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Amanda Lawarence lief linked semantic platforms project summary

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Linked semantic platforms for social infrastructure – ARC LIEF project 2018-2019 presented by Amanda Lawrence (Analysis & Policy Observatory) at the Research Support Community Day 2018

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Amanda Lawarence lief linked semantic platforms project summary

  1. 1. Linked Semantic Platforms for Social and Urban Policy and Practice ARC LIEF Project 2018 – 2019 Partnership with Swinburne, RMIT, UniSA, Australian Data Archive ANU, AURIN (Uni Melb), Home Modification Clearing House UNSW, ANZSOG • New and extended policy research collections - social care, cities, transport, digital health and inclusion, work and wellbeing • Connections across existing research infrastructure projects using FAST, DOIs and other standards • New tools and infrastructure for discovery and analysis including text mining and graph databases • More information: apo.org.au or contact Amanda Lawrence alawrence@apo.org.au Content Data Documents Multimedia Inter- operability Review Database interoperability Shared taxonomies Discovery & analysis Graphs Search Interactive Collection methods Curating Text mining Crowd sourcing Digitisation Connected collections ADA APO AURIN HMCH Reference extraction