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Adverting & sales promotion

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Adverting & sales promotion

  1. 1. Topic – Classifications And Types Of Advertising
  2. 2. What is Advertising? Advertising is a perfect world that is been moulded. It should be filled with creativity, ideals, warmth, sentiments, which will in turn cause the general public to want to pursue the product and recognize its value.
  3. 3. Classifications and types of advertising Advertising may be classified according to the functions which it is intended to fulfil. 1. Advertising maybe used to stimulate either the primary demand or the selective demand. 2. It may promote either the brand or the firm selling that brand. 3. It may try to cause indirect action or direct action.
  4. 4. (A) Advertising Based on Demand Influence Level. (i) Primary Demand (Stimulation) Primary demand stimulation refers to advertising messages that promote the merits of product category rather than a particular brand. (ii) Selective Demand (Stimulation) The advertiser attempts to differentiate his brand from the brand of others, even though he may also hope, and perhaps intend, to increase the total amount of consumption of that product.
  5. 5. (B) Institutional or Product Advertising (i) Institutional Advertising: Institutional Adverting is any type of advertising intended to promote a company, corporation, business, institution, organization or other similar entity. Such advertising does not attempt to sell anything directly. (ii) Product Advertising: Product advertising is any method of communication about the promotion of a product in an attempt to induce potential customers to purchase the product. (a) Informative Advertising: It is often used when launching a new product or for an updated or re-launched product. It helps to promote new product innovations.
  6. 6. (ii) Persuasive Product Advertising: A type of product promotion that attempts to influence a consumer in favour of a purchasing particular good or service. (iii) Reminded-Oriented Product Advertising: Advertising intended to keep product or service availability in the forefront for the existing customers. It is designed to remind customers of the benefits of a product or service, or of their current need for those benefits.
  7. 7. Relationship Between Advertising and Product Life-cycle Informative Advertising
  8. 8. (C) The audience to which it is directed (i) Consumer Advertising: Consumer advertising is messages paid for by companies and delivered through mass media. The objective is to inform or persuade consumers of the merit of company’s brand and products. (ii) Industrial Advertising, otherwise known as B2B advertising, is a form of advertising to other businesses. This can include the advertising of parts or raw materials for their products or equipment used in their manufacturing process. (iii)
  9. 9. (iii) Trade Advertising is an advertising undertaken by the manufacturer and directed toward the wholesaler or retailer. (a) Retail Advertising – Retail advertising refers to advertising for the retail business, in connection of the private business of branches. (b) Wholesale Advertising – Most wholesalers are not advertising minded, either for themselves or for their suppliers; and their use to trade advertising is largely haphazard and behind the times. But they would benefit from adopting some of the image-making techniques used by retailers—the need for developing an overall promotional strategy. (c) Non-Profit Advertising – It aims at fund raising, persuasion to action and attracting clients. (d) Public Service Advertising – This Advertising is directed at the social welfare of a nation or a community.
  10. 10. (D) Timing of the Response It Elicits Direct or Indirect Action Product advertising has two sub-categories—direct and indirect action advertising. Direct Advertising – aims at generating immediate response. Indirect Advertising – does not attempt to bring about an immediate behaviour response.
  11. 11. (E) Sponsorship Arrangement Sponsorship of advertising may be undertaken by an individual organization or as a co-operative activity. The Term Co-operative Advertising is sometimes used to designate advertising efforts supported by industry or trade groups or associations. Horizontal Co-operative Advertising is not limited to a single industries and sometimes the general public. It aims to reach a particular demographic or multiple demographics. Vertical Advertising appeals to people in a specific industry.
  12. 12. (F) Extent of Geographical Coverage – National, Regional or Local (i) National Advertising – It encourages the consumer to buy their products wherever they are sold. (ii) Local Advertising – It is generally done by retailers and service firms rather than manufacturers. Retailers ads usually provide specific information for the consumer. (iii) Regional Advertising – It is another geographical alternative for organizations.
  13. 13. (G) Advertising According to Medium Utilized The most common classification of advertising is by medium used; such as TV, radio, newspapers, and direct mail advertising.
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