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2016 Mobile Engagement Trends

  1. 1 2016 Mobile Engagement Trends John Walker Vice President, Global Marketing Communications, Syniverse @JohnEWalker #MEtrends2016
  2. 2 Today’s Expert Panelists Paul Berney (@paulbmobile) Managing Partner and Co-Founder, mCordis • Served as Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director of the EMEA branch of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) • In 2012, recognized as the leading speaker on mobile marketing worldwide by C- Squared • Voted one of the Top 50 influencers in mobile marketing by The Drum magazine in 2013, 2014 and 2015 Rob Hammond (@tech2dollars) Senior Director Mobile Engagement, Syniverse • Experienced sales and technology leader • 30-year career with Microsoft, Sprint and more • Media, analyst commentator and contributor Jessica Lee (@jessicanl) Product Manager Mobile Engagement, Syniverse • Veteran in the mobile marketing space with over a decade of experience • Helped make mobile work for brands including Proctor & Gamble, Walgreens and Humana • Works with the Heartland Mobile Council to develop mobile certification classes and to facilitate discussions between brands regarding their mobile learnings and strategies #MEtrends2016
  3. Four shifts we can see: The customer journey is changing The point of engagement is changing ‘Brand’ is more than just the product We need a deeper understanding of consumers #MEtrends2016
  4. There is no linear‘ Path to Purchase (if there ever was one) #MEtrends2016
  5. #MEtrends2016
  6. SOURCE: MCKINSEY #MEtrends2016
  7. Mobile is the only ever present channel in the Path to Purchase #MEtrends2016
  8. NOW THEN Go to supermarket Decide in aisle (taste/ask for help/ POS/read labels, brand recognition) Select product Buy Define need/problem (Personal/sharing/gift/occasion) Read reviews & Recommendations online Select Product Find supplier Buy Define need/problem (Personal/sharing/gift/occasion) When and where we engage is changing #MEtrends2016
  9. THEN Go to the bank Bank tells me what is best for me Accept product Buy I need a loan NOW Online search Select Product Find supplier Buy I need a loan When and where we engage is changing #MEtrends2016
  10. In the digital era, a brand is the combination of the product and the physical and digital experiences that surround it throughout the consumer journey. Mobile binds them together. #MEtrends2016
  11. Connect Find Discover Organise Be entertained Learn Buy Share Mobile presence needs to align to consumer ‘need states’ I want to…… #MEtrends2016
  12. Basic segmentation is dead. You need a deeper understanding of your target consumers. #MEtrends2016
  13. Marketers will switch to using ‘Personas’. #MEtrends2016
  14. Personas Record: Demographics Historic Data Buying Cycle Triggers Reach And Influence Digital Behaviours #MEtrends2016
  15. Four themes to explore: Consumers require more relevance They want engaging content They want to purchase on their device They are interested in mobile loyalty schemes #MEtrends2016
  16. 16 Which of the Following Trends Are You Most Focused on for 2016? #MEtrends2016 Consumers require more relevance Consumers engage with engaging content Consumers want to purchase on their devices Consumers are interested in mobile loyalty schemes
  17. 17 1. Consumers Require More Relevance #MEtrends2016
  18. Relevance is critical to success in mobile Consumers will punish irrelevant brand engagement #MEtrends2016
  19. Attention is a finite resource #MEtrends2016
  20. Ad blocking is a symptom Consumers don’t like being re-targeted #MEtrends2016
  21. #MEtrends2016
  22. #MEtrends2016
  23. The broader problem is, in many ways, that in some cases digital advertising has not put at the forefront the fundamental truth that the user experience is paramount. And no advertising that does not respect the user experience, be it in terms of content, in terms of design and creative, or in terms of device functionality is going to work. It’s bad advertising. Constantine Kamaras, Chairman Of The Board IAB Europe. #MEtrends2016
  24. The altered expectations of millennial consumers #MEtrends2016
  25. Millennials will give way to ‘Centennials’. We will shift from ‘mobile preferred’ to ‘mobile only’. #MEtrends2016
  26. Mobile consumers expect more Personalized experiences #MEtrends2016
  27. 27 Consumers Require More Relevance #MEtrends2016 “From strategies to re-imagine and 'hyper-personalize' the customer experience to new ways brand can harness mobile and offers linked to context to improve loyalty programs, the next year will see a flurry of activity as brands and businesses work to determine the appropriate channels and approaches that will satisfy people's growing requirement for personalized and relevant brand communications and engagement.” Peggy Anne Salz, Chief Analyst, MobileGroove “More than just taking the bank to mobile devices, we want to create the ultimate customer experience that combines the best of both digital and physical life; this means that we should understand the context of each of our clients, at the moment and place, and help to make that moment better.” Alejandro Moreno Gutiérrez, Digital Banking, BBVA Bancomer
  28. 28 Welcome to our VIP shopping event! Visit our app for discounts valid in store today. Source: “Just For You: Use Personalization Technology To Help Associates In The Retail Store”, Forrester Research, July 2015 Personalization technology is the top investment priority in the coming year #MEtrends2016
  29. 29 2. Consumers Engage With Engaging Content #MEtrends2016
  30. Video use is on the rise Smartphone penetration Data plans #MEtrends2016
  31. Consumers want video content Consider YouTube example #MEtrends2016
  32. Brands love story telling Words and pictures work best #MEtrends2016
  33. Mobile marketing is shifting towards video Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, SnapChat #MEtrends2016
  34. 34 Consumers Engage with Engaging Content “Mobile-only users – or “mobivores” – are one of the fastest growing consumer segments. In order to better serve these users, and meet expectations for more robust mobile capabilities from all users, Fiserv is thinking differently about the mobile channel. As we move into 2016 it’s going to be all about the app and how we can leverage mobile technologies like the smartphone camera, location-based services and push notifications to add value to mobile banking and provide rich, engaging experiences for our customers.” “The emphasis in the next one to two years will be on mobile technologies that can energize and activate the buy phase. In particular, multichannel marketers said they were investing in three critical areas: location- based offers, native apps and push notifications.” #MEtrends2016 Gartner “Survey Analysis: Mobile Marketing's Growing Role in MCCM”, August 2015 Shirra Frost, Director, Product Marketing, Digital Banking Group, Fiserv
  35. 35 Source: Zenith Optimedia, Online Video Forecasts 2015 It is predicted that over 50% of time spend watching online video worldwide will be through mobile in 2016View a video of our destination of the month! #MEtrends2016
  36. 36 3. Consumers Want to Purchase on Their Devices #MEtrends2016
  37. The volume & value of mCommerce sales are rising Consumer confidence, convenience & familiarity. #MEtrends2016
  38. #MEtrends2016
  39. #MEtrends2016
  40. “No single competency is enabling us to elevate the Starbucks brand more than our global leadership in mobile, digital, and loyalty. HOWARD SCHULTZ 15 million users 1 million transactions a week 20% of revenue Q3 2015 40 #MEtrends2016
  41. 41 Consumers Want to Purchase on Their Devices In 2016, Forrester forecasts mobile and tablet commerce will represent 38% of online transactions in the US and 32% in EU-7. And in the US, more than 30% of sales will have a mobile cross-channel component, meaning consumers will use mobile at some point throughout the purchase life cycle, from product research to in-store interactions. Indeed, trust and convenience and logged-in experiences will lead consumers to spend more via mobile and to start using mobile payments and wallet solutions like Apple Pay or Android Pay. “Mobile is the only major channel we expect to grow next year. Time spent with every other major channel—TV, desktop, print, radio—will decline while mobile time spent will increase by 7.9% in 2016. And while video consumption and social networking will continue to grow, we will see two newer activities capture smartphone users’ time—mobile messaging via apps like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and Kik and proximity mobile payments.” #MEtrends2016 Cathy Boyle, Analyst, eMarketer “Predictions 2016: The Mobile Revolution Accelerates,” Forrester Research, November 2015
  42. 42 Your item is back in stock! Click here to purchase. Cart – 1 Item Plaid Shirt Sz. L 1 $29.95 Continue Shopping< Subtotal: $29.95 Checkout Source: “US Mobile Phone And Tablet Commerce Forecast, 2015 to 2020,” Forrester, Research, October 2015 M-commerce sales are forecasted to reach $142 billion in 2016, up from $115 billion in 2015 #MEtrends2016
  43. 43 4. Consumers are Interested in Mobile Loyalty Schemes #MEtrends2016
  44. 44 Mobile loyalty is coming of age Apple Passbook Google Wallet #MEtrends2016
  45. Convenience 45 Replacing paper & plastic #MEtrends2016
  46. Dynamic Activation 46 Recognition at the start of the journey #MEtrends2016
  47. Contextual Relevance 47 Recognise the individual, location & time #MEtrends2016
  48. Greater Creativity 48 At the point of purchase #MEtrends2016
  49. Connect, Engage & Influence! 49 Throughout the shopping experience #MEtrends2016
  50. 50 Consumers are Interested in Mobile Loyalty Schemes #MEtrends2016 “Mobile is playing a key role in our strategy to present and deliver more value to the customers that engage with our membership programs. With the mobile adoption growing around the world, members expect us to not only be present in the channel, but also innovate on the way we personalize the communications (engage), exchange value (reward) and empower them to do more at any given time (self-serve).” Felipe Echeverri, Director of Product Delivery, Global Loyalty – GPMO, Western Union
  51. 51 Your loyalty points have been updated Source: Capgemini Consulting, Loyalty Programs for the Digital Age, 2015 Fully engaged customers deliver a 23% premium over the average customer in share of wallet, profitability and revenue #MEtrends2016
  52. 52 Which Do You Think Would Add the Most Value to Your Mobile Engagement Strategy? #MEtrends2016 Personalized offers SMS-embedded links to rich media content Mobile commerce transactional alerts Mobile Wallet loyalty updates
  53. 53 Q&A #MEtrends2016
  54. 54 2016 Mobile Engagement Trends eBook #MEtrends2016 Access our e-book at:
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