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cpd Focus on Value

Focus on Value

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cpd Focus on Value

  1. 1. Topic: Focus on Value
  2. 2.  In the term of contributor we define focus on value as below:  One of the aspect of a contributor’s Mindset is his/her goal of creating value for self, for family for the team, for the organization, for customers and for society.  In short, the Contributors aims to create value for all stake holders in his/her life.
  3. 3.  Creating value means making a positive difference, a tangible, impact, a specific contribution to any situation.  This positive difference or impact can be in the form of achieving a specific goal, creating a product, creating ’human touch’ in a particular interaction or enhancing one’s own capacity or the capacity of one’s colleagues and team-mates.  Contributors are therefore extremely result- focused, but the result is measured in terms of value created.