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Salutation in Roman, when in Rome

TASK: Conceptualize & design of Pavilion for an International Expo in Germany
OBJECTIVE: To create unique and effective communication that is appreciated by the visitors, which primarily will be from Germany. Also, boost up the equity of small hilly state of Himachal Pradesh and make it discernible in the Manufacturing World.
CHALLENGE: Shoestring Budget compared with the big states (with budget of INR 5 Million for environmental graphics).
WHAT WE DID: During the research & discussion with Coordinator, Investment Promotion Cell, we discovered (industrialists in Himachal were even startled with the information) that Himachal is Exporting to more than 50 countries. Also, all the big Corporate like Nestle, Abbott, L'oreal, Indorama,Godrej, Dabur, TVS and many more have presence in the State.
SHOWCASE: On the Head-wall, we created a False Headline in GERMAN with the pristine beauty of Himalayas embedded in the Letter frame. On the World Map, we showcased how this small hill state is big enough in catering the demands of all the five continents and major European & Asian markets.
RESULTS: Ample ‘negative space’ on the Head-Wall around the world map anchored with Himachal created a visual impact and gained currency for the Industry in Himachal. The German headline achieved traction with the local industry and generated query. The dignitaries from the Union Ministry and other business chambers appreciated the concept. The client was also fully-satisfied, that all the aspects had been captured with an effective 7 minutes AV presentation being played on the two LCDs.

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Salutation in Roman, when in Rome

  1. 1. Front view
  2. 2. Side wall LED for AV
  3. 3. LFD Wall