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  1. 1. “SUCCESS” Some Mantra to follow
  2. 2. How to Succeed ! • In this world nothing happens supernatural, its what you do is what you get. • If you do what you’ve always done you will get what you have always got • To achieve something you have never achieved before, “you must do something you have never done before”. • To achieve something you have never achieved before, “you must think something you have never thought before”
  3. 3. What new to do… Understand Some familiar words.. Law (its natural) Goal Action Decision Difficulties Desire Risk Thought Persistence You Opportunity Attitude Time Planning
  4. 4. Its like following Law.. its natural • What if you don’t obey laws, law will not change, contradiction you will not understand the importance of law. • Like Law of science, there is laws of success & those are unbreakable, unchangeable and vital. • Following laws of success will make it possible for success and impossible for you to fail permanently. • Knowing all rules and laws will not make any difference unless you put them in action.
  5. 5. Smoothest road has no worth if there is no goal to reach. A person with a clear goal will make lead on even the roughest road Until a destination is decided nothing make progress
  6. 6. Goal • Goal is first condition for Success. There is no result if there is no goal. • Goal is as important as success. • Goal make possible law of success, it gives power and avoid dispelling. • First dream the painting and then paint the dream. • Even in our everyday life, we are more productive, creative, pleasurable and effective when its clear about the things we have to do.
  7. 7. Unsuccessful people are indecisive and Indecisive people are unsuccessful
  8. 8. Decision • Indecision is the most effective way of wasting time and also a master key to failure. • Decision making is an ongoing process. • It is not that every decision will be right, but is important to be decisive. Decision is always taken on the basis of available information. • Changing decision frequently is no different from being indecisive. • Successful people are careful in reaching right decisions and persistent thereafter.
  9. 9. When one’s desire is intense, a person will appear to be a superhuman.
  10. 10. Desire • Now that you have decided your goal back it up with intense desire. Make an obsession of your goal eat, sleep with it. Success automatically will follow you. • Desire will always find a way for any obstacles. • If a door close, it also can be opened or another door throw itself open. • When we want a thing intensely, this reinforces our will power and awakens our determination to work for our desired goal.
  11. 11. Your thoughts have brought you here today. Your will be there where your thoughts will take you. These world is beautiful because man thought so.
  12. 12. Thoughts • Our thoughts are our best friends and can also be our worst enemies. The good news is, it is us who decides what we make of them. • All inventions are because all scientist thought. • Thinking is good habit adapt it. It makes task easy. Thinking finds solutions. • Only Humans can think so why we shouldn’t! • Curious to know is what is thinking. Its important to know each and every aspects of life.
  13. 13. You are not just a name, coz there is nothing in a name
  14. 14. You • Every one knows you, but do we know our self completely. If you don’t know yourself, knowing the world is vain for your success. • Always feel that you are important not cheap. • Feeling important of yourself boost confidence. • Change starts from you. • There is always problems outside world, but because of external circumstances don’t adopt yourself but adapt yourself to be.
  15. 15. Attitude is not a bad word, but it is angle of your views Change the way you see it, what you see will change
  16. 16. Attitude • Your attitude decides what you see, how you saw decides what you see, finally accordingly we react. • When someone says no, we may get angry/ sad/ we may not care/ we will learn lesson/ we remember, are all reaction which depends upon the attitude we have. • Attitude an important role to learn, to decide, to be polite, to control and it goes on and on. • You may not be able to control how the other person react, but its possible to control yours.
  17. 17. If I had eight hours to cut down a tree, I’d spend six of them sharpening my axe. Plan is nothing, planning is everything
  18. 18. Planning • Better execution is possible if everything is planned. • Planning help in keeping record of progress. • Planning = preparation, achieving virtual goal, avoids mistakes, set target, understand permutation of possibilities and opportunities and finding solutions
  19. 19. Knowledge without action is like a book not read. Do not tell the world what you can do show it
  20. 20. Action • Work will not be finished of its own. • Action produces result. Action is what differentiate people from people. Action will always lead you. • Solution to problem is action not mere knowledge. • Its not that we you have to do because you like it, but the psychology of successful people is that what needs to be done must be done whether you like it or not. • Like decision making action is an ongoing process.
  21. 21. Welcome difficulties not welcome to difficulties Suffering, when it climbs the highest, lasts but a last time.
  22. 22. Difficulties • Difficulties need not be discouraging. • Difficulties are fortunate, as it make you learn. • Once you start believe every adversity as a integral part or of greater benefit, you start looking at difficulties in a totally differently. • Difficulties are not permanent & goes with benefit. • Tenure of difficulties is directly proportional to your reaction and action. • Difficulties will make us aware what we are capable. …….Continued
  23. 23. Difficulties • Success is what remains when failures are exhausted. Key to success is seeing possibilities where everyone else sees impossibilities. • Its fact Life is not a simple journey, so why worry. • The biggest problem can be life changer. • The biggest failure is failing to sustain difficulties.
  24. 24. The chief danger in life is that you may take too many precautions. Airplane is safe on ground. But that’s not what airplane are built for.
  25. 25. Risk • Avoid taking risk and you will start losing opportunity. • The desire for security stands between you and your goal. • Sometime taking risk is mandatory to overcome difficulties.
  26. 26. Never Quit. Giving up is ultimate tragedy.
  27. 27. Persistence • No matter how big or how tough a problem is, a little step taken towards solution is called persistence. • Persistence is that distinguish you from others. • Its natural that persistence will be diluted by many external factors, but your desire and faith will regain your persistence. • If you are not persistence and when you stop all your earlier deeds goes vain.
  28. 28. You can’t lose knowledge, learning gives knowledge Stop learning only when you are waiting for death.
  29. 29. Learn • Learning is not about merely reading books. • Learning is vital, vital is people should teach you. • Its good to make new mistakes, but repeating same mistake is crisis. Learn from the mistake • Eyes to know (look), ears to listen (hear) & mouth to ask (speak) • Every successful have knowledge, if no they will not sustain. • Giving gets return, listening to juniors get returns.
  30. 30. Life is a long line of opportunities, its matter of taking hold of the best.
  31. 31. Opportunity • Opportunity begins exactly where you are; it’s all around you. All are for you, either take hold of it or put it in your record. • Recognizing and grabbing opportunity is an art. • Opportunities is not only fate, but also many successful personalities, follow them. • Opportunities has competition, seize them before someone else does. • No great man ever complaints of want of opportunity.
  32. 32. Time is flying. Time is currency. Its like everyday your account is credited by time currency and it gets Nil the next day. There is so many things in the world to do, but you limited time (life is fewer)
  33. 33. Time • Understanding importance of time and Time management are different. Time management is possible only when importance is understood. • Quantum of individual development is directly proportional to the year (1990, 2000, 2010…) • Hurrying is not the solutions. • More time means, having everything else more. • No one is rich in time, every individual have same. • Time is constant not variable unit
  34. 34. BEST OF LUCK