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Academic pressure

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Academic pressure and its effects.

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Academic pressure

  1. 1. OBJECTIVES/AGENDA • To know Pressure and learn about Academic Pressure. • Factors contributing to Academic Pressure. • People being affected . • Possible solutions.
  2. 2. WHAT IS PRESSURE? Pressure is phenomenon developed by external force applied. There are different kind of pressures like kinematic pressure, thermodynamic pressure,etc. One kind is Academic pressure.It is pressure that is developed because of desire to excel in performance.
  4. 4. PRESSURE ON PARENTS • Pressure from Neighbours and Relations. • Non-Listening of Children. • Financial issues. • Job Fear and Over-Expectation.
  5. 5. • People around Parents comparing performance of their children. • Relations always weigh their status by the kids Education Status. • Financial issues of their own n demands from institutions brings pressure to their minds. • Children , Teenagers not ready to listen advice from parents. • Parents getting their own pressure by expecting their child to be on top of academic ladder. • Job fear and employment risk also brings pressure on them.
  6. 6. PRESSURE ON FACULTY • Result oriented expectations from Institutions and students. • Updating Subjects. • Students Mindset and their behaviour. • Overload of work other than teaching.
  7. 7. • Institutions expecting marks and 100% result from every student .Putting faculty under pressure to bring all students in same level which is impossible. • Every year subjects are getting updated and students and institutions expecting same from the faculty. Time to update is lesser this brings pressure on faculty. • Students are not listening to Teachers. Classroom became a place for teasing teachers. Students take advantage of free minded teachers and make them cool by behaviour but not by results. • Institutions bestow other responsibilities on teachers other then teaching this changes their behaviour in classroom. • Faculty also have other issues that affect them.
  8. 8. PRESSURE ON STUDENTS • Procrastination. • Subject Knowledge and Interest. • Friends and Family issues. • Distractions
  9. 9. • Students always have this attitude of creating their own pressure. They think that subject is very easy and they can complete In one day and later they develop pressure on 11th hour. • Nowadays students don’t learn to undersatnd but to only get marks. So understanding of subject is difficult to them. • Not concentrating in classroom and sudden questions from faculty gives them pressure. Fear of Test and Examination. Lack of interest in Field. • Problems in personal life, Family issues, Friends and relationship issues, Expectations from family etc is giving them pressure. • In this generation there are lot of distractions like T.V.,Movies,Mobiles,Outing etc take more time and later they start thinking of studies and fall under pressure. • Lots of distractions and thinking of exams while resting causes lack of sleep this helps in building pressure.
  10. 10. CONCLUSION • It is the relationship bonding between teachers students and parents that draws path of success. • Each should understand the other two and elders should express their real intentions of growing up students. • This will help in reducing pressure.