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EV charging and management

Mark Daly from Enniserv looks at EV charging and management for Irish businesses.

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EV charging and management

  1. 1. 1 Electric Vehicle Charging and Management Mark Daly - Eninserv
  2. 2. Introduction to Eninserv Eninserv Limited has been founded by Mark Daly to provide consultancy services to companies of all sizes in the area of energy and e-mobility. We work closely with other professionals in these fields, collaborating on projects across the Eurozone. Our proactive approach to technology and market development ensures we are at the head of the industry. 2 www.seai.ie Having qualified in Electronic Engineering, Mark first came to the Energy Industry in 1998 on the commissioning of a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine. With considerable expertise in control systems as well as O&M for ESB at one of Ireland’s largest generator sets, he has taken his experiences into the next generation of challenges to hit the energy business. 2011 saw him transfer to ESB ecars where his multi- discipline background was used to find close fits between the energy sector and other industries such as ICT, Automotive and Telecoms. Mark has been a key player in the energy sectors engagement with one of the industries most disruptive and exciting technologies.
  3. 3. Overview 3 www.seai.ie Charging Levels Vehicle Technologies Charge Point Technologies Charge Point Management Systems Data Sources Summary
  4. 4. 4 www.seai.ie Charging Levels
  5. 5. Building Power Supplies 5 www.seai.ie • Maximum Import Capacity • Local Substation (ESB Networks Distribution) • Premises Main Distribution Board • Premises Sub Distribution Boards
  6. 6. Vehicle Limits 6 www.seai.ie Normal AC Charging Single Phase 3.6kW / 7kW Normal AC Charging Three Phase 11kW / 22kW Fast Charging DC Typically 50kW Levels up to 350kW Type 2 Connector CHAdeMO CCS
  7. 7. Electrical Protection 7 www.seai.ie • NSAI Electrical Safety Rules – ETCI Electrical Safety Rule - ET101 (2008) • Electrical Load Protection – Protection per socket – not per charger • Earth Leakage Protection – Typical AC – DC leakage • IP rating / IK rating
  8. 8. Authentication & Access Control 8 www.seai.ie • Stop unauthorised use • Track usage per vehicle (person) • Methods – RFID Tag – RFID Keyfob – Mobile Phone App – Regularly asked about integrating with existing Access cards • Track the vehicle • Ensure vehicles are charging when required • The foundation on which good data is built.
  9. 9. Communications 9 www.seai.ie • Data cabled – CAT V – CAT VI • Modem – GPRS/GSM – 3G/4G/5G • WiFi
  10. 10. Charge Point Management Systems 10 www.seai.ie • View status of charge points • Available, Busy, Fault • Identify vehicle or user • Monitor charging patterns • Track energy usage • Monitor CO2 reductions • Analyse effectiveness of installed infrastructure • Assign departmental responsibility
  11. 11. Open Protocols 11 www.seai.ie • Allow communication between charge points of different makes with one CPMS • Important for large or spread out networks of chargers • Mitigates against vendor lock-in or stranded assets.
  12. 12. Vehicle Apps 12 www.seai.ie • Charging Status • Energy History • Battery SoC • Vehicle Preheat
  13. 13. Public Charging Apps 13 www.seai.ie
  14. 14. Reports and Data Export 14 www.seai.ie • Report Categories – Generate reports per vehicle/user – Per charge point – Per location – CO2 – Cost • Export Screens • Export .csv or .xlsx
  15. 15. Summary 15 www.seai.ie • Understanding your needs • Choosing the optimal charge point output levels • Ensuring the charge points are sufficiently protected • Implementing authentication and authorisation • Connecting with charge point management systems • Open Protocols v. proprietary systems • Accessing data for periodic reporting
  16. 16. *Look down the road, not just at today. Mark Daly mark@eninserv.com www.eninserv.com Office +353 1 6877996 Mobile +353 87 9484051