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Meet The SBS Team

  1. Located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, SBS operates out of a 20,000 square foot facility. Serves premier member organizations around the world including pension funds, labor unions, associations, cooperatives, financial institutions, clubs and commercial companies. Well over 50 million members have been given a voice through our platforms. Client satisfaction rate of 97% with a voter satisfaction rate of 96%. --Confidential--
  2. SBS was founded in 1990 and has served pension fund, labor union, cooperative, and association elections with paper ballots since 1992 and electronic ballots since 1998. SBS has invested in the highest quality employees, election services, and security infrastructure for 30+ years. This is evident through our client retention and customer satisfaction. 45 internal staff members across IT, QA, Customer Service, Production, Account Management, and Admin. Average tenure at SBS is 10.2 years. As a family business, SBS understands the importance of building strong customer relationships, investing in our solutions, and helping our clients accomplish their election goals. Overview Setting the standard in secure election services since 1990. --Confidential--
  3. Union Print SBS works with a union printer and will print the union bug on all printed ballot package materials. Security Level 4 access structure for ballot storage and tabulation, including a fire proof safe and security cameras with 24/7 footage (internal restrictions). Serve International officer elections, local officer elections, bylaw votes, contract votes, merger votes, charter conversions. Clients 850 annual elections for labor unions, public pension funds, associations, financial institutions, clubs, and cooperatives. Industry All elections are customized to meet the requirements, voting options & unique goals for every organization. --Confidential--
  4. Variety of Paper Ballots Mail-in & Onsite Electronic Voting and Member Portal Voting Online, SSO, & Phone --Confidential-- SBS runs hundreds of paper ballot elections per year and has auditable processes in place to uphold election integrity and deliver accurate and trusted results. SBS also offers onsite tabulation services along with in-person and virtual observation abilities at our Eden Prairie facility. With paper ballot votes, SBS staff will design, develop, print, assemble, test, QA, tabulate and store ballots. Over the past two years, people have become much more inclined and open to technology as we’ve navigated a global pandemic. The same goes for voting and many organizations have turned to SBS as the trusted online solution. With an electronic ballot, eligible voters are given unique credentials to login to the election website or can vote from their member portals. Voters will receive confirmation once their ballot is submitted, providing peace of mind that their vote was counted. With a full team of in-house developers, SBS will ensure your electronic vote remains secure (see Election Security) and confidential, and our team can delete specific election information at the close of your election as required by some organizations.
  5. Variety of Hybrid Elections Mail-in, Paper Request, Electronic & Onsite Live Voting Web & Mobile Based Resolution Voting --Confidential-- Organizations are utilizing hybrid elections to connect with their members and to adhere to the different technology comfortability levels of members. Providing options should not only boost participation, but it will also engage a broader audience. With a hybrid election, SBS will ensure the right election setup, development and credentialing to provide an accurate vote while upholding voter integrity. Similar to web and paper elections, SBS will design, develop, print, assemble, test, QA, tabulate, process and store ballots. COVID has unquestionably changed the way organizations are meeting and operating. DirectVoteLive is a solution to enhance voting at meetings and is allowing organizations to engage their members virtually and through hybrid meeting models. This self-administered tool allows votes to be taken on the fly in real- time, while still providing secure and accurate results. Meeting invites can be sent by email or SMS text messaging allowing members to vote seamlessly on their cell phones.
  6. Paper Ballot Scanning A mock election is performed using actual test data with ballots for both paper and electronic member votes. This ensures the votes are being captured properly. Batches are scanned in daily and in sequential order. Verifier will review and correct questionable marks with clear voter intent. When voter intent cannot be determined, ballot will be flagged for review by client, election committee, etc. 01 02 03 After each batch of ballots has been scanned, the last Scan ID # is entered making sure that the total number scanned equals the number of valid ballots. On final day of voting project team verifies all ballots have been processed. 04 05 06 Test Batch Scanning Ballots Verification Software Scan Verification Re-batch Scanned Ballots Processed Ballot Confirmation Re-batch scanned ballots and place them in the corresponding “Scanned” bin. --Confidential--
  7. • All data is fully encrypted end-to-end, both in transit and at rest • Backed up on a nightly basis • TLS Encryption 1.2 • SBS’ web and database servers utilize DRaaS to provide redundancy • SBS partners with All Covered to monitor, maintain, and improve SBS firewalls to protect data at all times • All Covered monitors SBS firewalls 24/7, reports potential breaches, and proactively improves firewall strength • SBS is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, undergoes annual 3rd-party audits, and penetration testing as part of its security infrastructure plan • SBS partners with a premier third-party data center, Flexential, for private cloud data services • Collocated in redundant data centers 900 miles apart • Clients receive a standing invitation to tour the data center upon request --Confidential-- Election
  8. • TLS 1.2 end-to-end encryption • Eligible voting delegates will be assigned randomly generated verification credentials to be used on the voting website for each denominational ballot • Voting website authenticates credentials against voter database • All incorrect passcode credentials are blocked from accessing website • All duplicate voting attempts on the website are blocked • SBS is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant ensuring proper documentation of, and adherence to, internal security controls • Reviewed annually by CPA firm • SOC2 Type 2 report available after signing NDA • SBS provides top tier physical ballot security • 4 tier access, fire proof safe vault for ballots • Camera technology to monitor ballots 24/7 • SBS ensures voter anonymity and can purge PII from all databases prior to ballot tabulation --Confidential-- Election
  9. Secured & SBS adheres to strict chain-of-custody policies that govern how ballots are stored after your election. Ballots are boxed by project and stored in our locked vault only accessible by credentialed staff. --Confidential--
  10. THANK Survey & Ballot Systems 7653 Anagram Drive | Eden Prairie, MN 55344 --Confidential--