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Zen Infographic - Revenue Assurance Automation

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Revenue Assurance Automation-The Key to Growth and Profitability
Zen is the industry’s first Virtual RA Analyst, which directly gives root causes of leakages, improving analyst productivity by more than 75%. Not only this, ROC Revenue Assurance is mobile device enabled. Executives can gauge RA health, analyze key metrics and make critical business decisions on the move.

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Zen Infographic - Revenue Assurance Automation

  1. 1. Revenue Assurance Automation The Key to Growth and Profitability Leakage as a percentage of revenue Challenges in Revenue Assurance 1/5th Enormous Volumes Of Data of the operators are leaking up to 10 percent of their total revenue Increasing Complexity Scattered Knowledge 10% 18% 32% 13% 15% 15% 19% 75% 50% 41% 9% 66% Asia Pacific Between 1-10% of revenue of operators fail to identify more than half of total leakage 60% 19% Africa & Middle East Up to 1% of revenue Percentage of leakage identified Europe & Americas Greater than 10% of revenue Source: KPMG Global Revenue Assurance Survey 2012 30 Root Cause Mountain of Data Zen is a virtual analyst which analyzes millions of discrepancy records & presents the possible reasons for discrepancies to the analyst Minutes Improvement In Time Saving Root Cause Mountain of Data Why operators choose ROC Revenue Assurance Faster Root Cause Investigation Challenges Ongoing Revenue Stream Protection Lack of business rules documentation Higher Analyst Productivity Rapid ROI Failure to prioritize areas of corrective action ec u ti ve D a s h b o ar Revenue Pad allows operators to monitor enterprise wide Revenue Assurance operations through a single screen. What ROC Revenue Assurance can do for operators Tier 1 European operator Success Story Exposure of Hard-to-Detect Leaks RevenuePad Ex Hours Time Consuming Process 30 Industry’s first Virtual Analyst for Revenue Assurance Net w d Solution - Zen y rch ra opology kT or Typical Scenario Business H ie How ROC Revenue Assurance can help - it simplifies RA with two path breaking concepts - RevenuePad and Zen Tier 1 NA operator Success Story Benefits Challenges Benefits $4mn 800% Multiple new services introduced leakage identified in a year ROI in the first year $3mn Challenges 600% Monitoring billing discrepancies error finding flows in multiple identified during efficiency business units implementation Tier 1 APAC Operator Success Story increase Limited capabilities of in-house RA tool Extended investigation times Benefits $24mn 100% leakage identified till date ROI in 10 months