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CV S. Mujtaba

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CV S. Mujtaba

  1. 1. SYED MUJTABA Mobile # 0570665039 Email: link.syedmujtaba@gmail.com, Visa: Transferable Address: Exit 8, Near Gornahta Mall, Abdul Rehman Bin Azaz Road OBJECTIVE To join a dynamic and progressive organization offering ample opportunities where I could contribute to the best utilize my skills & abilities and also augment my personal and professional growth. CAREER SUMMARY Faysal Bank Limited – Operation Officer, March 2016 – September 2016 Job Responsibilities:  Processing of Cheques for Inward Collection; adhering to all policies and procedures and maintaining quality service.  Process all cheques received in line with the payment guidelines, ensuring compliance with operational procedures and regulatory controls.  To ensure that all applicable pre-processing checks; signature verification, funds sufficiency checks, AML and sanctions checks for inward collection, alteration properly signed off, irregularity checks under UV light, etc. are confirmed before processing of cheques received.  To ensure call-back verifications are performed before processing all cheque transactions.  Ensure all transactions are processed in line of standard operating procedure (SOP).  To ensure all discrepant cheques return within agreed time with Intermediator.  Responsible to process Intercity Outward Clearing.  Responsible to maintain daily MIS of return cheques of intercity outward clearing.  Responsible to maintain daily MIS of collection of intercity outward clearing cheques from their deposit slips provided by branches.  Uploading and run the outward clearing file in Core Banking System within a given time frame.
  2. 2. United Bank Limited – Operation Officer, Oct 2014 – March 2016 CENTRALIZED CLEARING UNIT  Process cheques in the ICS/ Core Banking System as Maker as per guidelines while checking for technical discrepancies and/ or sufficient balances.  Follow the process for returned cheques in line with the SOP and maintaining proper records.  Correspondence with Branches regarding Operational Activities. • Process outward clearing cheques.  Responsible to match total Inward Clearing returns from NIFT data, to find NIFT/CPU errors.  Return Marking, outward clearing, scanning of outward cheques and other operational responsibilities.  Responsible for administrative support. Maintain and manage records and files on daily, weekly and monthly basis.  Responsible tocoordinate andcorrespondwithvendorsfordepartmentinventories(Computer and accessoriesetc.),manage stationaries. AmPak Soft International, Online Market Place, Nov 2013- Sept 2014  Online Marketing on Amazon. Product listing, adding, pricing and shipping (MS-Excel)  Optimization, content writing, graphics and keywords selection, Amazon Seller Central.  Optimize Amazon Template Flat File products including variations. Pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing, Sunmark- Biotech, September 2011- March 2013  I worked as a Sales Coordinator. Responsible for open the sales call on customer to educate and inform regarding products.  Remind and Follow-up with professionals to gather feedback about products according to the plans.  Respond to incoming sales, calls and customer-service related issues.  Handled customer service for designated territory.  Followed up on leads.  Sought referrals.  Organizing group events for healthcare professionals  Ability to work closely with clinical end users and third parties like doctors, surgeons and specialist nursing personnel.  Communicating in a professional manner with doctors, hospital administers or pharmacists etc.  Maintain the call reports on daily/weekly basis.  Participate in Tenders related activities.  Responsible for generate product invoice and collect payments.  Negotiate with distributors to authorize for product distribution.
  3. 3. Banking Internship, Askari Bank, July 2011- September 2011  New account handling and processing, Clearing and Remittance.  Accounts (Total deposit, CRR, voucher sorting and activity checking). EDUCATION Master’s In Business Administration (MBA) Iqra University, Karachi 2008 - 2013 Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) University of Karachi 2005 - 2007 HSC (Pre-Engineering) Karachi Board 2003 - 2004 SSC-(Computer Science) Karachi Board 2001 - 2002 CERTIFICATE MS OFFICE  Word, Excel,PowerPoint MAJOR PROJECTS,REPORTS ANDRESEARCH  Completedthesisworkonthe importance of brandequityinthe purchasingof consumer durables-AirCondition.  Conductedasalespromotionactivityinthe campusonthe behalf of WATEEN TELECOM.  Made the BusinessPlanof L.G-T.V Pakistan.  Organizedanevent“RedCarpet”. SKILLS  StrongAnalytical andProblemSolvingSkills.  Positive attitudetowardsworkandproficiency.  Good communicationskills,ComputerSkills,Internetskills.  Enjoy workinginTeam/group.  RelationshipManagement.  Good interpersonal andLeadershipskills.  Good experience onMicrosoftOffice (Word,PowerPointandExcel).PresentationSkills.  Languages:English,Urdu. PERSONALPROFILE Name: SyedMujtaba Gender: Male D.O.B: 4th , May 1987 Marital Status: Single Nationality: Pakistan