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CPaaS.io - Project Impact

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Impact of the CPaaS.io Project as presented at the final review meeting in February 2019.

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CPaaS.io - Project Impact

  1. 1. City Platform as a Service – Integrated and Open Impact & Sustainability Cities, Standards, Dissemination Ernö Kovacs, Everton Berz (NECLE) Final Project Review, Web Conference February 21, 2019
  2. 2. Dissemination targets and numbers February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 2 Type of communication activity Target number December 2018 Journal publications & book chapters 6 8 Conference and workshop publications 14 21 Tutorials and sessions in winter/summer schools 4 3 (+1)* White papers 2 2 Public deliverables 33 33 LinkedIn discussion groups 1 1 Co-creation workshops 2 4 Demos at exhibitions 5 12 Demos in cities 3 5 Contributions to standards 2 major, 4 support >10 discussions, >5 contributions (NGSI-LD as main contribution) Press reports 8 >20 Webinars 0 2 (*) NEC provides Tutorials to its business unit NEC Solution Innovator, agreed Q4/2018, execution Q1/2019
  3. 3. Dissemination :: Events • Several events in Smart City and IoT area • Project was highly visible and got different inputs • Dissemination within academia, industry and public sector in several countries February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 3 Events after Sept. 2018 Place Date Partner(s) MURCIA SMART Murcia Oct. 2018 OdinS IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona Oct. 2018 OdinS FIWARE Summit Malaga Nov. 2018 NEC, OdinS ICT Vienna Vienna Dec. 2018 BFH, AGT, OdinS, NEC TRON Symposium Tokyo Dec. 2018 YRP, MSJ, ACC, UCT, UoT, BFH, OdinS
  4. 4. Dissemination :: Events February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 4 CPaaS.io booth at ICT Vienna (Dec. 2018)Booth at the IoT World Congress in Barcelona (Oct. 2018)
  5. 5. Dissemination :: Events :: TRON Symposium February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 5 CPaaS.io Multimedia Theatre Keynote Ken Sakamura (YRP) Tokyo session with Gov. Koike and other city representatives
  6. 6. City Stakeholder Group Workshop III February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 6 Governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike Mr. Ichihashi introduced ICT utilization in the city of Sapporo Prof. Ken Sakamura for the promotion of ICT initiative in Yokosuka Panel Discussion
  7. 7. City Stakeholder Group Workshop III February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 7 Joshua Serrão presented the activities and the strategy of the Amsterdam Technology Office Benno Seiler Responsible for drafting Zurich's Smart City strategy Prof. Antonio Skarmeta explained how the core elements of CPaaS.io are utilized in Murcia Martin Brynskov Overview of OASC, Challenges & approaches of OASC cities
  8. 8. Dissemination :: Co-Creation Events • BärnHäckt hackathon in Bern (Aug. 2018 – BFH) • Challenge presentation, coaching of the team and screenshot of the developed solution • 2nd Open Data Challenge for Public Transportation in Tokyo (Jan. 2019 – YRP, UoT) February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 8
  9. 9. Dissemination :: Publications (after Sept. 2018) February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 9 Partner Journal/Conference Date Country UoT, BFH, YRP IEEE Computer Dec. 2018 - BFH Springer International Publishing Setting Foundations for the Creation of Public Value in Smart Cities 2019 - BFH Springer, Handbuch E-Government 2019 - BFH Springer Gabler, Nachhaltige Unternehmensführung 2019 - NEC IEEE Internet of Things Magazine 2019 (submitted) - ACC The 18th International Symposium on Communications and Information Technologies (ISCIT 2018) Sep. 2019 Thailand BFH The 13th International Conference on Digital Society and eGovernments (ICDS 2019) Feb. 2019 Greece
  10. 10. Dissemination :: Other publications and activities February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 10 Type Partner Title/Description Date Location Other publication BFH SocietyByte - Dateninfrastruktur macht Städte erst smart July 2018 - Lecturing BFH Lecturing activities; BA- and MA- Thesis in the area Summer and Autumn 2018 Växjö and Bern Talk BFH “Data as an innovation driver of the smart city” at Connecta 2018 Oct. 2018 Bern White-paper NEC, OdinS CPaaS.io Deployment Guide – FIWARE-Based Toolbox: Installation and Configuration Dec. 2018 - White-paper YRP CPaaS.io - スマートシティ構築に向けて Dec. 2018 -
  11. 11. Dissemination :: Website and Social Media Impact • Website has approx. 11’500 visitors over the last 9 months • More than 77 tweets and approx. 45 followers • Aftermovie for City Stakeholder Board meeting has over 2,000 views on LinkedIn February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 11
  12. 12. Dissemination :: Mentions in Press • La Verdad (Spain - Dec. 2018 ) • TRONWARE magazine (Japan - Feb. 2019) • 17 mentions in press in total February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 12
  13. 13. Exploitation Plans and Activities :: Actions EU February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 13 Partner Number of actions at the end of the project Example of activity Description Target audience Result BFH 3 Master course - Module on Smart City using Strategy Framework and Blueprint Template (Oct. 2018). Master students at Innovation through Business, Engineering & Design, Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden. Proved usefulness of tools in teaching, confirmed by students AGT 6 Discussion of new business opportunities presentation of CPaaS.io AGT Management CPaaS.io application considered for further exploitation NEC 6 Fachaustausch Geoinformation, organized by „Netzwerk Geoinformation der Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar GeoNet.MRN e.V.“ (Nov. 2018) Members of the Metropolregion Rhein- Neckar Exploitation of FIWARE and CPaaS.io in the Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar. Heidelberg becoming a FIWARE city. OdinS 5 Murcia Smart Event - Workshop on Smart City organized annually by Murcia City Hall (Oct. 2018) Regional stakeholders and telco companies Impact of CPaaS.io in the tender definition and possible advise to Murcia City Hall on new projects on Smart City TTN 2 Commercialisation activities - Business developments meetings for early inclusion of ecosystem partners Hardware manufacturers, water management companies, IoT platform providers Commitment of three hw buffer manufacturers to participate in project
  14. 14. Exploitation Plans and Activities :: Actions JP February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 14 Partner Number of actions at the end of the project Example of activity Description Target audience Result YRP 2nd Feasibility study of applications that use OPaaS (PDS) Protype application development to use the PDS. Software developers who are interested in PDS. MSJ 2 Introduced IOT/Smart city activities in Microsoft booth and private event for partners and government - J-LIS festival @Tokyo big site (Oct. 2018) Local Government officials and partners Impressed over 240 attendees with NSO Kawano-san’s session and Microsoft booth. ACCESS 2 Building a FPGA-based demo environment at ACCESS (Sep. 2018). Operational staff FPGA-based object detection demo for switching multiple learned models and edge-cloud coordination. UCT 1 Participated in exhibition floor as A-member and promoted Kokosil and IoT-Engine at TRONSHOW (Dec. 2018) Anyone interested in the IoT, ubiquitous computing. UoT 4 IoP (Internet of Plants) project in Kochi prefecture. New project of IoT-based data-driven agritech in Kochi prefecture collaboration with U Tokyo (ongoing) IoT Engineers and academic scholars in university If success, IoT system based of u2-part of CPaaS.io is used in agriculture.
  15. 15. Exploitation Plans and Activities :: Actions Some Highlights for Exploitations are mentioned on the following slides • City Platforms • OSS Contribution and Sustainability • Future Events Details on Technology Components • Personal Data Spaces: to be continued in projects like IoTCrawler • Federation: will be build into the NGSI-LD broker by NEC and used by LSPs • the app Kokosil has been greatly expanded and is now containing content for many more cities, even outside of Japan • u2 Open Data Catalogue will be maintained for cities like Yokosuka and Sapporo, and extended to other cities (e.g. Miura, Kochi) • FIWARE use in Japan is expanding (Okinawa Open Lab, Fukuoka projects) • development of the U2 system, as well as the IoT engine hardware will continue • The Smart City Strategy Framework wil be used in new projects for Smart Cities to become smart February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 15
  16. 16. Dissemination :: Standardisation ETSI ISG Context Information Management (CIM) • CPaaS.io concept of merging IoT with Linked Data has impacted ETSI ISG CIM →semantic grounding, property graphs, naming of entities • ETSI ISG CIM: preliminary spec on April 25th, 2019, version 1.0 Jan 24th, 2019 https://www.etsi.org/newsroom/press-releases/1519-2019-01-etsi-cim-group-releases-full-feature-specification-for-context-information- exchange-in-smart-cities • FIWARE Foundation: has comitted to NGSI-LD as their next API version • Contributor from CPaaS.io: NEC, OdinS • Preliminary NGSI-LD Broker was done in CPaaS.io, wil be used in Large Scale Pilots: SynchroniCity and AUTOPILOT • Korean Strategy National Project CityHub has invited NEC to participate in the project to provide NGSI-LD knowo-how and implementation February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 16
  17. 17. City Impact February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 17
  18. 18. City Platform for Murcia • 2015 - Murcia City Council launches its Smart City Strategic Plan (SMART MURCIA) • In 2015, MiMurcia one of the winner projects of the 2nd tender of Smart Cities by RED.es (8M€) • 2016 Murcia started its Smart City platform pilot based on FIWARE technology thanks to the collaboration with University of Murcia and OdinS. • Smart City events: • Urban Intelligence • Murcia Smart • Representation in Tron Show (Japán) • 2018 – The tender for MiMurcia project. • 2019 – Partnership IECISA - Telefonica winner of the tender. February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 18
  19. 19. City Platform for Amsterdam February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 19 • 2017 - Waternet installed a CPaaS.io funded LoRaWAN gateway on their HQ rooftop. • 2018 - CPaaS.io project & deliverables were mentioned in a new H2020 application by Waternet which got awarded. • 2018/2019 - Currently, 3 smart rooftops are piloting a rain water retention mechanism, which is operated by the CPaas.io Waterproof Application • 2019 - it is likely that TTN will be commissioned by Waternet to continue development of the current Waterproof application
  20. 20. City Platform for Heidelberg • in 20017, BITKOM in Germany executed a Smart City competition in Gemany • Since then, Smart Cities are hot topics in many German cities • Heidelberg has created the Digitalagentur Heidelberg, a company owned 50% by the city and 50% owned by the Stadtwerke • NEC has been working close with Digitalagentur since then • A group of Stakeholder (Digitalagentur, Amt für Digitales, ITEOS, SAP, ...) is now defining the Heidelberg Reference architecture • NEC and Digitalagentur have jointly announced a FIWARE based archtiecture during the workshop „Fachaustausch Geoinformation“ (with attribution to CPaaS.io) • City-Platfrom-as-a-Service: NEC is providing a Cloudö-based FIWARE platform with FogFlow and NGSI-LD broker as experimental components • First: to the Digital Hub „kurpfalz@bw“, then to the City of Heidelberg February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 20
  21. 21. “Data-Smart City Sapporo”: New Smart-City Project in Sapporo February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 21
  22. 22. Tokyo – TMG & MLIT co-sponsors ODPT’s Open Data Challenge in Tokyo contest TMG: Tokyo Metropolitan Government MLIT: Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 22
  23. 23. Yokosuka New Smart City Activity “Yokosuka x Smart Mobility (MaaS)” February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 23
  24. 24. Kochi New Data-Driven Agriculture Project February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 24
  25. 25. Influence on FIWARE OSS Community FogFlow • FogFlow was established as a Incubator GE in the FIWEARE OSS at the End of 2017 • On Feb 18th, 2019, FogFlow now reached Full GE status in FIWARE • This includes the CPaaS.io work on teh edge programming models Sustainability • NEC has decided to providew long-term support for FogFlow as OSS component • The support will be done by the Open Source Software Promotion Center (OSS PC) • The support will executed by the Open Stack Competence center operated by NEC Technology India, support from NECLAB • Further research on cloud edge programming will be done by NECLAB in projects like Fed4IoT and BigDataStack. Also NEC internal funding for FogFlow development has been secured Further Contributions • further contributions from CPaaS.io are contained in the STH Comet as well as in the security components • An official Lorawan – FIWARE bridge is now a FIWARE component February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 25
  26. 26. Sustainability OSS Community – see previous slide Smart City Interoperability • based initiative from NEC, the World Economic Forum, Center for the 4th Industrial Revolution has taken up „Smart City Interoperability“ as a topic for the upcoming B20/U20/G20 event in Japan • WEF is now working with a lot of organisations like OASC, FIWARE Foundation, and many more • a declaration for is in preparation, most likely to be introduced by the Japanese delegation • OSS city platforms are also pitched to the World Bank (2019/02/19) City Policies • nearly all of the involved cities are implementing now an open data policies • u2 and FIWARE are being used in follow-up projects within the CPaaS.io cities, as well as with others Large Sale Pilots & other Projects • European Large Scale Pilots like SynchroniCity and AUTOPILOT will be using NGSI-LD • Fed4IoT has decided on NGSI-LD as their common data format for their IoT Virtualisation technology • IoT Crawler will sue NGSI-LD and FogFlwo for their systems February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 26
  27. 27. Future plans and events FIWARE Toolbox ▪ the set of tools developed for the FIWARE toolbox will be continued as part of the FIWARE OSS community ▪ Especially, FogFlow and NGSI-LD broker, but also the mapping from NGSI to RDF are of high interest to the community Events ▪ IoT Week 2019: promotion of ETSI ISG CIM in a special session as well as in demonstrations ▪ FIWARE Summit, Genua: official promotion of FogFlow February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 27
  28. 28. Gracias Mulțumesc 謝謝 Paldies Eskerrik asko Dziękuję Mahalo ‫תודה‬ Go raibh maith agat спасибо Grazzi आभारी Xin cảm ơn 감사합니다 நன்றி Köszönöm ‫مرسي‬ Ndiyabulela Grazia Tak Благодаря Aitäh Terima kasih Děkuji Asante Diolch ‫شكرا‬ Takk Ďakujem Gràcies Kiitos Obrigado Teşekkür ederim Ngiyabonga Þakka þér Grazas Tapadh leibh ขอบคุณ Faleminderit Ačiū Danke Merci Grazie Hvala Ευχαριστώ Dankon Tack Dank je Grazcha … Thank You ありがとう This document has been produced in the context of the CPaaS.io project which is jointly funded by the European Commission (grant agreement n° 723076) and NICT from Japan (management number 18302). All information provided in this document is provided "as is" and no guarantee or warranty is given that the information is fit for any particular purpose. The user thereof uses the information at its sole risk and liability. For the avoidance of all doubts, the European Commission and NICT have no liability in respect of this document, which is merely representing the view of the project consortium. This document is subject to change without notice. February 2019 © CPaaS.io Project Consortium 28