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Enda Gallagher: Energy policy workshop

  1. EnergyPolicy Enablingcommunityparticipationintheenergytransition SECNationalEvent 2019,Athlone
  2. Community Energy: The policy backdrop
  3. Community Energy Policy Backdrop: 1. The drivers 1) 2012 Infrastructure Policy Statement 2) 2015 Energy White Paper 3) DCCAE Statement of Strategy 4) Renewable Electricity Policy and Development Framework 5) NDP and Programme for Government 6) Citizens Assembly 7) Climate Change Advisory Council 8) Joint Oireachtas Committee on Climate Action 9) European Energy Policy – the CEP and NECP 10) All of Government Climate Action Plan
  4. Community Energy Policy Backdrop: 1)2012 Infrastructure Policy Statement Government considers that greater focus needs to be given to co-operative work with local communities and local authorities on landscape, biodiversity and civic amenity benefits bringing long lasting benefits for communities. The Government therefore underlines the appropriateness for the State Companies and energy project developers to examine appropriate means of building community gain considerations into their project budgeting and planning. The Government is therefore fully supportive of a community gain approach in the delivery of energy infrastructure.
  5. Community Energy Policy Backdrop: 2)2015 White Paper • Support community participation • Facilitate access to national grid • Funding and supports • Examine shared ownership opportunities
  6. Community Energy Policy Backdrop: 3)DCCAEStatement ofStrategy Goal 1- Climate Leadership • Citizens and communities actively engaged in low-carbon, climate resilient transition • Increased community ownership of renewable energy projects • - Provide the opportunity for community ownership in future renewable energy projects under the Renewable Electricity Support Scheme by encouraging communities to develop their own projects and by requiring developer-led projects to make participation offers to communities to encourage greater local involvement and ownership
  7. Community Energy Policy Backdrop: 4)REPDF Renewable Electricity Policy and Development Framework - REPDF The Framework will be primarily for the guidance of An Bord Pleanála, planning authorities, other statutory authorities, the general public and persons seeking development consent in relation to projects for the generation of renewable electricity on land. It will set out policy in respect of environmental considerations, community engagement and other characteristics of the current energy landscape in Ireland. It will seek to broadly identify suitable areas in the State, where large scale renewable electricity projects can be developed in a sustainable manner while simultaneously examining the scope for renewable electricity developments at various other scales at the national level.
  8. Community Energy Policy Backdrop: 5)NDP andPfG • Additional 4,500 MWs of renewable electricity by 2030 • Energy system – radical transformation • Community participation in renewable energy …. as it is in both the national and local interest • Provide support for community-led projects in the initial stages of development, planning and construction
  9. Community Energy Policy Backdrop: 6)Citizens Assembly Recommendation 6 • 100% of the Members recommended that the State should act to ensure the greatest possible levels of community ownership in all future renewable energy projects by encouraging communities to develop their own projects and by requiring that developer-led projects make share offers to communities to encourage greater local involvement and ownership Key Finding • The Citizens’ Assembly believes that a move away from non-renewable sources of energy is necessary and believes that community -owned and - sold renewable electricity is the best approach.
  10. Community Energy Policy Backdrop: 7)Climate Change Advisory Council Annual Report 2017 • There is currently opposition to the deployment of renewables and the accompanying infrastructure. Effective engagement with communities to address their concerns is essential. Annual Report 2018 • Good community engagement that fosters a collaborative approach has been shown to increase the social acceptability of wind. Engaging the public in the decision-making processes from the beginning, addressing public concerns and incorporating suggestions from the public all act to allay public concern regarding these developments
  11. Community Energy Policy Backdrop: 8)JOC onClimate Action • 6 month examination of all things climate • Strong cross party consensus on findings • Underlined the strong desire of communities to engage in climate action • State must nurture this desire • State must support pilot community energy projects • Ring-fenced community pot in new support scheme
  12. Community Energy Policy Backdrop: 9)The EU- CEP andNECP • EU Clean Energy Package - Recast Renewable Energy and Internal Market in Electricity Directives • Agreed EU-wide target of 32% Renewable electricity • Support for renewable energy communities and renewable self-consumers • National Energy & Climate Plan 2019 (draft 2018, final end 2019)
  13. Community Energy Policy Backdrop: 10) AllofGov’t Climate Action Plan • Mobilise all citizens to get involved in climate action • 70% renewable electricity • Appropriate community/enterprise mix in the delivery or renewables • Community framework for new support scheme • Renewable connection policy – to deliver for communities
  14. Community Energy Policy Backdrop: Summary Mandatory investment opps Community participation Shared ownership Benefits for communities Engage and facilitate Address community concerns Active participants Funding and supports Promote local interest
  15. Community Energy /Climate Actions / Initiatives underway
  16. Climate Actions: 1)Climate Dialogue • Structured approach to citizen engagement • Facilitating public input into climate policy • Enable citizens to consider evidence base • Forum for discussion and recommendation • Gatherings in Athlone and Tralee
  17. Climate Actions: 2)Climate Action Regional Offices • €10m to establish 4 offices in 2018 • Drive climate action at local authority level • Ensuring more coordinated approach across local government • Practical behavioural changes • Identifying vulnerable areas and groups of citizens
  18. Community Energy Actions: 1)BEC andSEC • Better Energy Communities Grant Scheme • Sustainable Energy Communities – your network • Develop sustainable energy projects for the benefit of the community • Learn, Plan, Do. • Developing Energy Master Plans • Energy efficiency first • Challenge - electricity generation?
  19. Community Energy Actions: 2)Grid Connection Issue is non-discrimination. Energy Act 2016 Amendment of section 9 of ERA of 1999 11. (page 25) (s) to have regard to the need to ensure that grid connection policy takes account of renewable energy policy, including any such policy in relation to community energy projects.”.
  20. Community Energy Actions: 2)Grid Connection National Working Group • DCCAE • CRU • EirGrid • SEAI • ESB Networks • Industry reps by invitation • Community reps by invitation
  21. Community Energy Actions: 3)Renewable Electricity Support Scheme
  22. Renewable Electricity Support Scheme Key objectives • Latest government support scheme for renewables • Government approval of high level design – July ‘18 • Aim: To deliver Ireland’s contribution to EU wide 2030 renewable electricity (RES-E) target • Meet multiple other policy objectives • Enhancing security of supply • Supporting multiple technologies • Underpinned by sound evidence base (Ricardo) • Enabling framework for community participation • Must comply with EU state aid requirements – auction framework
  23. • Mandatory community benefit fund • Mandatory community investment offering • Separate community category in auctions • Enabling framework for community energy projects – range of supports • DCCAE now stressing (!) working on details Renewable Electricity Support Scheme: Key Community Principles
  24. • Definition of community – broad/narrow? • EU State Aid Requirements • Auction design • Grid connection • Community benefit fund – rules • Developer-led projects – investment opps • Community-led projects – what’s needed in the enabling framework? Renewable Electricity Support Scheme: Key Challenges
  25. • Literature Review / International Experience • Long List of policies and support measures developed • Short list - detailed multi assessment criteria (via stakeholder interviews and workshop) • Stakeholder workshop • Stakeholder workshop: - 50 experts across 13 different sectors including Community, Developers, Finance, Grid, Planners, Agencies, Suppliers - Identified barriers / solutions to community ownership and participation • Interaction with DCCAE economic study • Ranking of support policies Renewable Electricity Support Scheme: Community Study
  26. • 1,250 submissions • Strong public and industry support for Community proposals • Circa 50% of questions - community ownership/participation • Strong public support for micro generation • Strong support for competitive auctions but with caveats • Strong call for increased technology diversity Renewable Electricity Support Scheme: Public Consultation
  27. • All projects in RESS must provide fund for locals • €2 per MW/h = significant sums • Best structure? • Developer runs, like now? • National approach laid out? • Rules • Energy Efficiency / Climate action spend? • Monitoring • Must communities organise themselves? • What is best for local communities? Renewable Electricity Support Scheme: Community benefit fund
  28. • Assistance in delivering a RESS project • Handholding through what is a tough process • Access to expertise - Energy - Project management - Technical - Legal - financial • Access to finance • Grant aid and soft development loans • Guidance re auction process Renewable Electricity Support Scheme : Community Enabling Framework
  29. Renewable Electricity Support Scheme: Community Journey
  30. Renewable Electricity Support Scheme: Community Journey 1. Avail of community benefit funds
  31. Renewable Electricity Support Scheme: Community Journey Trusted intermediary • Go-to person • Independent broker • Information provider • Energy expertise • Community expertise
  32. Renewable Electricity Support Scheme: Community Journey • Technical expertise • Financial guidance • Legal advice Trusted advisors
  33. Renewable Electricity Support Scheme: Community Journey • Planning • Grid • Finance Complete jigsaw
  34. Renewable Electricity Support Scheme: Community Journey