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Creativity in Business is an Everyday Job

Creativity in business is an everyday operation, but not everyone understands the role or importance and how it is a key to how great companies do business.

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Creativity in Business is an Everyday Job

  1. 1. How & Why Creativity is an Everyday Job in Business A SlideShare by: Sue-Ann@WriteMixforBusiness.com
  2. 2. If You Own A Business, You Must Create Everyday! That's what I'm saying...
  3. 3. In Your Business, You MUST Create Everyday & You Do: • You create business by making sales • You create happiness by providing a positive customer experience • You create economic value by hiring people and buying materials • You create impact by contributing to environmental issues, charity events or by mentoring • You create meaning for what your business brings to people and why it’s important
  4. 4. But there's so much more... Creativity on an individual basis and organizational levels are a key business driver and characteristic of the most innovative businesses.
  5. 5. B E C A U S E
  6. 6. Creativity Begins When You Do Because: Creative Intent factors in at every point in building your business and brand
  7. 7. Creative intent encompasses all Communications: • NAMING STRATEGY • TAG LINES & BRANDING • MISSION, VISION & VALUES • MARKETING/AD CAMPAIGNS
  8. 8. But There’s Way More to Creativity in Business than just Effective Communications ...“creative people know that creativity finds expression in many ways..." Ann Handley MarketingProfs
  9. 9. Marketing TO Someone has Become Marketing WITH Them
  10. 10. This Juxtaposition in Marketing Calls for Creativity in Business More Than Ever Innovation is, in some respects, a culmination of creativity that builds upon itself and becomes greater and greater. Innovation is a transformation that stems from creativity.
  11. 11. But where does it come from? Quiet...shhh
  12. 12. Cultivating Creativity • Individual contributions: from your customers (GoPro Users Example) • From: each and every person (by allowing/practicing an open flow of all ideas) starting within yourself • Ideas collected: to ignite creativity, or find it, as an ongoing process in business operations, everyday.
  13. 13. Approaches to Grow Creativity on 3 Levels: Working Approach To Grow, Develop & Evolve Individual Insight into Group Action Group Approach A Constraints Perspective Reflecting Environment of Businesses Cause & Effect Approach "Creativity Outreach" Extending Creativity to the Community and back again
  14. 14. Embrace Creativity with an Open Forum & Flow for: • Ideation Creation and Building • Data-driven Development • Plan and Strategy • Execution • Analysis Start with a WORKING APPROACH TO CREATIVITY
  15. 15. Use Whole-Brain Thinking Skills As presented by Linda Naiman, founder, Creativity at Work
  16. 16. Creativity: Take a Working Approach using A, B, D, C, E
  17. 17. A: Action • Start: with a Compelling Idea or Thought! • Test: Does it Spark Interest and offer possibilities for a better solution? • Test: Does it Create Desire and Curiosity to know more and expand on initial idea?
  18. 18. B: Background Gathering your "Characters in Creativity" Research all aspects as you build on an idea, adding information, and expanding as you go with data and findings, examined from every angle.
  19. 19. D: Development Plot Design. Developing creative impact from viable ideas, coupled with data and other considerations, designed into an actual plan with a strategy and timeline, set to implement.
  20. 20. C: Climax Execution. Bringing it all together to make things happen, creating change, even innovation, for results. Implementation.
  21. 21. E: Ending There really is no ending. This is about evaluating results and what they mean, then refining to continually improve. No ending in sight@-@!
  22. 22. For more details and useful links on this topic, see the original article by Sue-Ann: http://kikolani.com-creativity-everyday-job-business.html Next SlideShare: How and Why Creativity is an Everyday Job in Business: Part 2 A Group Approach-Constraints A Cause and Effect Approach-Creativity Outreach
  23. 23. By: @SueAnnBubacz http://WriteMixforBusiness.com 2016 SlideShare
  24. 24. SlideShare References: canva.com source for Sue-Ann Bubacz visual creations Photography by: Carole Robinson, slides: 16, 20, 21 Other photography by: Sue-Ann and Jim CreativityatWork.com source for: Slide 15 including visual kikolani.com source for first publication of original article by Sue-Ann Bubacz, basis for this SlideShare THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR CHECKING OUT THIS ORIGINAL WORK:) WriteMixforBusiness.com