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Information as commodity

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How information is transforming the world , How to get the right information at right time pertaining to context

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Information as commodity

  1. 1. Information as commodity Prasad Narasimhan – Technical Architect
  2. 2. Managing things in Information age
  3. 3. Shift
  4. 4. How Information age evolves Reference : http://savingtheworldeconony.blogspot.in
  5. 5. Observation • Information – Collection of meaningful data (context, behavior, time). • Right information at right time can change the world • Do we have adequate or correct information?? • Do we have data (Yes) there are multiple platforms, we collaborate and share.
  6. 6. What are challenges • Right Context – Is the data usable in the context and can be directly applied. Do we know how to get the data for context. • Right time – When we do casual browsing , Social media and data from other sources we get data but not at the right time of making decisions • Right Quality and Authenticity – The information or observation is presented as authenticated and guide the people in making decisions
  7. 7. Information Awareness • Are we leveraging the information correctly. • Where the potential Sources of information is. • How to apply the information towards the decision. • Do we share the data in terms of experience to the social media which could help others to make decisions.
  8. 8. Information needs to be safely handled Reference : Information-age warfare—domains of conflict./
  9. 9. How information matures Reference : http://www.bethkanter.org/sm-metrics/
  10. 10. How Information matures Reference : http://www.bethkanter.org/sm-metrics/
  11. 11. Social Media Campaigns
  12. 12. Social Media Analytics Reference : http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalmarketing/social-media/is-your-view-of-social-media-analytics-complete/
  13. 13. Customer Decision Journey Reference : http://hbr.org/web/ideas-in-practice/aligning-with-the-consumer-decision-journey
  14. 14. Information Stewardship • Collecting the right data from multiple Sources and apply the algorithm and tune it based on Metrics and applying (Legal, Ethical & other norms) tagging and segmenting with context and demography, available at demand with maximum level authenticity and quality • Need to create right set of tools and platform to achieve this stewardship.