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How to Craft Heart Stopping Content: "Annisms" by Ann Handley

Craft heart-stopping content using my favorite "Annisms" from Ann Handley's book, "Everybody Writes." A SlideShare of reminders for creating content to attract readers and win their hearts.

Originally designed as an Infographic, "Annisms I Love," by Sue-Ann Bubacz in a post reviewing Ann's book, these content writing tips are timeless reminders for writing ridiculously good content.

How to Craft Heart Stopping Content: "Annisms" by Ann Handley

  1. 1. “Annisms I LOVE” By Ann Handley A SlideShare Presentation by… Sue-Ann@WriteMixforBusiness.com
  2. 2. “What will your audience thank you for? WriteMixforBusiness.com
  3. 3. Think Before You Ink… “ WriteMixforBusiness.com
  4. 4. …Why does it matter to the people you are trying to reach? “ WriteMixforBusiness.com
  5. 5. Swap places with your reader. Be a skeptic of your own work. WriteMixforBusiness.com “
  6. 6. …Get out of your own head, and into your reader’s or customer’s. WriteMixforBusiness.com “
  7. 7. ...infuse your content with heart and soul and integrity, and layer it with a warm blanket of trust. WriteMixforBusiness.com “
  8. 8. …specific details can help… WriteMixforBusiness.com “
  9. 9. …put the flesh and blood on the dry bones of a so-called solution. WriteMixforBusiness.com “
  10. 10. ...specific, story-based content...adds a heartbeat and a pulse to an idea. WriteMixforBusiness.com “
  11. 11. ...design and content aren't separate processes...they are best friends and life partners, and deserve to be treated as such. “ WriteMixforBusiness.com
  12. 12. I particularly like the simple, intuitive interface that puts magic wands in the design hands of muggles. WriteMixforBusiness.com “
  13. 13. …less is so often more. WriteMixforBusiness.com “
  14. 14. “...writers tend to equate editing with grammar, when it's so much more than that. WriteMixforBusiness.com
  15. 15. Psst…my personal favorite… Add blog bling… WriteMixforBusiness.com “
  16. 16. "Annisms I Love" Presentation Quotes, Straight from MarketingProf's Ann Handley, herself, specifically; from her book, Everybody Writes, a fab reference for writers. Ann did write THE Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content, you know. These “Annisms” are just a taste from the book … pick up your copy, if you haven’t, and refer to it OFTEN! Continue to Next Annism…
  17. 17. …the key to being a better writer is, essentially, to be a more productive one. WriteMixforBusiness.com “
  18. 18. There is no one way to write, remember? ...adapt and amend and reject these guidelines as you discover what works for your audience and for you... WriteMixforBusiness.com “
  19. 19. WriteMixforBusiness.com
  20. 20. Remember your value is not what you do or what you sell, it's what you do for your customers. WriteMixforBusiness.com “
  21. 21. A SNAZZY SLIDESHARE PRESENTATION by Sue-Ann@WriteMixforBusiness.com Thanks for Viewing “Annisms I Love” SPREAD THE LOVE BY SHARING!!