Entrepreneurship - Doing innovation in a company

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18 Nov 2016

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Entrepreneurship - Doing innovation in a company

  1. Leading innovation in an established company Tiger Power
  2. Intrapreneurs are not entrepreneurs…. and entrepreneurs are not intrapreneurs.
  3. n Entrepreneurs Intrapreneurs Making the new a reality on the outside Making the new a reality on the inside new nnew
  4. Established companies have scale and and start ups want scale. Scale
  5. • Deepening our relationship with customers • Making channels more efficient via investment • Investing in technology to keep competition at bay • Focusing on manufacturing efficiency so we can maintain our margins Dimensions of Scale
  6. The only way to achieve scale is to increase consistency. Consistency
  7. Intrapreneurs need to manage the tension between the sameness needed for scale and the change required for innovation.
  8. Noble Problem How might we make the new a reality in a company designed for sameness? n n
  9. You Company How might I make the new a reality in my company? How might a company simultaneously embrace efficient and change? n n
  10. Lief Ericsson Mahatma Gandhi You
  11. Servitude Leadership “No one can do anything that matters by themselves” Emily Riley You
  12. Promoting change without activating an organization’s variation elimination anti-bodies You Undercover Radical
  13. • Make others the hero of your story • Help before help is needed • Practice the art of the long view • Bend rules and avoid breaking them • Display humble confidence Things great intrapreneurs do You
  14. 90% creating the efficiency required for scale 10% creating the change required for innovation Company 90-10 Organization 90%
  15. Company Organizational Design 10%90% Hierarchy Optimal for efficiency Network Optimal for exploration
  16. Company Organizational Design • Predictable outcomes • Adaptable outcomes • Bet on projects • Bet on people • Use metrics • Use insights • Reward delivery on promises • Reward results achieved 10%90% Hierarchy Network
  17. 90% Company Adaptation Being connected; yet separate is a must.
  18. “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function” F. Scott Fitzgerald Company
  19. • Leaders need to add to the skills that made them successful • All the systems have been designed for efficiency • Fairness and equality are not the same concept Mental Barriers Company
  20. Intrapreneurs Checklist •Do you want to create a product movement rather than a new product? •Do you have the patience to push in the same direction for a long time? •Do you have allies in many places in the company? •Do you want to be the CEO?
  21. • Can your company bet on people rather than projects? • Can your company make investments based on insights rather than metrics? • Can your company manage based on fairness rather than equality? • Can your company manage radically diverse talent? • Can your company lead by coaching rather than deciding? Organizational checklist Company
  22. Intrapreneurs….. •are not entrepreneurs •manage the tension between sameness and new •respect the 90 while living in the 10 •believe in servitude leadership •get to play with big assets You
  23. Sharing ….. Part of the rationale for speaking at Product Camp is to make connections with people that have experienced the challenges of making the new a reality in an established company, If you would like to share your experiences with me, please contact me via e-mail, or linkedin
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