT client TTN client that transform from TTN uplinks and downlink to NGSI V2 • Fill in the attribute with the right physical unit. • Can be deployed in standalone or be use as a library • Include an HTTP server for IP devices • Will be updated to support TTNv3 API February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 12 The bridge will be open sourced on github and communicated to the community. It might be part of the webhook integration of V3 and so available on TTN console, command line interface, and API. New component Iot Resource Layer Iot Data & ingestion Layer LoRaWAN to NGSI bridge IoT Agent LoRa Device IoT Broker
  13. 13. Grafana NGSI Plugin for Visualisaiton • This newly developed component establishes the data connection between the STH Comet component and the visualization tool Grafana. • The component: • transforms GUI settings made by the user in Grafana to NGSI queries directed towards STH Comet. • reads query results from STH Comet • transforms NGSI response to Grafana Query Response Format and sends it to Grafana for visualization. • The Grafana NGSI Plugin supports any kind of data time series, but also supports additional meta-data, e.g. geographic locations for visualization of maps . February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 13 Grafana NGSI Plugin is published under an open-source license. Its source code is available on GitHub and can be easily adapted to any other project using FIWARE NGSI with the need to visualize the data. Supporting tool
  14. 14. Android App • Enable end user to interact with CPaaS • Login and logout to the PDS • Creation of a new CPaaS.io user account • Major Functionality • Review/editing of personal data • Participate in Crowdsourcing projects • Publishing of sensor data (e.g. from mobile phone sensor) to FIWARE • Visualisation of sensor data from crowdsourced data sets February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 14 The Android app will be further developed and used as a starting point to some Master and Undergraduate projects at University of Surrey with additional support of the FIWARE eco-system. Supporting tool
  15. 15. Design View February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 15 Android app IoT Broker ORION Context Broker PDS Sensor data @OdinS @NEC Supporting tool
  16. 16. Screenshot: CrowdSensing February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 16 CrowdSensing Setup CrowdSensingSelect roleLogin Supporting tool
  17. 17. Usage of FIWARE Toolbox February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 17 Orchestrating your own smart city app/platform out of the box FIWARE Toolbox validated with 3 use cases in CPaaS.io (Smart Parking, MyEvents, Waterproof Amsterdam) and 2 recent applications Whitepaper as the guideline for users
  18. 18. Conclusion • 4 new components have been introduced to CPaaS.io platform • 5 components have been enhanced to address CPaaS.io use cases • Pre-existing components have been integrated and validated via 3 real use cases and 2 supporting tools • New standard NGSI-LD, new GE, and lots of OSS contributions brought into FIWARE ecosystem February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 18 Outlook beyond the project Most of them are available as OSS projects. Those components will be sustained through GitHub services and the OSS community. Components found in FIWARE Catalogue are strongly supported and promoted by FIWARE foundation and its members (organisations and individuals). Some components are going to be used in EU(-Japan) projects like Fed4IoT, Synchronicity, and IoTCrawler.
  19. 19. Gracias Mulțumesc 謝謝 Paldies Eskerrik asko Dziękuję Mahalo ‫תודה‬ Go raibh maith agat спасибо Grazzi आभारी Xin cảm ơn 감사합니다 நன்றி Köszönöm ‫مرسي‬ Ndiyabulela Grazia Tak Благодаря Aitäh Terima kasih Děkuji Asante Diolch ‫شكرا‬ Takk Ďakujem Gràcies Kiitos Obrigado Teşekkür ederim Ngiyabonga Þakka þér Grazas Tapadh leibh ขอบคุณ Faleminderit Ačiū Danke Merci Grazie Hvala Ευχαριστώ Dankon Tack Dank je Grazcha … Thank You ありがとう This document has been produced in the context of the CPaaS.io project which is jointly funded by the European Commission (grant agreement n° 723076) and NICT from Japan (management number 18302). All information provided in this document is provided "as is" and no guarantee or warranty is given that the information is fit for any particular purpose. The user thereof uses the information at its sole risk and liability. For the avoidance of all doubts, the European Commission and NICT have no liability in respect of this document, which is merely representing the view of the project consortium. This document is subject to change without notice. February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 19