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Media institutions final

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Media institutions

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Media institutions final

  1. 1. Media Institutions
  2. 2. Bauer media is a media group based in Germany it produces a wide range of things within the media industry such as magazines, radio and TV stations and as well as digital products. Bauer Media is a powerhouse within the media world with an estimated revenue of €2.4 billion in 2013 as well as having the total number employees hit 11,000 in the same year. It has came a long way since its founding in 1875 when it operated within a small printing house in Germany. As it now produces a wide range of branded products. Bauer Media
  3. 3. As you can see on the right hand side Bauer Media Group produces a wide range of magazines for a wide range of different genres. These range from music magazines like ‘Q’ and ‘Mojo’ to a magazine such as ‘Today’s Golfer’. Magazine Production from Bauer
  4. 4. Q Magazine is the UK’s best selling monthly rock magazine selling 52,700 copies each month and therefore the biggest rock magazine under production by Bauer Media. Q is one of the must trusted and reputable within music industry. The magazine covers the rock genre and being the biggest magazine within this Genre. This is more than just a magazine as Q is a brand within itself as it has its own TV channel, radio station and award ceremony all of which are highly regarded in the world of music. ‘Q’ Magazine
  5. 5. Mojo is the world largest UK music magazine With a total circulation of 79,345 readers. It is now produced by Bauer after a hand over from Emap in 2008. It contains a wide range of content such as news, reviews and interviews along with high quality photography. It includes wide range of genres such as classic and modern rock, folk, soul, country to reggae, electronic and experimental. Mojo Magazine
  6. 6. Immediate media is a Bristol, London and Hammersmith based media institution, founded in 2011. The company employs 750 people to publish over 50 magazines and title over 30 websites . Of these magazines the key one is the Radio Times as it generates over 60% of the companies profit. The company only produces magazines but is known especially for producing 23 different magazines for the BBC for a wide range of audiences. Immediate Media
  7. 7. The Company publishes over 50 magazines with 23 of these being for the BBC covering a wide range of styles and genres. The two music magazines it produces are BBC music magazine and Top of the Pops. Magazine Production from Immediate Media
  8. 8. The BBC Music Magazine was first published in June 1992 and ever since has being know for the the coverage of classical music and lesser know for the coverage of jazz. The most recent statistic for the magazines circulation was 40,958. The magazine contains things such as news and interviews. BBC Music Magazine
  9. 9. Top of the Pops magazine was first published in February 1995, it focuses on things such as gossip, fashion, beauty and posters this is to meet its target audience of teenager girls. The most recent stat for the magazines circulation revealed it was around the 65,000 mark. The magazine previously had its own TV show until it was cancelled in 2006. Top of the Pops Magazine
  10. 10. Timeinc.UK is Britain's leading publisher of of magazine content in the UK in physical and digital form across web, mobiles and tablets. It represents over 60 different brands these include magazines such as NME and Decanter. The company makes contact with over 130 million people per month through the production of magazines in over 30 different countries across the globe. Timeinc.UK
  11. 11. NME (New Musical Express) is a weekly music magazine published since March 1952. It covers genre such as rock, alternative and indie music. The most recent figure for its circulation revealed 19,491are evolved in its circulation across digital and print platforms. When it was first published it was closer to a newspaper format but then during the 80’s and 90’s moved towards a magazine format. NME Magazine
  12. 12. Uncut is a monthly music magazine based in London, though primarily music it also has a section dedicated towards films and books. The first issue was published in May 1997 aiming at 25-45 year olds males they have met this as 86% the readers are male with an average age of 37. The most recent figure for magazines circulation was 56,223. Uncut Magazine
  13. 13. EMAP is a media company that is primarily focused on the production of business to business magazines whilst they also take part in the organisation of business conferences and events. The company was founded in 1947 and is based in London. In the most recent figures the company's revenue was the figure £1.154 billion. EMAP