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Top Flavor Trends of 2020: Premium Indulgence and Emotional Discoveries

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This is Part 2 of our Top Flavor Trends of 2020 Report infographic. This includes both Premium Indulgence and Emotional Discoveries and the facts backing them up.

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Top Flavor Trends of 2020: Premium Indulgence and Emotional Discoveries

  1. 1. Trends may be the single most important driver in the food and beverage industry and the Symrise Flavor North America team takes pride in identifying and analyzing the most compelling information available. Through months of extensive research including interviews with trendsetting chefs and bartenders around the world, among other immersive food and beverage explorations, we’ve identified the top flavors anticipated to grow beyond 2020. Here is a sneak peak into some of the flavor trends included in our 2020 report and the facts backing them up. Symrise Flavor North America Top Trends for 2020 and Beyond TRENDSCOPE® Natural Goodness Healthy Lifestyle Premium Indulgence Emotional Discoveries Spice & Salt Meets Sweet We’ve seen unique savory-meets-sweet pairings like black pepper or sesame ice cream and truffle macarons in the past, but this year, the trend enhances further, with new, unique flavor combinations. Salted Citrus Wasabi + Sweet Trending Baked Good Ingredients (YOY Item Incidence Change) Popcorn Bacon Sea Salt Pretzel +23% +10% +8% Trending Dessert Ingredients (YOY Item Incidence Change) +100% Wasabi Yuzu Tamarind Quince +33% +30% +14% +11% Incredible Spreadables Spread the news—with chefs’ continued commitment to making everything in-house, condiments are getting a global infusion this year. On the top of the list—Levantine cuisine. Amba Chintestle Prime ClassicsWe are seeing a demand for creativity for non-alcoholic and lower-ABV beverages, those who are indulging are focused on fun and functionality, wellness being key. The classic cocktail staples on universal menus get a taste of the tropics this year with fruit and fermentation. Tropical Classic Cocktails White Soy & White Ponzu Trending Specialty Drink Ingredients for Tropical Classic Cocktails (YOY Item Incidence Change) Key Lime Coconut Water Guava Kiwi +36% +15% +13%+43% Banana Yuzu +11% +4% Next Wave Asian Over the past few years, consumers have been fascinated with Asian cuisine. As the hype continued, taste buds evolved, allowing more Asian ingredients to be introduced and become mainstream. Beijing Yogurt Global Horizons 2020Levantine cuisine—including Israeli, Turkish and Lebanese—looks to be the most influential style for menus in 2020. But don’t count out dishes from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indian, and West African. FilipinX West African Are now heavily trending in product launches in the West globally Ingredients from the East Yuzu Bamboo Ube Turmeric Tiger Nut White soy and ponzu is being used to add flavor while keeping clean and instagramable. Calamansi Cannabidiol Ube Mushroom Pea Watermelon Tiger Nut Probiotics Yuzu Bamboo Turmeric INGREDIENT MARKET APPEAL NA;EU NA;EU Global Global Global NA;EU;APAC Global NA;EU Global Global Amba is a tangy mango pickle condiment of Iraqi origin which contains one of the hottest ingredients of the last few years, turmeric. Chintestle is a Oaxacan smoked mole paste that often features chile and garlic. It’s typically spread on hot tostadas or blended with roasted tomatillos and garlic to make a table sauce. Yuzu was a 2019 trend that continues to grow in 2020 and this year’s citrus is Calamansi. “Beijing Yogurt is one of the best things to work with right now. You get a nice balance of great texture and healthy ingredients.” - Mixologist Chris Amirault. Source: Ignite menu data (Q4 2019—Q4 2018), Technomic, Inc. Source: Ignite menu data (Q4 2019—Q4 2018), Technomic, Inc. Source: Global Data West African cuisine including countries like Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Cape Verde, and Ivory Coast to name a few. To get the full 2020 Top Flavor Trends Report or to learn more about Symrise and our initiatives, please reach out to your account manager. Subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter to stay up to date on the latest information, innovation and inspiration! CLICK HERE: http://bit.ly/in-sightnewsletter Interested in learning more? Awarded Chef Eric Adjepong is a first-generation Ghanaian-American born and raised in NYC, Eric sources the flavors and influences in his cooking from many of the West African dishes he grew up eating.