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The App is Dead - Or, How to Think about the Future of Apps

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At both Google IO and Apple’s WWDC this year, important developments were afoot that highlight just how fast our definition of an app - and how we interact with it - is changing. In this post from Mobile Product Strategist, Brett Thornton, we take a look at the way apps are evolving into complex ecosystems and fully-fledged services.

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The App is Dead - Or, How to Think about the Future of Apps

  1. © 2015 The App Business The App Is Dead Or, How to Think About the Future of Apps. Join the conversation twitter.com/theappbusiness
  2. © 2015 The App Business Remember these? Here are some examples of the early apps we were using - way back in 2008.
  3. © 2015 The App Business Today, apps are very different. They are reshaping industries, and our behaviour.
  4. © 2015 The App Business Apps don’t exist in isolation anymore. They spread tentacles far and wide - into new devices and new places in our lives. As devices proliferate, the number of places you can interact with a single app increases. Apps are being unbundled across devices. [ TABLETS ] [ WEARABLES ] [ DESKTOPS ][ SMARTPHONES ] [ CARS ] [ TV ] [ APP ]
  5. © 2015 The App Business Apps are also spreading their tentacles within devices, beyond the app itself. People are interacting with apps through notifications, glances, voice controlled personal assistants, widgets and chat. Together this means more users, with more devices - interacting with content in an increasing number of ways. Apps are also being unbundled within devices. [ SMARTPHONES ] [ WEARABLES ] [ TABLETS ] [ DESKTOPS ] [ CARS ] [ TV ] [ APP ] NOTIFICATION ASSISTANT (SIRI/NOW) WIDGET APP SCREEN
  6. © 2015 The App Business We now want answers pushed to us in convenient, digestible forms. And what was once ‘cool’ and useful - like a push notification - is now annoying unless it is contextual, relevant and right on time. In some cases, better still is not interacting with an app at all: if an app can tell your central heating it’s time to switch on… well, it should just do it. We spend less time in apps asking questions, and more time with answers proactively pushed to us.
  7. © 2015 The App Business This means that mobile is now an expectation. Not a device.
  8. © 2015 The App Business As a result, the way we define an app is evolving really fast. An app used to be an icon on a screen that you tapped to do something. Simple. But today, users start on one device and finish on another. It’s much more complex to design for all these different inputs, outputs, surfaces…not to mention the blurry boundaries between devices.
  9. © 2015 The App Business “I installed an app on my smartphone .” And everything about this statement* is changing. * This is from Benedict Evans - one of our favourite analysts here at The App Business. Check out his great deck here: http://bit.ly/1U8uEpu
  10. © 2015 The App Business “I installed an app on my smartphone .” App streaming | Extensions APIs | Deep linking Glances | Cards | Messages | Widgets | Notifications | Personal assistant (Siri/Now) Tablet | TV | Wearable | Car | Home * This is from Benedict Evans - one of our favourite analysts here at The App Business. Check out his great deck here: http://bit.ly/1U8uEpu And everything about this statement* is changing.
  11. © 2015 The App Business So think about ecosystems, not screens. Think about what your users are trying to achieve in the context they’re in. At The App Business, we design ecosystems of interactions that achieve outcomes for customers and business.
  12. © 2015 The App Business It’s time, too, to rethink how we measure an app’s success. Success should be measured in how well you’re helping your customer or user achieve their desired outcomes. For example it’s no longer about the time you spend ‘in- app’. The real value of apps is about the time saved. Some of the very best apps may never get opened - whether that’s because you interact with just the widget or a glance; or because the app preempts your needs and serves you information without you needing to ask.
  13. © 2015 The App Business Getting started If you manage an app, or are in the process of creating one, it is vital to understand that today - and in the future - you cannot afford to shortcut the need to develop a deep understanding of the role your apps or services play in users’ lives. However, it’s also important to remind yourself that no-one nails the ‘perfect’ product, let alone an ecosystem of products, first-time. In part, that’s because people are simply too unpredictable, and they use stuff in ways you can’t anticipate. At The App Business, we believe in agile, iterative experimentation. To generate the best insights, and create the best products and services, it’s important to get building, and get testing with real users as early as possible.
  14. © 2015 The App Business Got big plans with mobile? — enquiries@theappbusiness.com +44 203 657 9785 The App Business | The Spitfire Building, 71 Collier Street, London N1 9BE | www.theappbusiness.com