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Sedona/Verde Valley visitors: Choose certified sustainable enterprises

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When visitors come to Sedona and the surrounding Verde Valley, we hope they will "vote with their wallet" by supporting those businesses that do the most for our community, the environment and their employees

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Sedona/Verde Valley visitors: Choose certified sustainable enterprises

  1. 1. Align your visit with your values at our Certified Sustainable Enterprises Sustainability Alliance www.SustainabilityAllianceAZ.org
  2. 2. Our Certified Sustainable Businesses … do more for  their employees  our community  the environment SustainabilityAllianceAZ.org
  3. 3. The Sustainability Alliance certifies local businesses so you can easily find…. …the most sustainable Hotels Restaurants Tour operators Art galleries and More! SustainabilityAllianceAZ.org
  4. 4. Look for three levels of certification BRONZE: CONSERVATIONIST SILVER: INNOVATOR GOLD: SUSTAINABLE
  5. 5. Where to eat Certified Sustainable Restaurants, Cafés
  6. 6. ChocolaTree Restaurant (in West Sedona) All organic or ‘wildcrafted’ foods, artisan chocolates Composts food waste at their farm Buys green power Provides healthcare and above-market wages Donates over 10% of profits
  7. 7. El Rincon Restaurante Mexicano (in Tlaquepaque) Has a written environmental policy Recycles cooking oil to biofuels Funded solar on schools to offset some carbon emissions Donates to local community efforts
  8. 8. Taste of Marrakech (in the Village of Oak Creek)  Middle eastern food w/o preservatives or processed sugar  Local organic food  Recyclable take-away containers  Pays living wage  Involves employees in decision making
  9. 9. Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill (West Sedona)  Amazing views  Chef Lisa Dahl supports Verde Valley School’s farm  Donates food to local events like the Sustainability in Schools Symposium
  10. 10. Cucina Rustica (Village of Oak Creek)  Old world atmosphere  Fresh produce sourced locally  Upgraded appliances  Uses green cleaning products  Participates in Round-Up America charity
  11. 11. Indian Gardens Café and Market (4 miles up Oak Creek Canyon)  Historic general store named by homesteader JJ Thompson for abandoned native garden  Breakfast/lunch/ groceries  Local beer, wine, produce
  12. 12. Be entertained Certified Sustainable Event Venues
  13. 13. Old Town Center for the Arts (Cottonwood)  Go to a show!  Recycles  Gives preference to durable/reusable items  Sponsors sustainable events for the community
  14. 14. Sedona Hub (West Sedona)  Promotes performing arts  Strict rules for events (eg, no plastic water bottles)  All green cleaning
  15. 15. Like wine? Certified Sustainable Wineries, Wine venues and Tours
  16. 16. Page Springs Cellars (between Sedona and Cottonwood) Taste wine and then picnic by river! Pairs menu with wines Solar panels produce 85% power No till, cover crops Empowers employees
  17. 17. Clear Creek Vineyard & Winery (near Camp Verde)  Great Pyrenees and geese, not pesticides  Passive solar fermentation  Fish pond and cover crop provides fertilizer  Pays a living wage
  18. 18. Vino Di Sedona (West Sedona)  Fine wine and craft beer bar  Wine store  World-wide selection of over 800 wines.  Daily happy hour with live music.  Dark Sky light fixtures
  19. 19. Wine Tours of Sedona (Sedona)  Go to all the best wineries with Jim Reich who’s passionate about wine  Also does tours on microbrews and raw chocolate  Recycles and composts  Developing a sustainable community
  20. 20. Places to see Certified Sustainable Shopping, Art studio and Historic town
  21. 21. Tlaquepaque (near the Y, at the N end of 179) Art, eateries & events Tenants all have recycling bins; public bins are separated Uses integrated pest management to minimize pesticides
  22. 22. City of Clarkdale, AZ (near Jerome) Eateries, train, and kayaking Permaculture garden Requires native plants Buys locally Sustainability guidelines for builders
  23. 23. Creative Gateways (West Sedona) Talk to the artists! Collaborative open artist studio Generates own power with solar, even for glass kilns Makes own cleaning products
  24. 24. Reconnect mind and body Certified Sustainable Health and Wellness Services
  25. 25. Sedona Philosophy Experience (Sedona) Tours and retreats focus on thoughtful conversations about the big questions of life in the majestic red rocks of Sedona. Buys green power Dark Sky Compliant
  26. 26. McLean Meditation Institute (near Tlaquepaque, north end of 179) Offers classes, retreats and teacher training Free guided meditations Educates people about food choices Uses Tesla and hybrid for work Donates to local charities
  27. 27. Veganification (Sedona) Vegan culinary demos Coaching Vegan Nights Out Vegan potlucks
  28. 28. Plant 2 Platter (Sedona)  Offers whole food, plant-based cooking classes  * Certified Food for Life Instructor  * Provides vegan lifestyle coaching & education  * Donates to local charities focused on Sustainability
  29. 29. SNAP Fitness (West Sedona) All-purpose, 24-hour fitness center and gym Buys core-less toilet paper (no tube) Recycles Make rooms available to the community and fund-raising events
  30. 30. Services you might need Certified Sustainable Services
  31. 31. • Ask for a tour! • Recycles weird stuff • Hires developmentally disabled adults • Conducts free waste audits • Teaches in schools Sedona Recycles (in West Sedona)
  32. 32. Eye Boutique of Sedona Frames from recycled materials Used glasses go to Malawi Green cleaning products Low-flow fixtures
  33. 33. Find more about the certification at SustainabilityAllianceAZ.org Who’s Certified Get Certified