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Resolving radio's rural market challenge

In Rural Punjab the Radio Usage is extremely low. As the client had already paid AIR (All India Radio), we devised a Communication Plan to get max out of the money invested

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Resolving radio's rural market challenge

  1. 1. Resolving Radio's Rural Market Challenge An Integrated Communications Plan
  2. 2. Unless your campaign has a BIG idea, it will pass like a ship in a dark night
  3. 3. THE RADIO DILEMMA Punjab Water Supply and Sanitation Department, the execution agency for the World Bank Project on Rural Water Supply, constituted of mostly engineers. In good faith, they had tied up with AIR(All India Radio) for Road Shows in rural Punjab. THE CHALLENGE: As per the desk study, in Rural Punjab the Radio Usage is extremely low. This was later corroborated in our field reports. As the AIR contract had already been finalized, we devised a Communication Plan to get max out of the money invested. .
  4. 4. TASK AT HAND • Sensitize the rural population about the bad effects of current water system • Build a positive disposition towards the World Bank Project on Rural Water Supply • Increase volunteers & pro-project enablers for the project
  5. 5. VEHICLE BRANDING • To create excitement amongst the TG
  6. 6. MAKE ROADSHOW - a ‘KNOWLEDGE MELA’ CREATING HYPE FOR THE EVENT Generate event awareness, boost up morale of the activists &participants • Collaterals (Posters/Flexes) : • Muniyadi • Interactive Activities at village school Drawing/slogan writing competition for Water Conservation • Anganwadis– Social Mapping with ladies • Identification of the KOL(Key Opinion Leader) and proper invitation for them Conceptualized it as a ‘KNOWLEDGE MELA’, with INFOTAINMENT as its tonality. A Road Show that is By the Villagers, For the villagers , Of the Villagers.
  7. 7. POSTER
  10. 10. PLEDGE CARD
  11. 11. EVENT DAY
  12. 12. EVENT DAY A proper chalked out program with activities for each segment, all going on air: Micro- segmentation is the Key Children ; Quiz, declaration of prizes for slogan writing, poem recitation on Water Conservation KOL & Volunteers: Honoring Volunteers by KOL(Key Opinion Leader) Adults: ‘PLEDGE WALL’- a signature wall(flex ) on which each household adults sign together &commit for the project. Polity: The CM address highlighting on the benefits of the project played.
  13. 13. Live on Radio Pledge Ceremony Village Rally Honouring KOL’s EVENT DAY PRE EVENT HYPE Social Mapping Drawing Competition
  14. 14. ENCOURAGING RESPONSE •Active Participation by children & adults from the host village and neighboring villages. • Students spirited about the project and coax their mothers to volunteer • Word of Mouth travels to villages in proximity • 100% households take Pledge for Safe Water • Coverage in most of the regional dailies